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    the year is 2018. you can thank me now.

  3. Your least favorite poopisms

    datonenoobypooper mention when
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  5. NationOfOranges696

    This mental disorder I've had for all my life I want it out of here. Its been giving me a very difficult time communicating with other peeps and trying to form a solid friendship.

    Trying to choose the right words? Difficult.

    Choosing the wrong words that I thought are right? Doing a good job.

    Because of this I feel lonely IRL. Having online followers and friends does not help my problems either. Face-to-face and technology-to-technology are both 2 different things. Combine the mental disorder with the majority of people with interests and likings that I do not have, life is going to feel very empty.

    Don't bother replying to me saying that everything is going to be alright. This entire scenario deeply affects who I am and what I will be, and there is no cure that gets rid of the mental disorder I have that sets the whole thing into motion from the start. Situations IRL is what affects me as a whole more than it does online. I haven't formed a solid IRL friend in years, and everyone else that I made friends with have moved on with their lives either forgetting about me or not recognizing me.

    1. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      Honestly, I kind of have this problem in real life sometimes also, only it's more related to being too wordy for my own good sometimes.

    2. FireRed☔


      All I can really tell you is practice makes perfect. Mental disorders can't be removed but I know from experience they can be managed. 

    3. Sparkella


      Pretty much took the thoughts out of my mind and pasted them here, particularly with finding little in common with other people irl and failing to keep connections with them. I was feeling most lonely about this time last year, living away from my family. Being here has helped somewhat in my own experience.. so I don't know if you want to reach out some more or not, but my inbox is open.

  6. Re: Say Quotes from your own youtube poop s

    from this tennis round; "Senpai's gonna love us at last" "Thanks to this cute little loli" "We better use our waifu to get Wooper back. Come on! Yeah! Wait! Come on! Yeah! Wait! Yeah! ...Huh? Come on! ...Huh? Come! Come! Come! Come down my back! ...Huh?" "Ok Wooper! Use your pomf attack!" "WAAAAA~"
  7. The Jimquisition

  8. Essasetic


                                                                                               This is why I'll be dropping Art in Year 9.

  9. Images that are out of context


    Whatever this galah is on, I want some.

    @NITROCONCRETE1 it's your turn
  12. Tennis theory (thread number three)

    What I say here might be running against how most people treat tennis and is definitely rambling, but hey, I'm in a mindset to share it so here goes. My relationship with volleys has always been a little weird, between the competitive nature of my approach to tennis (even outside of a tournament setting I still feel the pressure to try to top my opponent, or at least do something they're not doing) and, more importantly, my only sorta-half conversational nature. Like, if I recognize an idea or theme that I can build on I will try to do that (I do have a lot of respect for the interactive nature of tennis after all, and trying to bounce ideas does serve to tickle the tinkerer in me), but any idea someone feeds me is gonna be processed through the trep-mind-factory and combined with whatever I'm consuming, thinking and experiencing at the time. No guarantee that it's going to be what my opponent had in mind --- which I guess I've always been kinda okay with, as I like to put out shit that might make my opponent be like "wait, what?" Whether that's via pacing or the ideas themselves varies, but there is a personal aspect to what I make that tends to come out to certain extents. Maybe that's why I get a bit internally salty about volleys to my rounds sometimes --- I took their painting and mixed it with my diary pages to make a splat of graffiti, and here they are painting on top of my mess? Sure, I knew they were gonna do that, and maybe they made something even better, but agh NO why did I let myself get that attached to it Er, anyway, as for chemistry, my 3-way tournament match with Moogle and Luioigi was kind of a beautiful little moment, where we all had our own editing approaches going on but had such a strong glue of source themes and running ideas that it ended up being a rock-solid continuation of ideas all the way to the end. Cyggie and I always had a certain synergy with our similar levels of energy in the times we played against each other; up until the point where we had to end the match (he always was better at final rounds; I tended to let my ambition outpace my capabilities, and sure enough he was the fighting game player who capitalized on my whiff with a big super-move finish) it was always a nice swell of themes and continuing gags. As cool as it was to work with the team I fell into for the Triples Tournament (and there was a sense that we all had the same ideas going, at least for our first match), there were definite seams in our work brought on by a lack of true collaboration. In case you can't tell, I tend to prefer collaborative tennis rounds that come off as a perfect union of the players involved. Cyggie was easy for reasons already stated, which brings me to another player I worked with a lot. Gamebop was always a fun person to play against, as well as to doubles alongside; sure, our technical skills and moods were entirely different --- something which did create difficulties sometimes when mapping out how a round would go --- but ultimately I think that (at least in the matches where we BOTH didn't run out of ideas/inspiration) we had a great technique for synthesizing our work together into something that was greater than the sum of its parts. I can only hope he felt the same, despite the times I perhaps kinda sorta trampled over what he had in mind, oops. Rambling over.
  13. Good movies you've seen recently

    I’ve finally gotten around seeing Black Panther. It’s a pretty good film, but I wouldn’t call it my favourite Marvel film. I thought the plot was rather decent, and- WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE.
  14. Bootleg Stuff Image Spam

  15. General YTP/Editor Help Thread

    So I tried to use Magix Vegas Pro 14 due to the fact that Sony Vegas Pro 13 is starting to suffer from graphical issues. And I have two problems with Vegas Pro 14 that throw me off to just go back to using Vegas Pro 13. The first problem is that it won't open up the last saved project on startup. My second problem is that Vegas Pro 14 performs dreadfully bad. All I get is a slideshow. The preview quality settings is set to Preview (Auto) so preview quality is not the cause of the problem. Another strange thing about it is that it is not a consistent problem. Sometimes, it works just fine. I load up Vegas Pro 14, then it automatically opened up the last project like it should be. I also checked the settings, opening up previous projects is checked on. The performance was also normal sometimes. There are also times where it did open up the last project on startup but the performance was dreadful. This is pissing me off! I want it to work like I expect it to work!
  16. Anime General Discussion

    Finally got around to finishing Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond. I have to say it's better without Black and White. I barely got to know anything about the characters in the first season because there was so much focus on them. That said, I think the ending to season 2 was a bit anticlimactic compared to the first one. Now that I've seen two seasons and am eagerly awaiting more, B3 is a better Nightow anime adaptation, but Trigun is still the better work when taking the manga into account. B3 has great jokes and fight choreography and the characters are lovable, and more proactive female characters, but Trigun has much more substance, and therefore, more staying power. B3 is still a great, entertaining anime worth watching, especially if you want a modern show done with early 2000's Adult Swim Action sensibilities. As for what I watched next. For years I was hoping for a Junji Ito anime anthology, finally got it and it's a monkey's paw style wish... Studio Deen, ew. I tried skimming through some episdoes and I just noped. Souichi's voice is awful. I'll watch if Amigara Fault is adapted, though. Next I might watch Cardcaptor Sakura so I can get into Clear Card arc. I loved CLAMP as a kid but I avoided Sakura because I thought it looked too girly.

    "Well Seymour, I made it, despite your directions."
  18. Synthwave

    You ever wonder what a synthwave-hip-hop combination would sound like? This is the closest example I can find (not a great song, but I kinda like it): Does anyone have a better one?
  19. Songs that make you feel nostalgic

    Anything from Graceland can make me nostalgic; it's one of the first albums I ever heard and I've been listening to it constantly since childhood. "Under African Skies," "Crazy Love Vol. II," and the title track in particular really give me that special warm feeling.
  20. Your Favorite Part of the Above Poop

    That "Spadinner" references and Dinner at the end.
  21. Your Favorite Part of the Above Poop

    You are in for a tree
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