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  2. Whelt

    Fire Emblem

    Can't wait for the character who speaks in memes, the support convos rewritten into jokes, and unapproved clothing replaced with bloomers
  3. LaVie CestLol

    The Musician's Lounge Here's the VOD of the Music Fest Stream i just made. I'm playing with my free improv project Noailhac. Enjoy?
  4. 2xdinosaurs

    Fire Emblem

    Noooo pleeeaaaaase, I can't take another Treehouse Fire Emblem. Not after how they handles Fates.
  5. MemeKirisame

    General YTP/Editor Help Thread

    I think so if you already downloaded it.
  6. DiscoGlacier

    ANIMAL SPAM Father comforting mother after hard labor.
  7. dew✿

    General YTP/Editor Help Thread

    it is installed...?
  8. BradDLC



  9. SushieBoy

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    It's only fitting that the Treehouse would localize a game named after them. Edit: FUCK YOU, whelt, get that goddamn post back here
  10. Whelt

    Fire Emblem

    As I accidentally posted over in the Switch thread, After the way Fates was handled, I'm not looking forward to seeing how severely they butcher it this time.
  11. BradDLC

    Great animation thread

    I'm quite fond of the 1989 TV special based on Dr. Seuss' The Butter Battle Book (directed by Ralph Bakshi, no less)... The animation isn't great, per se - it's very sketchy and looks like it was done on a pretty tight budget - but it perfectly captures Seuss' distinctive art style and is probably the closest we'll get to a 100% faithful adaptation of his work. Believe it or not, Dr. Seuss himself preferred this TV special to Chuck Jones' How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
  12. Whelt

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Edit: I thought this was the Fire Emblem thread
  13. Today
  14. Well, here's my entry. I Hope it's good enough.
  15. The Pope

    Steam Sales/Specials and Discussion

    ho shipt Thanks dad. Though Steam appears to still be acting glitchy; the image isn't popping up, and I never got an email.
  16. Maestro Snail

    • Maestro Snail
    • Misselaineous10

  17. The Pope

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    I's almost a year until then. You've got time.
  18. BradDLC

    Favorite Scenes from Movies

    Sir Peter Jackson, everyone.
  19. Moogle

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Need to buy this sometime before the new FE releases; not quite sure when exactly though.
  20. The Pope

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Inside is pretty solid, so it'd be a good purchase on Switch.
  21. GSgiraffes

    WEIRD ANIMATION FRAMES 2: Electric (pun)galoo

    Reminds me of:
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