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  3. Your favorite memes

    I agree with @ReakMayhem, Table Memes can be a funny meme, I love it! All YTPers should try to do this (and chart it)




    I've been out of practice with editing for a good while now, so I decided to take some old footage I found and fix it up for some well needed practice. I liked the way it turned out so I decided to upload it.


  5. KingHeavy

    I wonder what would happen if I blocked myself.

  6. Matt0417

    "Listen, man, I don't go for this holiday"


    New profile pic

  7. 10 ways 1 second tennis

    Zekii said that he lost interest some time ago.
  8. General YTP/Editor Help Thread

    If your talking about the audio effect. The audio effect used is vibrato.
  9. BandanaBoi

    Since everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit on Youchew, I decided to change my avatar and signature to be more festive. What do you all think?

    1. Matt0417


      It's kool.

    2. Umigame


      Filthy peasant, this is now the season of the chins.


    3. BandanaBoi


      T H E  C H I N S  W I L L  R A I N  S U P R E M E

  10. General YTP/Editor Help Thread

    How could I do an effect like these in Sony Vegas? Thanks
  11. General Film Discussion

    On the subject of upcoming animated films, I'm surprised no one has brought up the new Aardman movie yet. The trailer's been out for a couple months: Always been a fan of Nick Park's work, so I'll probably be seeing it when it comes out in just a few short months. Also apparently there's a cameo appearance by Shovel Knight:
  12. Any BS copyright claim stories?

    My Spirited Away YTP was up for more than a year and had over 1500 views before it was taken down last month by Studio Ghibli.
  13. YTP Tennis Matches You Would Like To See

    @Matt0417 vs @BandanaBoi @PancakeLord117 vs @NitroEdits @EditsOfGreatBritain vs @Sagan Blob
  14. 10 ways 1 second tennis

    You there? @ZekiiLeaf It your turn.
  15. ravinrabbid123


  16. YTP Tennis Matches You Would Like To See

    succylord vs mastersword szjdfgs vs sixtyforceytp mackenzie vs whitneydallas

  18. Good movies you've seen recently

    Thor Ragnarok I am not that much of a Thor fan (especially the last two movies); but I actually liked it. It has the more experimental flavor used in the MCU; akin to what Guardians Vol. 2's style was. And so far I like this kinda change. Overall, it alright.

  20. Shitty movies you've seen recently

    Godzilla vs. Megalon
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