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  2. I've hated Capcom ever since they cancelled Megaman Legends 3 lol and they haven't improved much. Someday they'll probably go the way of Konami, hell they probably are already.
  3. Uh, this is really strange. The individual parts like the vocals and the percussion sound like they'd be very annoying on their own, but taken together, it somehow kinda works for me. 6.5/10.
  4. So my entry is not acceptable?
  5. How much you bet that it's going to get a permanent price drop in the coming months. Between this and their mobile version of Megaman X, it's hard to say which one feels like the biggest rip-off.
  6. Damn, Evan Lewis had quite the life.
  7. The Non Existent Collab. Entries can not be made.
  8. Today
  9. Here's the recordings of my YTP covers. They're a little rough around the edges but I'm very glad I did them.
  10. Man, everyone in Nisekoi is either gutless, stupid, or both. Ruri is the only one with some perception, and the only one actively trying to make something happen.
  11. Dozens of views, and calling your entry to be "so great and awesome" doesn't mean that your entry is suddenly accepted straightaway; it's about the quality of the entry and how I enjoyed it or not.
  12. Donkey Kong, what are you doing with all this toxic waste?
  13. TyrannosaurusReich

    my penis is googolplex feet long

  14. I cannot believe they would remove the turbo speed setting from a Street Fighter 2 game. I also can't believe their idea of "New Characters" are pallet swaps in the year 2017. There are now FIVE shoto characters in that game. Edit: It's $39.99!? Get fucked Capcom.
  15. Sign me up with Frankey ;333
  16. Capcom: Lord Raptor Fans: Safari lady Dinosaur: Beloved Capcom franchises
  17. Mate, please move my entry to the accepted playlist. My entry was so great and awesome it had dozens of view it should deserve to be shown on the Pingu Collab.
  18. Sign me up with Orley :)))))
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