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  1. Today
  2. P-Dash

    I'll take a vial of people.

    1. ThatBlokeOverThere


      How vile!


    • Ace-edo Mask
    • rEac tor

    Hey, you found me. I got damn deleted, but I'm not down for the count yet. Though G00g1e tried to see to that, that I was.

  3. RyanYTP

    Went to see Jumanji today. I thought it was really funny and really enjoyable.

  4. Vir

    I went to Golden Corral for my birthday today. It was amazing.

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    2. Vir


      I pronounce it "Veer", but it's Latin so whatever.

    3. TugCoat


      heh, that's always been how I pronounced it in my head too

    4. NationOfOranges696


      We're getting our first Golden Corral in the metro area next month

  5. Citizen Hal

    Well I made it to 25 subs. I guess I better follow up on that sub special. I could use some suggestions though so if you have any, please comment any.

  6. FromtheWordsofBR

    Now THAT'S the ugliest damn bong I've ever seen.

  7. SuccyLord

    tomorrow I’m going to travel for 3 weeks if anyone cares

  8. Yesterday
  9. Citizen Hal

    Go Pats!! 

  10. trepmaws

    Wheels within wheels, turned by spider monkeys, fueled by maple syrup.

  11. TraitorLoxoz

    Who will win?

    The Downfall Parody-makers


    Some YTP boyz

    1. ccateni



    2. WeepinnWillow


      people still make Downfall parodies?

    3. ccateni


      yeah, on YT

  12. Matt0417

    Hi, I'm LENNY.

  13. acm240

    Today's my birthday! YEAH HOO!

    1. Matt0417


      Happy birthday!

  14. SomeDudeNamedBermudez9000


    1. Geibuchan




    • NKpower
    • Yoshi Dash media

    I think you should slow down with the status updates here since you’ve posted a lot of them today, it’s a little bit overwhelming.

    1. TheOneManBoxOffice


      I concur. Give other people a chance to post status updates and limit yourself to just one a day (or two).

  15. HassanLechkar


    How KFC Has Outlets In More African Countries Than Any Other Fast Food/Beverage Chain Evar

    Map_of_Africa_-_Pizza_Hut.png   Map_of_Africa_-_Mc_Donald_s.png

    Map_of_Africa_-_Starbucks_Coffee.png   Map_of_Africa_-_KFC.png

  16. Yoshi Dash media


  17. Yoshi Dash media

    I'm gonna work on my entry for the tree house YTP collab any ideas on how I should improve

  18. BandanaBoi

    He turns towards me, and he sneezes like this he goes..


    1. NitroEdits


      God bless you. Actually it sounds less like god bless you and more like "close your fucking mouth"

    2. BandanaBoi


      Yeah, INCOGNITO

    3. NitroEdits



  19. Yoshi Dash media

    I'm gonna work on my entry for the tree house YTP collab any ideas on how I should improve

  20. Yoshi Dash media


  21. Yoshi Dash media


  22. Yoshi Dash media


    1. Yoshi Dash media

      Yoshi Dash media

      These are some collab I joined

  23. Yoshi Dash media


  24. Yoshi Dash media


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