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  2. Post your watermark

    Mine's kinda basic, but I also like it. I think I'll probably just keep it for the time being.
  3. Post your watermark

    Simplified version of the older watermark I have used since the Chadtronic AMV.
  4. Artist's Lounge

  5. Name A Bandwagon and Have You Jumped On It?

    I remember seeing the Sausage Party Trailer and as soon as possible, I quickly made a poop for it and knew that Sausage Party YTPs would be trendy until it hit the theatre date worldwide.
  6. Name A Bandwagon and Have You Jumped On It?

    Here comes Pacman and GET OUT OF MY CAR but only used for meme videos (for now). We are Number One too.
  7. Name A Bandwagon and Have You Jumped On It?

    Disco Necropolis was a sort of trending YTPMV song since around January 2018. I postponed whatever I was working at that time and made a YTPMV in a span of a week.
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  9. TraitorLoxoz V.S Morshute

    Have you tried using or Ummy Video Downloader? If no, try to download it with both of them. You can also choose The Leisure Hive Part One or this one with Part Two, Three or whatever.
  10. Video Game Art spam.

  11. Post the title of a poop you're working on

    [YTPMV] Eddhand (original: Shatterhand)
  12. YouTube video spam

  13. Good movies you've seen recently

    The new movie Early Man was a jackpot success. The characters are simply outstanding, not to mention how hilarious the comedy is, great film Aardman, great film.
  14. T Videshow

    I wasn't expect the worker has come to put in a new carpet in my house until now. Hopefully he'll get it done by this evening so I can get to my fricking computer and doodle and YTP making! 

  15. Good movies you've seen recently

    Call Me By Your Name Beating Baby Driver as my #1 favorite of the year, a romance never been this good. The music, the cast (Armie and Timmy :3), the cinematography, and all the philosophies, i can't describe how perfect it was.
  16. BandanaBoi

    Let me tell you my favorite of the new icons on the subforums



    Poop Talk

    Film, Television, and Videos


    Internet & Technology

  17. Songs that make you laugh

    I honestly can't believe this shit is for real...
  18. how to make funny vids

  19. Artist's Lounge

    Not sure if this counts as drawing exactly, but I made this all with the pencil tool in Photoshop lol. It's a rough idea of one planet from a world building hobby project. I wanted a planet similar to Earth with way more islands so the culture would be more sailing oriented. I need to add more tiny islands to make it look more realistic but it's coming along.
  20. Anime General Discussion

    The episodes of Steins;gate where people are just talking are the only good ones.
  21. I'm making amen break my bitch!
  22. What was your favourite match that you played in?

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