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  2. KingofSp4des01

    Images that are candidates to be humorous

    Shit I’m scared
  3. The Titan

    The Titan

    Ok, quick update. I've been able to provide the requirements to pass my final. Now i just need to pass it. God damn Economics.

  4. ThatMushroomMan

    Your Favorite Part of the Above Poop

  5. ThatMushroomMan

    What Do You Think Of The Above Poop?

    This is a very fast-pased video, and It works in its favour. Some of the best parts of the video, especially the explosions part, piles information on top of us, and it works well because the joke needs to be fast to be funny, and that scene alone was well worth watching! Having said that, though, I found some parts of the video to be quite repetitive and went on a bit too long. I noticed it was uploaded about a year ago, so It's still good in showing how much you've improved since!
  6. Pacboy Poops

    pp vs. elephant trickle

    (Number of rounds: Undecided) Round 1: Round 2:
  7. felixthecatfish

    Most important piece of YTP History

    What is the most important and influential piece of YTP History, whether it be a pooper, a poopism, a certain character, place or source? Personally, I like the lore behind the Coney Island Disco Palace, but that never really took off.
  8. BriefCasey795

    Least favorite Internet memes

    People jumping on this hate bandwagon of the "CalArts" style and drawing things in the style just to shit on it. I don't like how all because of one bad reboot (Thundercats) from CN, it's started a tirade of people saying the other shows that use the artstyle or an artstyle similar to it are now shit because of it. This is almost like as if overblown The Last Jedi hate became a meme.
  9. Crazy Luigi

    • Crazy Luigi
    • The Pope

    Great job on winning the YouChewer of the week! :)

    1. The Pope

      The Pope

      Huh. I didn't even know that was a thing.

      What does that even entail?

  10. Today
  11. felixthecatfish

    Underused Poopisms

    Personally, I think we need to revamp the coney island disco palace. There was a lot of history in that place.
  12. Hey! My friends and I made a 50 round match and compile it in a big video, so watch it if you dare!
  13. TheOneManBoxOffice

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Zéro de conduite (a.k.a. Zero for Conduct) 1933 French film I had to watch for class tomorrow about kids in a strict boarding school rising up and forming a rebellion against the teachers and headmasters. It's in the public domain, so you can view it here.
  14. SharkhamAsylum

    Last game you've beaten

    Pokemon Red, which I emulated on my phone. My final team was Parasect, Wigglytuff, Gyarados, Golem, Electabuzz, and Charizard—and I've now moved on to Pokemon Crystal, and edited the trainer data so that Red has a copy of my old team. I can't wait for the showdown. I also took the liberty of buffing Johto's event battles, i.e. the gym leaders and Rocket administrators. They're really underwhelming and I wanted to add more Pokemon actually from Johto.
  15. Maestro Snail

    The Second Image Spam Thread

  16. The Pope

    Anime General Discussion

    I'll probably try to catch up. I've got a friend in town until Tuesday, so I'll be busy at least until then. There's a lot of other TV shit I gotta catch up on, but I'm trying to focus more on clearing the game backlog. It's a juggling act with my free time.
  17. Whelt

    Anime General Discussion

    Episode 7 just aired, and it's going to be a 24 episode series. So if you decide to wait it'll be a while.
  18. The Pope

    Anime General Discussion

    Yeah, I still need to get around to watching Zero. I've just been too busy with other shit, and at this point I don't know if I should catch up with the 5 or so episodes and then watch weekly or if I should wait for the whole thing to be done.
  19. SassPD22

    1-2 Frames Collab VI

    Well, i already did my entry. Here it is in case.
  20. The Rules for the Collab are in the Video The Collab Discord Link
  21. ThatMushroomMan


    Well, here it is!


    1. BandanaBoi


      Congrats on reaching 300 subs.

  22. Just a normal day in Elmore... SONGS: a-ha - Take On Me The Vegnaboys - We like to Party AVGN Theme (Sad Piano Version) Pink Floyd - Young Lust Giygas Final Battle Theme Ween - Nippy Wiffle (Live Brain Wedgie Version) Ween - You F###ed Up (Live Brain Wedgie Version) Crazy Loop - Crazy Loop Picture At 1:00 by this guy: I'm REALLY liking what I've done here. If you want some backstory, I started this poop back in January, as a story-based poop, but I scrapped it and the finished result is what you see here. I've stopped and started working on it so many times that I honestly thought it would never be released. But here it is, against all odds, for you all to enjoy, to celebrate my 300 sub milestone! Fair use, and I don't own anything used in this video. EnjoyojnE.
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