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  2. TyrannosaurusReich

    the nutshack opening except every time the word "nutshack" is said an innocent person in real life is killed by a maniac and you can hear their screams

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  4. HassanLechkar

    Is the wait worth it? Yes, it is.

    Is the hate worth it?




































  5. NAveryW

    Dumbbot Roll Call: Grounder! Breezie! Coconuts! Scraaaaaaatch!

    1. JokeyBRPG


      Mystery Robotnik Adventures 4000!!!!!

    2. Geibuchan









  6. CODEandAR

    Awwwwwww yeah!


    1. NKpower


      Thinking about buying that today.

    2. TheWackyWeevil


      I got the game on launch day, too. :D 

    3. Geibuchan


      Damn, still need to jump on that,

  7. HeyItsAR

    One thing about being a twin that's kind of upsetting is that some people think that just because you look the same, you are the same person, despite the fact that that's horribly untrue. 

    1. Biodegradable


      The best part however is if someone reckons they saw ya doing something naughty/illegal, you can't just blame it on CODE. Mwahaha

      I meant to say you CAN blame it on CODE. again... MWAHAHAHA

  8. Crazy Luigi

    To those of you who have listened to both albums now, which do you like more: Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN." or the Gorillaz's "Humanz"?

    1. Tale


      I was honestly very disappointed by Humanz. The track with Vince was easily my favorite (it's really good), a few other tracks were pretty good (the one with D.R.A.M. comes to mind), but I was skipping most songs on my second listen.

      DAMN on the other hand... I've been a Kendrick dickrider since gkmc and I don't think that man can do any wrong. DAMN isn't as cohesive as any of his other projects but it's equally dense, and none of the instrumentals disappoint. Not to mention he spazzes tf out on like every track.

    2. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      Yeah, I can see that. However, I'm sure there are some weak songs on Kendrick's album also.

    3. Tale


      I'll give you GOD, that's easily the one of the weakest tracks on any Kendrick album

  9. TAZ

    I like this game Doom but come on. A guy in a green armor suit shoots demons? Halo did this already. 

    1. Biodegradable


      Halo's a fucking wuss with his pissy little shield and two-gun limit.  

  10. Yesterday
  11. BeanosOnToast

    Probably going to be fairly inactive on here for several days due to a number of things going on.

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    2. Joosh


      Going off our Skype chat, if you think a break from the site is what you need, then go right ahead and take some time off. As always, feel free to hit me up on Skype if you want to talk about anything.

    3. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      Aw, what's going on there? In any case, take care of what you need to, make sure to have us in our thoughts (and we'll have yours also), and try to contact whoever you need to if you want to.

    4. NationOfOranges696


      We're on the same boat then. I've been fairly inactive on YouTube and YouChew in the past few weeks because school has been slamming me with a hundred tests and my family members keep bringing me on outings.

  12. CyberTronX280

    (FIRST STATUS POST) So... Nintendo announced the New Nintendo 2DS XL yesterday. Anyone getting one?


    1. NKpower



  13. Sailaser

    I was supposed to get a Switch today, but my order got screwed over since Nintendo only put literally five units in the store. Every other retailer ran out as well since they had the same amount or less. I know they put crumbs in stores to build hype, they've done that with Amiibos and other products. But It really bothers me that they do this. I mean, they have the largest fanbase of any company I've seen. It just comes to show how greedy they are now. I'm trying to give them a chance, but they're really making me want to move on. My parents and friends said that they could help me get one, but I said, "No, I've lost interest."

    1. DiscoGlacier


      I'm going to wait until Super Mario Odyssey is released before I might get a Switch... and that's if Nintendo isn't continuing to pull this artificial scarcity crap.

    2. JokeyBRPG


      The official Financial Analysis expects at least 10 million consumer Switch units to be sold through the end of next fiscal year March / April 2018. Let's hope the actual units sold exceeds that number.

  14. Umigame

    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    Earl-eye in the morning!

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    2. Yoshit


      Don't you tell me about drunken sailors, landlubber.

    3. Umigame


      Way hay and up she rises,
      Way hay and up she rises,
      Way hay and up she rises,
      Early in the morning!

    4. Biodegradable


      @Yoshit hehehe I knew I'd find you in here before I scrolled down to see the responses.

  15. Skizzle

    I think I'm in like 3 Collabs right now. 1 I'm done in, 1 I need to re-render with a watermark, and the other I havnt started yet. 

  16. Buffalo

    Hmm, I'll take the-

    1. NitroEdits



  17. NKpower


    1. CODEandAR


      It's candy for breakfast!

    2. DiscoGlacier



    3. Hellinspector@idontknow

      [email protected]


  18. HassanLechkar



    1. NKpower


      Hey it's another DS model Nintendo's been churning out.

    2. HassanLechkar


      @NKpower Yep, it's the New Nintendo 2DS XL. It's coming out on July for US$150. I don't know what the price is in British pounds, but it ranges somewhere between £115 and £150.

  19. JokeyBRPG

    I can proudly say that I have literally milked the Roger Rabbit Opening Cartoon into a full blown and maximized 5 1/2 minute poop. Expect the action-packed craziness to be extended tomorrow and completed before my birthday on May 1st.

    Status of maximizing a single source for a super dense and long YTP:


    1. JokeyBRPG


      The video is now up!


  20. Intermission


  21. Crazy Luigi

    Why am I having such a hard time figuring out who had the best avatars and signatures for various intervals this year?!?

    1. Umigame


      You could always go for the "Avatars/ Signatures you Used to Have" thread.

    2. Biodegradable


      Because so many people change through so many in the space of a year, it's practically impossible to keep track of 'em all. I personally didn't bother with those categories this year.

    3. FireRed☔


      When in doubt, just vote for the ones with blue hair.

  22. P-Dash

    Macaroni and FUCK

  23. Last week
  24. TheHiddenHoward

    what should i do for 200 subscribers?

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    2. DiscoGlacier


      A reaction video to a Youtube Poop in a theater?

    3. Erazor


      Masturbate on livestream

    4. TheHiddenHoward


      nah ain't dank enough.

      i'll record myself going to the movies.

      make a ytp.

      & probably react to some crap.

      they all might be seperate videos if i reach 200

  25. ReakMayhem

    Everybody's going to the party, have a real good spanking.

  26. GSgiraffes

    I'm Mr. Meeseeks look at me!!

    1. CODEandAR


      Teach me to play golf.

  27. FishyTV

    So is now ... interesting...

    1. The Detour on YouTube

      The Detour on YouTube

      I love the probably stolen South Park artwork from DA

  28. HeyItsAR

    Some days, like today, I can't help but be extremely disappointed in myself. :/

    oh well...

    1. TugCoat


      It's been ONE OF THOSE DAYS...

      I'm sorry to hear that, hope the future's better for you.

    2. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      You're not the only one who's like that today, my friend...

  29. Stonez

    Been almost a month since I posted, but I uploaded a YTP short for a collab entry

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