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  2. Hypetrain

    i actually thought you were referring to a literal game called hypetrain til i saw the little subtitle underneath the thread title lol
    • Matt0417
    • Paperking99

    I'm refreshing my subscriptions once in a while for this collab xd

    • KingGr33n
    • Reaper

    I should’ve never tried to kill off this account in January, but I hope he learns a lesson.

    1. zoc


      he's not going to

    2. KingGr33n


      @zocI heard he was asking for nudes from a bunch of users for months until Moderators found out.

    3. DSYTP


      Wow, that's pretty fucked up, you know.

  3. Rate the Song Above You 2

    This is a OK music that focuses on noise. 6/10
  4. Today
  5. Rate the Song Above You 2

    eh. Sounds like normal orchestral electronic. 5/10
  6. The First Time You Pooped

    I created a MEDIOCRE YTP of Hour Zero - Disaster at Chernobyl back in June 2015.(yeah, I also I don't know why I actually chose HZ:DaC as source, maybe for Vegas testing? I was interesed in this disaster at the time.) I repooped it in Febuary 2016, and went bad.
  7. YouRUB Peen: EPIC RP!!!

  8. EggSoldier


  9. EggSoldier

    Happy 58th birthday to WEIRD AL YANKOVIC my paisanos!

    1. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      Huh. Can't believe he's still that young...

  10. Steven Universe

    Homeworlds to Murgatroyd! she sounds like rule 63 Snagglepuss
    • MAZZ0Murder
    • Full Metal Kiwi


  11. Collab Cafe

    Eh... why not? I don't use him too often!
  12. I'll join since this looks easier than some things :P
  13. Very Underrated Artists

    I'd consider the Transglobal Underground to be pretty underrated, they're awesome.
  14. Rate the Song Above You 2

    Well I like the original O_o But that was amusing :P
  15. Your favorite video title you made

    You know, it's actually tough for me to choose a specific favourite YTP title I've made because I like them all equally. They all sound pretty ridiculous I find them amusing.
  16. General YTP/Editor Help Thread

    Thanks! It worked!
  17. Pokemon Image Spam v2

  18. General YTP/Editor Help Thread

    Select Wave on Vegas Pro/Movie Studio, and set the perimeter of the effects. Then click animate and go to a different keyframe, and you're done.
  19. Rate the Song Above You 2

    The vocals were mediocre. Other than that, it has a nice alternative sound. 7.5/10
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