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  2. Have any of you bought a good (read: Non-Lenovo jesus man you're fucking crazy why would you buy a Lenovo anything they're literally the lowest rung of Dell computers) laptop recently? My girlfriend recently got an HP laptop that is literally more powerful than her 2,000 dollar desktop setup and with a proper cooling pad, you don't have to worry about overheating. So far about the only game too demanding for it to run perfectly is that new Player Unknown Battle Ground crap, but that's only because that game is so poorly optimized at rendering 100 players. It's the year 2017, my friends. There do in fact exist minimalist computers that are as powerful as your typical box/tower design. As a rule of thumb, yes, you should naturally avoid anything calling itself a "Gaming" computer, because it almost always means you're going to be paying several hundred dollars more (or even MORE than that) for a computer of comparable power and specs to one that isn't marketed as a 'gaming system'. In computer marketing, 'Gaming' is one of the most profitable sales terms and it's pretty much become a way to outright scam people by making them think some ugly, LED light-encrusted turd isn't overpriced compared to the sterilized mass market version of the same fucking machine. But anyways, as I came here to talk about; there's this new game out on Steam that my girlfriend wanted us to play called Portal Knights. It's only recently out of early access and it's yet another shitty Minecraft-esque builder sandbox game that tries to incorporate RPG elements into the mix (it's like a shallow version of Minecraft with way smaller worlds that you run around fighting monsters, leveling up and gaining new stats/abilities while crafting armor and weapons). Despite the fact it's shallow, it's not half-bad I guess and it's fun for what it is. My main complaint at the moment is how poorly designed the PvE is, it's amateur-level stuff. Monster AI is dick fucking stupid and sometimes if you dance around a corner, a monster will stop moving and you can whack them to death... FOR FREE... Enemies take WAY too long to kill and the "Combat" (so far with no abilities it's just holding Mouse 1 and hitting enemies while avoiding their incredibly slow telegraphed attacks) is very monotonous. I could see it being a cute, quaint little hack-and-slash mmo-lite Minecraft wannabe if the devs learn how to make a better game. I don't really recommend it to anyone here or anything, I just wanted to note a couple of thoughts on a shitty game no one else is going to play because ey why not dude's is lol.
  3. The great thing about Woody Allen is that not only are his films intolerable, but he's intolerable as a person, so it's very easy and in fact strongly encouraged to openly despise him. I'll admit that he's a man of good ideas or at least premises, namely Purple Rose of Cairo and What's Up, Tiger Lily? having interesting gimmicks, but what's really fortunate is that those ideas have been done much better by much more talented people by now so there's no reason to ever give that nerd attention.
  4. Welp, my DVD got fucked while decoding...
  5. 18. You people make me feel OOOOOOOLD.
  6. I had to add "Youtube Poop Tennis" in the title because I didn't seem to think this title would matter, but it's troll a'many.
  7. My DVD got corrupted...
  8. Aw yes, hopefully this will help me out of my creative slump. Count me in as interested.
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  12. "As he waves to greet them..."
  13. Diss iz mai awsom entree four G33Tube's The Worst Collab Ever.
  14. Sounds pretty good, I'll join
  15. bump
  16. I finished my entry! At the moment it's rendering, but by the time you see it, it should be ready to go.
  17. I think Caddicarus' Retrospective of the series summed it up well: Crash 1's gameplay is wildly outdated by today's standards while Crash 2 and 3 gradually build off of the first in terms of game mechanics and presentation, primarily for the better.
  18. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Scrubs. I don't know how, I just want to see it happen.
  19. "Hey vsauce! Overused meme here" Sorry the pics so small
  20. By "light gaming" I assume you mean older games? I think the most recent games I'd be wanting to play are Final Fantasy XIV, Subnautica, Sonic Generations, and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Not exactly "new" games but still recent enough that maybe even a newer personal laptop couldn't handle it? I guess I should just get a PC, idk I thought a laptop would be significantly cheaper, for some reason.
  21. Yeah, I'm in.
  22. I finished Crash 1 maybe once if only through persistence and hoping I got lucky enough to have destroyed every single crate in a given stage that I had yet to obtain the gem for. Given I started off with Crash 3, understandably I didn't have a desire to go back and complete it with the really dated design choices it had, especially with respawning every single crate should you die in a stage regardless of checkpoints. Even looking at the secret ending online for getting every gem in the game, I can safely say that I didn't miss out on much. I probably could burn through Crash 1 more quickly and with less difficulty today, but with the N-Sane Trilogy right around the corner, and the many changes that are being made to the game's design through this remake, it only makes the original Crash 1 seem even more obsolete than before and gives me less reason to bother with it at all.
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