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  2. Ok dead line set to December 31st. maybe i can have more entrys by that time.
  4. Oh look, Microsoft suddenly loves Age of Empires again (meanwhile Zoo Tycoon fans are still drowned in tears) I'm curious to see how Relic can handle the AoE series. On a similar note, Microsoft also announced Definitive Editions for Age of Empires II and III. How much you bet that AoE II HD will get the same fate as Duke 3D Megaton Edition. If that will be the case might as well buy the game on Steam before it gets pulled off because I have my doubts that this Definitive Edition will live up to its name.
  5. Pretty sure this qualifies as In Progress now.
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  7. I'm Really Feeling It!
  8. At least that's why I recommended changing it to "The Good Night Show"
  9. I still don't get the joke of either apart from "Here's something related to Youchew associated with a popular brand name". I get that Mama Luigi is a thing we joke about, but I have literally no idea where the Tonight Show correlation is coming from.
  10. I definitely like the second one. Much more "YouChewy."
  11. My opinion on The Thing can be found here.
  12. And yet so many people here forget that KyoAni produced the best seasons of Full Metal Panic. That is not to say the original series Gonzo made prior was bad or anything.
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