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  2. ThePixarlampDude

    • ThePixarlampDude
    • Orange

    Thanks for the follow on Twitter. :D 

  3. mapo

    • mapo
    • Master Sword


  4. Milk Gaming Channel

    Milk Gaming Channel

    welp......10 more days until the site ends. May this site live log and prosper in it's archived state.



    1. XxYoshie



  5. Yesterday
  6. BandanaBoi



  7. RBLXStealer


    I found an old Bill Cipher shirt I bought back in Dublin Comic Con in 2015 that I haven't worn since then.

    Definitely smells of 2015. Also, I haven't posted here in nearly a month jesus christ.

  8. SharkhamAsylum



  9. TheOneManBoxOffice


    Nine more days until YouChew closes. Let's make the most of it, ladies and gentlemen.

    1. BradDLC



  10. Last week
  11. YeomanGold


    I'm gonna try my hardest to get a Spingetember made by the 21st night of September, as the song goes.


  12. Johbo81


    So I just heard YouChew is closing...

    It was nice being here


    1. Geibuchan


      You could still head to YTP Mania if you'd like,

  13. Dark Fox

    Dark Fox

    Caption this.


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    2. Doom


      Do you suppose the fox's butt has cooled off sufficiently?

    3. BananaMannafoot


      "Nice place ya got here!"

    4. Tug


      When a member posts in the wrong section but you’re out of anime reaction pics

  14. retrogenerics


    ur broi is here

  15. Fiddlesticks411

    • Fiddlesticks411
    • vvaluigi


  16. Tetrareux


    long time no coming here, can someone tell what's going to be the next forum? thanks lov u

    1. VidTens443


      YouChew is splitting into two separate forums:

      Neon Castle for age 18+ users to discuss and share creative arts

      YTPMania for the all-ages YTP scene

    2. Snes


      read thru the first post in the shutdown topic, everything's explained there, complete with links

  17. ThatMushroomMan


    I know I've been a bit inactive recently, but I've been working on a new YTP for a while. It'll be done before the site closes, so look forward to that!

    1. BimbelyGimbly


      Aight mate

  18. BimbelyGimbly


    Well chop my balls off and call me Jonathan!

  19. CyberTronX280


    Does anyone have any thoughts on Nintendo Switch Online? 


    1. NitroEdits


      people keep complaining about it for it's lack of features and what not, but I like the annual price, I mean come on, 20 dollars a year isn't that bad.

      From what i've gotten out of the community and how they're portraying it, the price is not too bad, but what they are offering comes out as the real problem and if they offered more than just online play and NES games, i'm sure the whole thing would've gotten a better reception from the crowd.

    2. CyberTronX280


      In Australia, it's $30 a year. A lot of people might be complaining because of the Cloud Save feature where if your subscription expires, your save data will delete itself from the Cloud.

    3. NitroEdits


      oh that makes a lot of sense now that you say that

  20. SerialK⁸⁶


    Hey, boys and gals, your uncle Serial's here, sorry the ILVG4 Collab is taking forever to come out, but real life stuff is coming in the way, however, I'll try my best to get the collab out on the 25th of this month, wish me luck. 

    1. Ace-edo Mask

      Ace-edo Mask

      Lol I see what you tryin' to do, boi! Make it so that ILVG4 is the last collab to ever be posted on Youchew, so you can take all the glory and the accolade that comes with it!

      That's some evil genius right there, boy! 

  21. The Titan

    The Titan

    Really wished the new Netflix show wasn't so political correct. I was honestly excited for it. Since the Witcher game series is actually really good. Especially 3 ;bis it's so good.

    1. Mæstro Snail

      Mæstro Snail

      Seth MacFarlane can only work on so many shows at a time, my dude.

      Really, though, I haven't been keeping up, but what is the problem?

  22. Pizz


    (Sorry, no offense to any osu players tho.)

    1. saper


      No problem 😎

  23. Amber The Fangirl

    Amber The Fangirl

    T H E   F A N S ' L L   D I G   I T


    1. BimbelyGimbly


      Ringo Stinko

  24. retrogenerics


    awesome kid's back >:)

  25. Amber The Fangirl

    Amber The Fangirl

    I can't get over the fact that I joined YouChew a year ago, exactly a year before Fenella Fielding died... and I didn't even know it.

  26. BradDLC


    "Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young..."


  27. Essasetic


    UPDATE: Got my laptop back fully working. Haven't noticed a thing wrong with it yet (except for the brackets that have been broken so I can't close my laptop's screen). But yeah I can go back to my usual things now.

    1. Misselaineous10


      Good to hear dude! =3

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