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  2. Alrighty, my gift stockpile has been sent. wait.
  3. I finished mine! I hope my recipient likes it!
  4. Underused Poopisms

    Electronic Sounds for sure! I also feel like G Major is underrated.
  5. There are several decently sized theaters in the area, and they all appeared to have plenty of showtimes. From what I recall, there were quite a few available seats for some of the showings, but a lot of them were in the front rows. I got a pretty good seat, but it was probably a mistake to go to an 11 PM showing when I had to wake up around 6 AM on Friday morning.
  6. General Music Chat

    I've heard at least three covers of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah this weekend alone. When did Shrekellujah become a Christmas carol... and why?
  7. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Apparently the game will recreate moments from the anime depending on the fight setup; for instance, if you start a fight as Goku vs Frieza it'll start with Frieza killing Krillin, and if Teen Gohan beats Cell, it ends with Father-Son Kamehameha. Jesus, I'm not even the biggest Dragonball fan and I'm getting super hyped for this shit. Here's to hoping it's a fantastic fighter in addition to a fanservice machine.
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  9. jimjunk

    Just got a Roland MC-505 as an early Christmas present, and it kicks ass.


    Before Odyssey, I remember thinking that Sunshine would be the next game speedrunners break. With all the nods to Mario 64, it's like it was made to be broken.
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  14. Crowds were, like with TFA, surprisingly reasonable where I went to see it. Like, movie theater in downtown of one of the state's biggest cities on the first Friday after release still had empty seats, like what the hell But yeah, it really is worth it going into this preparing for a Lord of the Rings level of time investment. 2.5 hours ain't nothing to sneeze at (even if I am in the camp of people who'd say it's worth it), and if you're only gonna see it once, sure, check it out with friends and family who also might be interested.
  15. fiv95

    FUCK YOU go away. also merry Christmas

    1. KingGr33n


      Merry Christmas Fiv95

  16. There's also the fact that I ended up watching The Force Awakens three times in theaters: by myself, with my dad, and my friend, in that order. Considering that movie has a dense 2+ hour runtime...I'd like to avoid doing that this time around. I've more than learned my lesson.
  17. 2017 music

    Currently taking a full listen to the Billboard Year-End. I'm just over halfway through, and this year in music has been very mixed so far. Here's my top 5 & bottom 5 from the year-end list so far. Top 5: 24K Magic - Bruno Mars HUMBLE. - Kendrick Lamar Attention - Charlie Puth Redbone - Childish Gambino Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran Bottom 5: Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift Body Like A Back Road - Sam Hunt Bodak Yellow - Cardi B Thunder - Imagine Dragons Bad Things - Machine Gun Kelly ft. Camila Cabello The rest are either not as bad, not as great, or, mostly, a mix between decent, okay, and mediocre.
  18. So far I have the main character drawn but need to draw and color the background [it's only sketched at the moment].
  19. fixed it myself lol But in all fairness I'm about to wait till the crowd dies down to see this movie. I mean I did see The Force Awakens in Mexico twice during the holidays when it came out (albeit original English-language with Spanish subtitles); but that was because when I saw it on both opening day and the day after on my vacation; the crowd was a little quiet.
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    i know you don't watch wrestling but i saw this on the show i was watching and i thought you'd like it


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