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  4. The Metroid Series Challenge

    Guys I am legitimately stuck How the FUCK am I supposed to get to this Metroid. I don't have the spring ball, can't find it anywhere, and I've been to every wall around that area, there's just nothing. Edit: Ok I got it, thanks Aeion spam
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  6. The Fourth Simplicity Collab [OPEN]

    My entry
  7. PancakeLord117

    The YTP I'm working on has already hit the 10 minute mark. And to add that, there's a lot of effects. I'm afraid to see how long it's going to take to render.


    But at least I'm almost done with it.

    1. DSYTP


      Wow, 10 minutes or more in this YTP, that is one hell of a megapoop!

    2. Milk Gaming Channel

      Milk Gaming Channel

      you should call that a YTPM (Youtube Poop Movie)

  8. What Do You Think Of The Above Poop?

    I feel fine watching this poop, your sentence mixing are nice and funny. Cons: Memes' usage seems out of place. For example, the "To be Continued" meme don't have funny twist that helps me engaged. "Running in the 90's" is used in a annoying way. The better solution is to use a less commonly used song, select different parts besides the common parts, or use in a unique way. Try to use more variety of poopisms besides SuS and Sentence mixing. 6/10
  9. The Fourth Simplicity Collab [OPEN]

    I'll think about it. I'm really tempted to join though
  10. Enjoy the majesty of TTTE
  11. What Do You Think Of The Above Poop?

    I was left slightly bemused by this Poop. There's some funny bits in here - you've got good sentence-mixing skills and the musical interludes are funny. My only concern is the amount of earrape - it becomes distracting and makes the video quite difficult to watch. That's just my humble opinion, and I'm only trying to help you improve, because there is talent here! This Poop is my latest, uploaded yesterday evening. Enjoy!
  12. Images that are out of context

  13. The Second Image Spam Thread

  14. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    I used to follow an upstarting Let's Play channel maaany years ago. Among their series were the original Wind Waker. The player, a woman, commented on the corwardly Prince Komali, shouting something like, "grow a backbone, Komali!" Over time, however, my memory deteriorated to the point where I honestly thought the line was part Medli's ingame dialogue; ha ha, that would've been so out of character. Their channel, TeamNinPlayBox, is still around, but they struggled to break into 50 views per episodes, it seems. I almost get sentimental going back to these channels that I followed in the past ;_;
  15. The banner thread [REOPENED]

    Tried my hand at a few more: Out of all of them, I think the one with Link is the only one that has even a slight possibility of getting added in the rotation.
  16. How Many Subscribers Do You Have?

    13,659 Slowed down to pre-SBP times.
  17. The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Joy
  18. The Fourth Simplicity Collab [OPEN]

    I'm joining
  19. Well Here's Mine
  20. [General Poop Discussion] The takOAH BLASTER Sails in the Morning

    While I was searching through my chest of memories I came across a paper-made box with a spot to put DVDs in. It was one of those "YTP Collab" disc things I've made that were just compilations of YTP videos I've found, while putting them together in WMM. I've made these discs in spring 2012, about 6 months before I've made my first poop. One thing I recall is that I was at a lacrosse game while one of the discs was being burned. Apparently, there was supposed to be 3 discs. I did make the first disc, but it was lost, as I couldn't find it. These discs were burned with Windows Media Player, so both of the discs have a disc menu of their own. The time duration on the discs are read as 27 to 29 minutes. There was a reason for that. I've burned DVDs before I made these and they went beyond 30 minutes. At the 30 minute mark, there was severe lag, even though they were in good condition. So I limited myself to only make DVDs that are less than 30 minutes. And the name "My YTP Collab" in my opinion is part of an excited child's dream of making something in their freetime and call it their work. I know it doesn't sound like a good title.
  21. Tweenies: Milo's Sweets
  22. Furry Image Spam: Viewer Discretion is Advised

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