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  2. Heruru Meruru

    Old Unfinished Superjail Poop

    Old video I never finished. It doesn't even have effects!
  3. Triple

    General Television Discussion Thread

    I've been watching Disenchantment as well, and it's not half bad. I think it started out merely okay, with many of the jokes being hit-or-miss, but I'm around the halfway point and I think it's starting to become pretty decent. I hear the last few episodes are actually really good, too. I'm hoping the show will continue to improve in it's next season.

    Worst game you've ever played

    Probably the first Scribblenauts on DS. I just couldn't get into it. Summons never did what you wanted, and Maxwell was controlled entirely by touch screen, which almost always ended in him knocking some shit over or dying. I heard that the later games vastly improved on the controls and added adjectives to make things easier, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth. That or Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. I only have it as part of WB's free "Sorry about Arkham Knight's poor optimization" bundle, but it's the worst of all the Arkham titles by a wide margin. The gameplay was repetitive, every area looked the same, Penguin never shuts up, and it contributes nothing to the overall plot. It's supposed to be a 2.5D Metroidvania, but every time the perspective changes, it feels like Batman is trying to break loose and just go free-roam like all the other games.
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  6. VGFM

    Artist's Lounge

    So I haven't posted here in *checks watch* 4 months, but last time I was here I mentioned changing up my style and I took on a "Shante-esque" art style and sort of ran with it. Case in point:
  7. jimjunk

    The Humorless Collab II (Open)

    Sign me up, my man
  8. gabrielpika

    5-way 2 second match

  9. Yesterday
  10. GuffKid

    What's your opinion on the above user's YTP's? II

    Coming from someone who doesn't typically watch and/or enjoy the experimental side of YTP, it's surprising to me how you're one of my favorite YTP'ers at the moment. Your acid trips give me a strong NKPower vibe in terms of creativity and a Sinn3d_Tragedy vibe in terms of editing. While the jokes are hit or miss a good chunk of the time, it's forgiven by the creativity and some of the cleanest editing I've ever seen. You're a genuinely underrated pooper that deserves quite a bit more than what you currently get.
  11. The Humorless Collab II Back in 2013, Dark Fox hosted the 1st Humorless Collab. Participants were asked to make a YouTube Poop with no jokes or funnies in it. It’s a really interesting concept for collab, and it’s a shame that most people think YTP is supposed to be funny. That’s why I decided to bring it back for another round. Announcing the Humorless Collab II! Also, before you ask, yes I did get permission to host this. Please read these guidelines before starting, or else your entry won’t be accepted: As the point of the collab suggests, your entry cannot have any jokes or humor whatsoever in it. It should instead evoke an emotion other than laughter, such as fear, sadness, joy, beauty, relaxation, etc. It can also be artistic for the sake of being so. Use whatever editing style/technique you feel like using, just make it humorless. Just to let you know that your goal is to make your entry humorless, not trippy. I’ll only allow acid trip and effect spam entries if they’re well-edited and evoke a different emotion or are artistic. In others words, don't hand me a regular acid trip. Thanks. Shitty-on-purpose YTPs do not count. Any source is permitted, and you may use multiple sources if you’d like. I’ll allow any editor that doesn’t have a trial watermark. Your entry must be at least 30 seconds in length. There is no maximum, so don’t worry about the length. Please add a watermark with your channel’s name, and make it small and non-distracting. If your entry has music, make sure it doesn’t get the collab taken down. Your entry must be decently edited. I won’t accept half-assed cash grabs. When done, upload your entry to YouTube either Public or Unlisted. Then send it to me whatever way you want. If you have any questions about the collab, then ask me and I’ll try my best to answer. If you’re having trouble understanding the collab’s concept or you’re low on ideas, then I’d recommend watching the previous collab below or going into the Discord Server’s inspiration-zone. The deadline for both sign-ups and entries is set for December 28th, 2018. So get movin’! With all that aside, remember that this is an experimental collab. Have fun, be creative, and go above and beyond! Just make sure your entry is humorless and fits the guidelines at the end. Happy Pooping! Discord Server: Previous Collab: Also, I'm completely aware that the deadline for this collab is way after Youchew's shut down date. I'll just move the collab to YTPMania when that happens. Participants: PancakeLord117 DSYTP paperboy1587 WhimpyV NitroEdits Instert Name Here Falah Ian O'Keefe IsaiahtheVargas1117 Adam11 Citizen HAL Green ProDuctions Universe Subaquatic Gem ItzMichaelPhillips (Maybe) ccateni (Maybe) GameBreaker64 (Maybe) Milk Gaming Channel Matt0417 TheDMhoffland jimjunk DerpsMcPineapple (Maybe) LionDogZXA (Maybe) MysteriousScorpion (Maybe) Ultragamer63 (Maybe) VillagerBoy527 ThePixarlampDude (Maybe)
  12. Paperking99

    Images that are out of context

  13. TheOneManBoxOffice

    Good movies you've seen recently

    House (the Toho 1977 film)
  14. King D. Supersepiroth

    The Youchew Zine

    Is this not-as-shitty doodle OK?
  15. Paperking99

    Second 2 Seconds Collab

    Here you go.
  16. ThePixarlampDude

    Stupid YouTube Comments You Found

    lol. The Steamed Hams meme is dead. (Sadly)
  17. Master Sword

    Master Sword


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    Recommended YouTube Poops of July 2018

    Most subscribed likely.
  19. Ace-edo Mask

    Recommended YouTube Poops of July 2018

    well he does a good job, that's for sure. But the most popular? Based on what factors?
  20. Instert Name Here

    Instert Name Here

    If my Alphabetical Multi-Render video gets a few hundred more views, then it will probably be my most popular video on my channel.

  21. King D. Supersepiroth

    Worst game you've ever played

    Football Frenzy. Don't ask.
  22. BoomDaCorgi1337

    Second 2 Seconds Collab

    I forgot my watermark but the previous time that I forgot a watermark YouTube wouldn't let me upload the watermarked version because it thought it was a duplicate. So I probably wouldn't be able to fix this either... 😑
  23. Whelt

    Nintendo New™ Super™ 3DS™ Thread™™

    Yes, it's been out for about two weeks now.
  24. The annoying bird

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I'm going to a Smash Tourney on the second of September. Thinking Wario as a main and Mega Man as my sidekick. I haven't got the DLC. I need to practice on normal stages since I mainly play on 1 on 1. What's the best method?
  25. MAZZ0Murder

    Nintendo New™ Super™ 3DS™ Thread™™

    I'll assume there's a new Wario ware game then? I haven't been up to speed... makes sense though! EDIT: Give Waluigi his own game! Waluigi's Haunted Mansion!
  26. PancakeLord117

    Stupid YouTube Comments You Found

    Judging from his reply to my reply, that's clearly a troll.
  27. PancakeLord117

    What's your opinion on the above user's YTP's? II

    I got ninja'd twice why I still think your stuff is pretty good. The sentence mixing and transitioning in particular. Your skills in the former are some of the clearest I've seen. Something I've also recently been seeing is that your masking is pretty damn great for someone who uses Movie Studio instead of Pro. Although you do seem to use tech text a lot, which slightly irritates me. Your poops are still pretty good, nonetheless. Keep it up, DS.
  28. Your surreal moments blew my mind, your editing is great, and the jokes are funny as fuck. You have put huge effort into your YTPs.
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