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  2. ThatMushroomMan

    You have dishonored the franchise and so you have dishonored me. The time has come to reclaim my honor you dishonorably dishonored with my honorably honor of my honorable honor!!

    • MemeKirisame
    • JokeyBRPG

    I found this in a Discord server.

    Even though it doesn't have that Mexican song.

  3. mapo

    YouChew needs new banners that aren't YCP or spadinner related.

  4. NAveryW

    Today is sure to be as uneventful as... a GAME of PAC-MAN?!

  5. BandanaBoi

    Just a reminder that if anyone does something stupid, annoying or rude they have to get this picture.


    Total amount of people who got the picture - 3

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    2. ThatMushroomMan


      How long d'you think it will be before the mods start using it?

    3. BandanaBoi


      0.1 milliseconds

    4. SuccyLord


      You should give this to me every time I post anything

  6. RBLXStealer

    REGARDING MY PREVIOUS STATUS UPDATE: Please watch the full video before replying.

    1. FireRed☔


      YouTube Pooper!!

  7. TraitorLoxoz

    I suggest myself buying a new PC. Because the current one is shit.


  8. Yesterday
  9. Girla PurpleHeart

    I dunno if I should post this, but I felt like I don't belong here for some reason. I want to leave, but my brain says no. To be honest, I don't like to pick fights. I really don't. And if someone has something against me, should explain me why. I really don't want people to be dicks on me, it's just I'm sick and tired of people arguing over shit when it comes to politics. And I am not a politics fan. I know what opinions are, I'm not stupid. I think I have enough apologies on this site, and I am not sorry for what I done, but at the same time I am. I come to this site just to have fun, but at the same time, I think my video block is affecting me, along with College. I'll be on Discord if you guys wanted to talk to me, if you guys to add me, it's on my profile page. Also, I don't think I have any plans to leave this site anytime soon. I just don't have a heart to do so. I'll shut up now and thanks for wasting your time reading this I guess?

    1. Probo


      Might you want to consider avoiding the threads that get political?

    2. Girla PurpleHeart

      Girla PurpleHeart

      @Probo Probably a good idea, but then again, I don't pay attention to politics, since I'm not a fan of it. I probably should be careful what I'm saying so I don't get my ass in trouble or something.

  10. SomeDudeNamedBermudez9000

    Lá Pádraig Shona!

  11. BimbelyGimbly

    With the glass ceiling broken all the oppressed groups shall prosper, especially the most oppressed group of all: gamers

  12. SpaghettiBicycle


  13. trepmaws

    Remember, lies can't keep you alive, Doctor. But I can.

  14. RBLXStealer

    We need a new term for talentless hacks who somehow have tons of subscribers like this guy. Any ideas?


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    2. Biodegradable


      Do yourself a huge favour, RBLX, and don't use this place to shit on people you don't like for petty-ass reasons. You won't earn any respect here for it, I assure you.

    3. RBLXStealer


      Please watch the video before commenting.

    4. DSYTP


      Maybe calling them names is not right, this video goes for a simple style. Also you get this:


  15. KingofSp4des01

    Well, WarioWare YTP is back as Fendy the Fanboy. Can’t wait for him to be terminated in just a couple of weeks.

    1. BandanaBoi


      Why are you still mentioning this guy?

      Edit - And because you mentioned him you get this picture


  16. Amber The Fangirl

    At last, the long awaited sequel to 'RoR and JiJ ransack a supermarket'...

    'RoR and JiJ contaminate the RagLOL Boat' 

    coming soon...

  17. Amber The Fangirl

    Just to clarify, I did NOT do the drawing in my profile picture, I found it ON THE INTERNET. xD

  18. HassanLechkar



    1. The Titan

      The Titan

      No Zelda? 

  19. T Videshow


    1. AshCrimsonForever


      A NAEI UK, A Nerf Gun, Or A Nae Nae Watch Me.



    1. NationOfOranges696



  21. BananaMannafoot

    Has anyone watched a YTP and a scene comes up and you think along the lines of: "Oh please make that joke / please do this effect" and it happens?

  22. fiv95

    you're scaring me 

    1. Sagan Blob

      Sagan Blob

      You're lying, I never hit you!

  23. Matt0417

    This year is a pretty bleh year for memes and trends. Ugandan Knuckles died a slow, painful death, Savage Patrick was awful. I would say Steamed Hams was the only good one, but that's slowly fading away now, which is very unfortunate. I'm no EmpLemon, but maybe it'll get better. It's only the 3rd month of the year rn so who knows.


    1. Citizen Hal

      Citizen Hal

      I feel like every meme is going to become garbage at some point, it's only the amount of time it takes for it to become unpopular that it's decided if it was bad or not 

    2. DSYTP


      Steamed Hams might not be garbage in the future, because people are doing interesting things with this meme.

  24. Crazy Luigi

    So we finally have a Seed 16 upsetting a Seed 1 at long last in the NCAA Tournament. It turned out to be something I didn't expect at all...

  25. XxYoshie

    Do you guys ever feel embarrassed about your YTP channel? I just feel uncomfortable about it and want to delete it, but love enjoying it. Help please?

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    2. Matt0417


      Now, it's gotten better, but back when my YTPs weren't really that good, I felt the same way. Now that people like HomerAlltheWay, Keir Epton, and alot of other great poopers subbed to me, and one of my collab entries is still visible in the YouChew Top 10 on the front page, I feel a little more confident.

    3. SatanTits


      Meh, 75% of the videos I've ever done are absolute garbage. There's been times I've unlisted and re-listed videos out of embarrassment but whenever I look back on my 2013/2014 videos it just takes me back to a better time in my life. I don't really have shame in showing my garbage anymore.

    4. The Titan

      The Titan

      I know exactly how you feel. I personally don't like my videos but I continue making them because I want to better myself. Also, because I have nothing else better to do. 

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