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  2. YTPNerdette


    I guess that it's October 1st Youchew time because the clock shows that it's 5 days left and in 5 days there's September 29th/30th so yeah lol

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  5. Amber The Fangirl

    Amber The Fangirl

    My final profile post before YouChew is archived:


    I may have only been here for just over a year, I've had a ball. Even if my Big Cook Little Cook was kinda unsuccessful. lol. It's been quite fun, I promised myself to make a collab for YouChew but sadly there isn't much time left so I might not get a collab out, maybe I might do it over on YTPMania. I only have 3 or 4 years until I can join Neon Castle. XD


    I don't know why YouChew is shutting down. YTPMania looks very similar to this website (I know its made by the same people). I'll miss this site very much despite my friends' objections to the site, if you want, you can follow my new YTPMania page which is AmberTheFangirl. Or you can just keep an eye on my social media pages. Instagram is 'amberthefangirl', my YouTube is of course Amber The Fangirl and my Twitter accounts are 'amberleahhx' (currently locked), 'AmberDoesItAll' (currently locked) and 'AmberDoesStuffx' (not locked). I will send out an update if my Twitter accounts get unlocked. Twitter's support system is a pile of crap. Thank you for following my page if you did and I really appreciate your support. Goodbye.


    Amber The Fangirl.

  6. ThomasPussyCat


    For some reason, I can't log into Neon Castle. Does anybody else have this problem?

    1. TheOneManBoxOffice


      Your membership with Neon Castle has to be approved by the admins first in order for your account to be active.

  7. ThomasPussyCat


    Listen, YouChew is closing it's doors in a few days. If you want to keep in touch with me after the forums close, you can follow me on Twitter: (I'm mostly active here.) or join my Discord server: (You can chat to other fans of my YTPs or anything that you like.) I'm also now on YTPMania: and Neon Castle:

    For my final words on YouChew, please watch this video thief try to "steal" my video without keeping a straight face. (laughing starts at 1:20)

    Thanks for reading and being with me here on YouChew.
    Farewell, YouChew!

  8. Metadata


    Hola, chau

  9. Goro Majima

    Goro Majima



  10. Rockorange


    Holy fuck, we literally have a countdown to extinction

  11. JokeyBRPG


    I have witnessed the evolution of Youchew from its old vanilla to black, and then upgraded and final iteration. Despite that I have quit YTP from 2009 until very late 2015 due to life development, I can say that our own experiences have grown to be more compassionate compared to our wild, excititng, and sometimes crude "misbehavior" in plenty of our early teen ears of YTP and Youchew.


    In the end, we kept that underground and rebelious selves alive and will continue that way even when the old gets replaced by the new. I give thanks to all of you keeping the Spririt of Youchew alive through two successors like YTP Mania and Neon Castle to suit different audiences with love for underground communities.


    One last thing.....


    Enjoy the last of the Super Smash Ball Ballerina Boy.



    1. Emperor Ing

      Emperor Ing

      as long as there are people who enjoy dicking around with editing programs and annoying people on youtube for laughs, then that spirit lives on. 10 years from my joining I still have fun watching dumb edits, stutters, and sentence mixing. I think there will always be people who enjoy it.

  12. Optimalistic


    well, I guess I'll post one final ytp up here [probably tomorrow]. Its a remake of my 1st ytp

    1. Emperor Ing

      Emperor Ing

      appropriate. I had thought about doing something similar, if I can motivate myself.

    2. Optimalistic


      it rendered way faster than i thought it would, i'll upload it now

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  14. NitroEdits


    dawn of the day:

    days remain

  15. Optimalistic


    1 week until doomsday

  16. SuccyLord


    Sad this site died.

  17. VentXekart



  18. fiv95


    wowie i'm youchewer of the week

    one of the last two ones?

  19. BandanaBoi


    You made a Spadinner joke. TEST FAILED.

    1. SuccyLord


      You used bocuma. TEST FAILED.

  20. MemeKirisame


    I almost forgot that we need a final livestream for this.

  21. SomeDudeNamedBermudez9000

    • SomeDudeNamedBermudez9000
    • Nettika

    Might be the final banned member of YouChew

  22. MemeKirisame




    (i didnt make this)


  23. acm240


    This will be my final status quote sense YouChew is getting close to shutting it's doors.


    Honestly, YouChew is without a doubt my favorite social media site I've visited and being the only website besides YouTube I always visit. Back when I still at elementary school, I was that guy who had trouble getting friends because of my immaturity and my disability. This site actually helped change my personalities and I've became more mature over the years. I remember first visiting this site when SomeDudeNamedBermudez told me about it at school and when he uploaded the video of him announcing his appearance onto YouChew. He helped peaked my interest to the site. When I first joined the site, I was pretty immature sense I was new to the site, but this site taught me new ways to make YTP's and helped me become more mature every time I come back to this site. YouChew also helped me get new friends on both this site and in real life. It's a real shame to see this amazing website shutting down sense I always enjoyed being on here.

    Thank you all for being there for me on YouChew over the years and I'll see you all in YTPMania.


  24. RBLXStealer


    Looks like in a week all the thrads will be locked.

  25. BeanosOnToast


    "Well, this is the end, beautiful friends..."

    To think it's been ten years ago since Toonami's final broadcast during its original run. So this is my final post from me here on this site I've grown part of for the past four years.

    Special thanks once again to @Sparkella, @RCLeahcar,@EditsOfGreatBritain and everyone else here on YouChew who I've met since I joined back in July 2014, it's been one hell of a rollercoaster and I haven't looked back since until now, so, everyone, remember to stay gold.

    Farewell, YouChew. Welcome, Neon Castle.

  26. HomerAlltheWay



  27. ThatMushroomMan


    Hi, boys and girls! I'm Jimmy Carl Black, I'm the Indian of the group!

    1. mowub


      can I interest you in a pair of zircon-encrusted tweezers?



    well my last post on this website (like someone gives a shit) 

    i am gonna miss this site a lot

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