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  2. GSgiraffes


    I could imagine what it would feel like to one day come to youchew to only realize I can no longer post and everything is archived. That will feel really odd. Like a cryogenically frozen community. 

  3. BananaMannafoot


    n  i  c  e


    1. DSYTP



    2. fiv95


      420 666 lolllllllllllll!!!!!!

  4. fiv95


    i put a seed in my garden =( it didn't grow )=

    1. cyclejunkie


      i actually tried to grow small cactus blooms in my backyard but i forgot about it and the soil started to dry up, so it was just a well-so-much-for-that moment and a waste of a buck 75 (or something) for seeds.

    2. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi


  5. Yesterday
  6. TheDumbening

    • TheDumbening
    • Gallers


  7. fiv95


    i'm going to fucking cry

    1. DiscoGlacier



    2. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi


    3. mapo


      Sorry to hear that. Get well soon!

  8. T Videshow

    T Videshow

    Two more weeks till the 15 Seconds Collab sign up deadline.

  9. Amber The Fangirl

    Amber The Fangirl

    why is changing a banner so hard lmao

  10. XxYoshie


     I really need to get back to YTPing, haven't really worked on one in a while...

  11. Amber The Fangirl

    Amber The Fangirl



  12. randomcontributor


    My Discord is randomcontributor#8016 if any of my old peeps want to add me

  13. TheHiddenHoward


    Damn, looks like i'm back.

    1. T Videshow

      T Videshow

      Welcome Back Matey!

  14. Mackenzie


    I'm quitting YouChew. I doubt saying that officially and seriously matters, really, considering the shape of things to come.

    I'm doing this early, before the official death of YouChew, purely for mental health benefits and saving more of my little free time. I'm sorry I accidentally left Sploltoen hanging on the doubles cup, too. Wonder what's gonna happen with that tournament now. 

    I'm sometimes online on Discord, but I might never answer your messages, unless we were close friends.

    I might check this place out a couple of times before it dies, I might never log in again, but either way I'm fairly sure this will be my last post.

    This is so weird.

    See you, space cowpeople.

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    2. Mæstro Snail

      Mæstro Snail

      Keep on truckin', Finnish aesthetic queen.... and please commission a Blythe doll in your likeness because you already resemble one ball-jointed doll.

    3. NitroEdits


      wish ya the best of luck mi amigo, hopefully we'll bump into to each other again sometime, take care

    4. Joosh


      Sorry to see you go, Mackenzie. Take care of yourself.

      Just know that you're always welcome to come back, should you ever want to.

  15. retrogenerics

    • retrogenerics
    • KingofSp4des01


    lets gooo

  16. luislima12


    If the site closes down I will move on to YTPmania. (if possible)

  17. Enay


    I just got wind of this forum's fate recently. Enay#1522 on discord if you want to talk about it there or something

    1. DiscoGlacier


      Glad to have you back, even if it's only momentarily. I've already friended you on Discord, so I will look forward to seeing you there!

  18. TraitorLoxoz


    I think I would like to share my Discord Tag. Here it is.


  19. supreme_slayer


    Goodbye, everyone, and thank you for the moments we shared together.

  20. BimbelyGimbly


    Whenever this YTPmania site is made sign me the fuck up for that!

  21. MemeKirisame


    Decided to make a 5 paragraph rant because I couldn't sleep now. I realized that I would be accused of overthrowing the government for anarchy, so we're totally screwed. I'm just a guy who doesn't know what's normal about some life problems or the future. I also vent and complain too much.

  22. fiv95


    hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk 

    1. Biodegradable



  23. Smonge


    Working on mail server settings tonight. You need a configured mail server to send things like activation e-mails.

  24. FishyTV


    This is honestly one of my favorite 90's TV bumpers from Brazil


    1. TheOneManBoxOffice



  25. Last week
  26. BananaMannafoot


    I think the idea of splitting YouChew into two new websites (Neon Castle and YTPmania) is a rather ambitious yet pretty intriguing idea. Even though I'm 19, which is one year over the age of entrance for NC, I feel I'm sandwiched between the old and new YTP communities, though I do admit I look up to the veterans more than the newer generations in terms of how I was inspired to make these silly videos on the first place. Nevertheless, I do feel there are a good handful of newcomers that have the old school YTP spirit within them but at the same time are bringing new and creative ideas to the table. I think it'll be safe to say that I'll be joining both websites and contributing my time to each. Remember: you learn wisdom and experience from the veterans and then you pass your knowledge down to the next generation to continue their legacy, and in this case, extending the life of a goofy yet creative and influential medium that I feel no other can touch. ☆

  27. CartoonFan2003


    Just bought me a Rope and Bombs, since this site is about to fade away.

  28. Top2Bottom


    Went to this Comic-Con thing in dublin today.


    I got a Street Fighter Ken funko pop, a Zarya funko pop and a Batman t-shirt.

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