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  2. CyberTronX280


    Does anyone have any thoughts on Nintendo Switch Online? 


  3. SerialK⁸⁶


    Hey, boys and gals, your uncle Serial's here, sorry the ILVG4 Collab is taking forever to come out, but real life stuff is coming in the way, however, I'll try my best to get the collab out on the 25th of this month, wish me luck. 

  4. Here is my recordings. I sound a bit muffled.
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  6. Misselaineous10

    Youchew Dubs Wand of Gamelon And Faces of Evil

    I is dunn! I've always had a soft spot for this character as she was funny in one of mrSimon's YTPs. =3
  7. I hope you're thirsty for mouth-watering Hamsha lines Before recording, I always check to see if the coast is clear to prevent background noise, but I ESPECIALLY didn't want anyone taking "My, you're thirsty. Oh my goodness!" out of context.
  8. THE VIDEO THAT FRANCE DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE! Redemption tour continues! I don't remember the details of this particular poop too much, except for the fact that this was a re-poop of the 3rd poop I had ever done, and BOY, do the improvements show! This version of my video was re-purposed and given a haircut to fit into a collab, but I have no idea whether it's making it in, or if the collab is still even being made. At this point, I'm in "fuck it" mode, so whether you like it or not, here's my Sin City poop!
  9. Ace-edo Mask

    The Humorless Collab II (Open)

    @PancakeLord117 Just a heads up, I won't be moving to YTPMania, so after Youchew finally shuts down, keep me posted on what goes on with the collab.
  10. Ace-edo Mask

    Youchew Dubs Wand of Gamelon And Faces of Evil

    That's more like it!
  11. This year, to celebrate the Animaniacs' 25th Anniversary, I've made a YTP of Yakko's World. In this video, Yakko Warner attempts to name the nations of the world again, but instead, he ended up saying random stuff and references. I made another YTP of the source last year, which is titled "Yakko's WoroW". Since I wanted to make a more funnier & updated version of that YTP, I've decided to do so. Hope you enjoy it!
  12. Heruru Meruru

    Manga/Anime Image Spam III

    Almost time...
  13. The Titan

    The Titan

    Really wished the new Netflix show wasn't so political correct. I was honestly excited for it. Since the Witcher game series is actually really good. Especially 3 ;bis it's so good.

    1. Mæstro Snail

      Mæstro Snail

      Seth MacFarlane can only work on so many shows at a time, my dude.

      Really, though, I haven't been keeping up, but what is the problem?

  14. Yesterday
  15. Round 6 vs. Tetrareux. This will be my final video I put on YouChew.
  16. Franklin Shortcake

    4 way 4 seconds match

    I made a playlist of this match. Hope you don't mind about it. Link;
  17. Lazer star

    General YTP/Editor Help Thread

    I tried to open my save of my ytp but it just says "An error occurred while loading the project file sin bob and pat prick ytp.vf" I tried to look up videos on how to fix corrupted files on Movie Studio Platinum 13.0 but nothing showed up but tutorials for Sony Vegas. So i tried it but still nothing. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  18. So I've been reading up on the Silver Surfer, and apparently there was a stint in Silver Surfer where he had a love interest/companion named Dawn Greenwood who traveled around with him on adventures, and it was apparently really good. That'd be a great place to take the Silver Surfer movie should we ever get it, and one of the few cases where a shoehorned-in love interest wouldn't feel shoehorned-in.
  19. Paperking99

    Images that are out of context

  20. Pizz


    (Sorry, no offense to any osu players tho.)

  21. Misselaineous10

    Youchew Dubs Wand of Gamelon And Faces of Evil

    I'd like to claim Lubonga, please. =3
  22. Myuacc1 Inc.

    The Disney Shorts Collab

    Look out Ma, I'm on another bumping spree!
  23. Amber The Fangirl

    Amber The Fangirl

    T H E   F A N S ' L L   D I G   I T


    1. BimbelyGimbly


      Ringo Stinko

  24. retrogenerics


    awesome kid's back >:)

  25. retrogenerics

    Put peoples avatars onto images(When Cartoon Sigs Collide)

    I'll be sure to eat pant someday
  26. Amber The Fangirl

    Amber The Fangirl

    I can't get over the fact that I joined YouChew a year ago, exactly a year before Fenella Fielding died... and I didn't even know it.

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