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  3. At least they got rid of that Poochy-like dog from Fairly Odd Parents...only to have him be replaced with a little Mary-Sue type girl who now has access to Timmy's fairies. One step forward, two steps back.
  4. Dedotated Wam


    1. Dedotated Wam

      Dedotated Wam

      Sentence complete c:

  5. Part 2: I know fuck all about Power Rangers and this didn't entice me into giving it a watch, but at least this video was fun.
  6. Artist: abt.
  7. don't worry i won't. good luck.
  8. Today
  9. Cool World was originally intended to be a hard R horror movie where the spawn of Holli Would and who would later become Jack Deebs in the released film, a half human/half toon abomination, would go on a killing spree in the human world with daddy as her main target at some point in the film. Of course Paramount and Kim Basinger, who was coming off Batman and several other big movies, mucked things up hard and resulted in the film we have today.
  10. you stupid motherfucker, you stupid motherfucker, you stupid motherfucker.
  11. I think it'd be cool if they riffed The Green Slime (from the very first unaired KTMA pilot "episode"), would be a great way to bring things full circle.
  12. Already have one. I'm all set for it. I wonder what the first movie will be..? Another riffing of The Crawling Eye, maybe?
  13. Ozarhok

    What the

    1. P-Dash



  14. Katamari101

    So for Tomb Raider 4, get this; Lara Croft gets a C-section.

  15. The only Battle Network game I finished was Network Transmission.
  16. You should buy every Power Up you find and put them into Power then Charge, having a good buster early on should hold you over until you find good chips. In the first game you can have up to 10 of the same kind of chip, so you should stock up on ones you like.
  17. I played Dread last night with some friends (Beneath the full moon scenario) and one guy shot a werewolf in the nuts with a flare gun.
  18. AKA The full theme to my channel intro theme (albeit rendition).
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