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  2. P-Dash

    Mental THRILLness

  3. Today
  4. RandomEffectsYTP

    youtube poop a funny

  5. HassanLechkar

    Thought experiences are so much fun

  6. Umigame

    I'll make your face the grrrrrrreatest.

    1. TheOneManBoxOffice


      Make it the greatest in all of Koradai (let alone, all of Hyrule) and I'll join you.

  7. 53v3n733n

    Made something in REAPER yesterday: 


    1. TheOneManBoxOffice


      That sounds like the greatest DDR track ever.

    • JimPaladin
    • Tentor

    nine years gone

    and still no one misses him

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    2. TyrannosaurusReich


      i just wish jim was gone too :(

    3. randomcontributor


      @Crazy Luigi 


    4. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      I knew that name sounded familiar to me! :D

    • Joosh
    • Shazy-Shaze

    Good to see you again, Shazy!

    1. Shazy-Shaze


      Eep. likewise c: Figured I'd stop by after I talked this place up to a friend earlier c:

  8. Cosmic Collision

    The krusty krab pizza is the pizza for you and me!

    • mo05hy
    • Joosh

    Hey Dude

    1. Joosh


      How's it going?

  9. Skizzle

    Ya like jazz?

    1. DatRandomGuyTho


      Yes, Skizzle, I do enjoy the genre mostly composed of brass instruments known as jazz.

    2. Zoroark


      Nah. Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Future Bass, Nu Disco, Epic Music, and Glitch Hop are my jam. ;)

  10. Morimoto

    Any good intro jingles, like in video games or something?

    1. Paperking99


      I know plenty. Here's an example:

      It's longer than a regular jingle, but it still might go good with an intro.

      Are you making an intro? If so, I might be able to help you out.

    2. WALLMAN



  11. Zoroark

    YoMama Did Laden


  12. Yesterday
  13. FishyTV

    Me rn: 


  14. TheOneManBoxOffice

    "Marry me with my money."

  15. JustinMyers


    1. Umigame

      Umigame favorite tune in Super Mario Land.


    2. VentXekart



    3. Markie


      Muda She Wrote

  16. HeyItsAR

    S A N T I A G O

    1. BeanosOnToast


      G O

    2. Master Sword

      Master Sword

      Tighter than bark on a tree

  17. VentXekart

    My pet has gone missing, Alyx just left, and gorgeous is on his way. You're the only one left I with...Hehehehheheheheheheheh...

  18. Morimoto

    Can't wait for the upcoming Steven Universe ultimate face off with the Great Diamond Authority. 

  19. TheWackyWeevil

    Hi there, just want to say something quickly.

    I've noticed for a while that people have told me that I've unsubscribed from them on YouTube, as my channel doesn't show up on their subscribers list. This is because I keep my subscriptions private, therefore my channel won't show up on anyone's subscribers list. That's all I want to say for this post.

  20. Vir

    Jack never got laid, but he did save the universe, so it balances out.

  21. VentXekart

    He got back, back to the past. Aku: The Shape-Shifting Master of Darkness has been defeated once more but at a cost of one warrior's heart and soul. He is the light in the darkest of futures, he is the liberator of the enslaved, he is the Ronin out-of-time, he is an ally and friend of spartans, scots, archers, and ravers, he is...SAMURAI JACK!

    1. WALLMAN


      But... does he age?

    2. VentXekart



  22. Last week
  23. Maq

    I had a guy but now I don't

  24. Crazy Luigi

    Thanks to denial, I'm immortal! :)

  25. Umigame

    "Tremble in terror! You are FINISHED!"

    1. Geibuchan



  26. TheOneManBoxOffice

    ♪ Life tiny little life forms... ♪

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