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  2. YouChew Easter Baskets '18

  3. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    I forgive you.
  4. Most similar tennis player to the above user

    Matt0417 (?)
  5. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    Aw man I'm sorry @BandanaBoi. I think I got a picture to make up for all this.
  6. One Piece

    So ever since Dressrosa, rather than borrowing movie soundtracks (the movies have slowed down drastically in production, though I still honestly don't see the problem with borrowing from Z or Gold), they've been writing new sets of themes for each arc. For example, Doflamingo's leitmotif was written just for him, and it works a lot better than the lame theme they were going with until then. The anime's currently at the point of Luffy meeting Bege, and Bege got his own theme written for him. It's not on YouTube yet, but it's sort of a smooth Italian-tinged accordion piece which fits him perfectly well. I dig it.
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  8. Recommended YouTube Poops of February 2018

    「Händel Messiah - Ha」was an interesting selection choice. Comedic audio remixes of pre-existing songs seems to be something not many partake in, aside from mashups.
  9. introduction

    Welcome! Glad you will be comfortable in here!
  10. BandanaBoi

    It's. Much. Worse then I thought.

    It's the curse that you got.

  11. YouChew Easter Baskets '18

    Sign me up
  12. Milk Gaming Channel

    masstr sord comenteed on meme vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The 2008 Collab

    I'll join.
  14. introduction

    Welcome to YouChew, my man
  15. introduction

    Welcome! I recognize you from the sQuIdWaRd Collab!
  16. How Many Subscribers Do You Have?

  17. Pokemon Image Spam v2

  18. Moon: Hey! You two should kiss! joining for sure
  19. The Garfield 40th Anniversary Collab

    @NationOfOranges696 I posted my entry for you on Youtube.
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