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  2. After that new year's poop I made, I experienced a creative block once more and that I have decided to do a tennis match, I wanted to focus a lot on audio and visual jokes / gags as a recurring theme. I did admit that I had to struggle with it to make the first round open and manipulable enough so that the next opponents can add new sources, jokes, and gags to existing rounds.
  3. I'll join with: -Make a video in 1 hour -Choose two taken restrictions: -I chose your two restrictions (Bloodis) -Make a video that is 40 - 80 seconds long but then speed that up so that the final version is 20 seconds
  4. Once again, it felt very visually pleasing for someone with a relaxed mood after a stressful day at work... Now I am taking a shot of hosting a tennis round by deliberately opening things up for manipulation. I kind of admit that I was scrambling for some ideas for the first round, despite that I enjoyed the majority of the sources themselves.
  5. thanks jeff
  7. My first round is complete! @NitroEdits, your turn to add new sources and jokes!
  8. Usually I just watch something that is entertaining enough so that I watch the whole thing, but boring enough to make me want to watch something else. Then make a ytp by doing what I'd improve the show with
  9. Dun dun duuuuuuuuuunn Yes, it still lags because I prefer rendering in WMV format and not MP4.
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  11. PC doesn't have this, though.
  12. Because the PC is constantly evolving to make use of the new tech people are constantly creating. Console makers can't constantly upgrade hardware.
  14. Tabull still isn't staff, and we'd still prefer you ask the cafe staff first. Moved.
  15. Attention to the following: @NitroEdits, @Im another Channel, @ThornBrain, and @GSgiraffes, The first round will be uploaded tomorrow. As for the mods, please move this onto the In-Progress. @Dark Fox @tabull @Geibuchan @Joosh
  16. No. but i will. Could you send it to me?
  18. The Fred Fuckstone video made by MountainDewMaNN, dewmann, and/or dew. It was all black and white and I think the entirety of it was all ear rape.
  19. part of a series by #
  20. This could work perfectly as a "Final Investigation" song for Danganronpa
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