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  2. Well it may not be on Kisscartoon or anywhere, but at long last I found an upload of just the opening theme, so there's UNDENIABLE proof it existed at one point. The opening sells it, but the show's probably still unremarkable past that. As you can see here Corduroy has a buttload of other self-insert oddball friends in this series, most of which don't show up until his owner leaves but they offer nothing to the episode and are just sorta there to perk him up or make him do things. Also they ugly. I think they were supposed to be other toys from the mall Corduroy was bought from that haven't been bought yet that go by their own rules or something, but I don't think that was ever properly established. But I'm still looking for any traces of footage out there, for no reason other than the episode Long John Baldry voiced the mall owner for. I don't even know what his motives even were pertaining to Corduroy, but I'm leaning on the idea that he just wanted him fuckin' dead.
  3. i'll join! here are the restrictions i chose: create your entry in 10 minutes, no more & only use 3 colors of your choice and try to delete the others
  4. I never watched Kim Possible as a kid. Just didn't really appeal to me for some reason. I'm happy to see the creators are working on the new BH6 show though. I'm sure they'll do good on it.
  5. Let me remind every single one of you that THIS show, Squirrel Boy, was created by Everett Peck, who was also responsible for creating a more intelligent, underrated, and; OH YEAH, good cartoon, Duckman.
  6. Here's my entry. Not sure if the second half of it counts or not. If not, then just cut out everything after the one minute mark, thanks.
  7. (YTP) Donuld Tromp's Uhmareico

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  9. BEST: Train Kept a Rollin' RUNNER-UP: Same Old Song and Dance WORST: Seasons of Wither
  10. Komi Entertaiment

    You're gonna to be stupid

  11. Whatever man.
  12. What the fuck even
  13. Long winded personal opinion rant about how shitty the oscars are: I didn't see Arrival but I dislike the oscars as they never vote for the movies that are actually the best, just the ones that are the most interesting if you're elderly. Rogue One should win for everything because it kicked ass and andrew garfield should never be nominated for best actor. Whether or not you liked Batman V Superman [I did], it should have at least been nominated for best cinematography and costume design. It had some gorgeous shots and color palettes along with a wide variety of locations. Batfleck was the best on screen batman even if the dark knight movies were better so Ben Affleck should have been nominated for best actor and yet we live in a bizzarro land where he's nominated for a razzie while all these geezer dramas that are supposed to make you sad get all the nominations? No nominations for Deadpool or Civil War either? Also, I hated star trek beyond. Everyone was telling me it was legit but it was just as forgettable and embarrassing for the star trek franchise as any of the star trek movies have been post the one with the whales. But you know what the best movie of 2016 really was that got completely snubbed? Pee Wees Big Holiday on netflix. It was the best comedy movie since Step Brothers and no one seemed to notice. Paul Reuben should have won best actor, best comedy and movie of the year with best supporting actor Joe Manganiello.
  14. Italy wants to be a coooool Beyblade anime!! I saw a toy of this over at TJ Maxx, thought I'd look it up, and here's what I found. And why are they called "Dinofroz" anyway? What a silly name. Do these dinosaurs grow afros? Are they dinosaur cosplayers of Disney's Frozen? Do they eat a lot of frozen yogurt?
  15. "Bowser is reading fanfiction!"
  16. I was expecting someone to point out how similar we look and somehow I still wasn't ready lmao
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