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  1. Today
    • TheBlackWidow
    • JazzDanceForChildren

    Your Speed Racer poops are just fantastic! 

    1. JazzDanceForChildren


      Thanks, I appreciate it.

  2. The Titan

    Do you ever feel like you have no motivation to make a YTP? If so, what do you do about it?

    1. Citizen Hal

      Citizen Hal

      I usually wait until I do have motivation.  I guess once you find the right source or even the right jokes, you'll know and if they don't work out in the long run, there's always next time

    2. The Titan

      The Titan

      I suppose that makes sense, since I'm not a good editor I tend to get frustrated with myself and not continue my work. If only I had the right tools and knew what to do, I would let my imagination run wild.

    3. VentXekart


      Usually I have no motivation when I have no ideas for what I'd like to do for a poop OR I run into a creative block.

  3. ccateni

    Should I upload all my ytps here along with youtube?

  4. Yesterday
    • KingofSp4des01
    • BeanosOnToast

    Hey it’s Talyllyn (Skarloey’s twin).

  5. Stonez

    I revisited my 200 sub special yesterday and realized it's incomplete, and I need to make it proper. That's one of my main goals for this year. I can't believe I cut production so pre-maturely, but whatever.

  6. TVBForever

    i am a *meme* god

    1. gvn


      You sure are!


      And you have the right to remain silent.

  7. gvn

    no hw today haha lol

  8. EggSoldier


  9. BandanaBoi

    Just changed my profile picture. I wonder if anyone knows what if referencing.

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    2. FireRed☔


      Angry Crack Motel

    3. lineofyellow5


      natural dairy bandanaboi

    4. SuccyLord


      I don’t know although it’s interesting

  10. TheOneManBoxOffice

    Great. There was no class today, so I made the trip out here for nothing. Fuck me, right?

  11. TraitorLoxoz

    How is your day?

    1. gvn


      my day is going good so far

      im having spring break coming up 4 me and im p pumped up so yeah


      how is yours?

    2. XxYoshie


      Just mixed emotions anymore, one minute I'm happy about this thing next I'm really sad about it.

    3. TraitorLoxoz


      @gvn Same as yours. Spring Break comes for me as well.

  12. KingofSp4des01

    Relationships is a problem.

    1. gvn


      not really ._.

    2. KingofSp4des01



    • gvn
    • NationOfOranges696

    Nice pfp my dude

    did you draw that pfp? you sure are better at drawing than me ill tell you that

    1. NationOfOranges696


      Yeah. I drew it in Toon Boom Harmony.

    2. gvn



  13. RBLXStealer

    More stuff regarding that status post: It wasn't trying to be "wawa he had more subs wawa", it was poining out "How does he make YTPs THAT BAD yet has so many subscribers?".

    1. BandanaBoi


      We'd all prefer if you would just shut up about him and just take the L


      Good job, you got the image twice.

  14. BimbelyGimbly

    Y’all ever just L E M U R

  15. JokeyBRPG

    I AM OFF to GDC - Game Developers Conference 2018. I shall wish myself good luck with huge networking opportunities for game development within the San Francisco Bay Area!

    Having a programming job and game development side projects should really pay off.

    1. NationOfOranges696


      I wish you good luck mate.


    2. NitroEdits


      sounds fun jokey, i bid you good luck :D

    3. Paperking99


      Good luck, Jokey!

  16. SatanTits

    420 posts blaze it

    1. TVBForever



    2. ThatMushroomMan


      That's a very fitting profile picture.

  17. ThatMushroomMan

    Sad to say that the main account of Crazyistmanever, one of my inspirations who left YouTube in 2012, has been deleted, which means that a lot of videos by him aren't around anymore. Luckily, I had my favourite video by him backed up, so it can still be viewed.


    1. JokeyBRPG


      Wow... Another day, another rebel content lost to the memory hole.

    2. ThatMushroomMan


      It's a real shame.

    • Joosh
    • NationOfOranges696

    Huh, for some reason I thought you were already following me, but I guess not. Either way, thanks for the follow!

    1. NationOfOranges696



  18. mapo

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    2. gvn


      K. I'm sorry about posting too frequently. I won't do it again. Btw i have school today so you guys get a rest from me.


      Also do i get a warning for posting too frequently?

    3. Joosh


      You'll know when you get a real warning.

    4. gvn



  19. Last week
    • KingofSp4des01
    • Palette

    Congrats on being the YouChewer of the week!

    • gvn
    • NationOfOranges696

    Garfielf you fat.. Cat

    Why are you so big and Fat??

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    2. gvn



    3. NitroEdits



    4. gvn


      Time for a nap

      Im a cat who loves to snooze

  20. SuccyLord

    my life

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    2. SuccyLord


      1 H4V A SHMAL PEE NZ

    3. gvn


      4ND Lik_/E t0 e4T EL3PH4_^-'NT S3=%$#@T!!

    4. ThatMushroomMan


      Here's your pudding, Angelica. 

    • gvn
    • DSYTP

    that pfp you got there is nice

    Who's the guy in the photo?

    1. DSYTP


      Glenn Fricker from SpectreSoundStudios. (not my real face.)

      My real face is this:


    2. gvn
  21. KingofSp4des01

    Thomas and friends is now ruined. Now the fact it’s on Nick Jr, I’m gonna assume there’s gonna be a shitty Paw Patrol crossover soon.

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    2. KingofSp4des01


      @OfaceI’m going for Plarail

    3. NationOfOranges696


      Thomas has aired on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Fox Kids, and Disney in the past, and the show was not ruined completely. Just because it moved to another channel does not basically mean that the show is ruined.

      Look at Family Feud for example. They've gone through several network changes through ABC, CBS, and Syndication. There was no change to the show's format during those transitions.

    4. gvn


      @NationOfOranges696 i totally agree with you. shows arent ruined unless they've gone through really bad changes or have their ratings fall down.

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