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  3. Seriously one of the finest YTPs I've seen in ages.
  6. My eleventh poop. Woohoo, time sure does fly. Constructive criticism and praise both greatly appreciated.
  7. Last night, I went to the Roger Waters concert down in Portland, and man, was it kickass. He played selections from Dark Side of the Moon, Meddle, Animals, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall, to name a few, and it ended with one of the coolest effects I've seen in a concert... Yep. A laser prism. That in itself is a "FUCK YEAH!" moment.
  8. My desktop has, for quite some time, had this issue where its CPU will intermittently throttle down every few seconds, almost rhythmically. It's an AMD FX-8350 and I've disabled all the bullshit in the BIOS that could be doing this (and that was the cause of it with a previous AMD CPU I had) so I'm really not sure what the deal is. It drops from ~4 GHz down to roughly 1.6 when it happens and it does so for about 3 seconds at a time. I tried using AMD Overdrive to manually turn Turbo Core Control on and off again because apparently some BIOS have issues with turning it off, but nothing seems to work. It's only getting to about 50 degrees at most so I know it's not running too hot. I've been trying my damnedest to fix this for quite some time now, with no luck and unfortunately from searching online, nobody else seems to be having quite the same problem. It only has this issue in games, though not all of them, at least as far as I've noticed. I'm probably going to run a few tests to see what specific situations cause it and what situations don't.
  9. My latest piece! Hesokuri Wars has a lot of cute costumes for the Matsus and White Day Prince Choromatsu is far and away my favorite.
  10. Shitty spoopy Kirby or some shit. I haven't drawn in a dog's age so please excuse the overall roughness. I figured I'd take the same approach to a drawing as I do with a painting and see where it goes. In other words, an experiment.
  11. Purdy good article.
  12. It's amusing what this person does with Guardians. And I guess you can just... ride them? lol
  13. Crazy Luigi

    Today, I witnessed the most magical thing I could ever witness in my life. That thing was a DOS game called King Kong 10.

  14. Madotsuki is a furry, who knew?
  15. Steven: (while the Lion humping on the bed) Sex. Steven: So this time, "We are Number One but the first word of every sentence is rearranged." Brought to you by MorimotoYTP. In my opinion, that's my favorite quote. (might change)
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