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  1. Today
  2. T Videshow

    T Videshow

    I really wanted to upload my 4000 subs special so badly! Still needed 15 more subs, Hopefully you guys can help me reach that milestone.

  3. NitroEdits


    Here in my garage just bought this uhh new Lamborghini here

    1. HomerAlltheWay



  4. TheOneManBoxOffice


    R.I.P. John Peter Bain (a.k.a. TotalBiscuit). 1984-2018.

    1. EggSoldier


      I didn't follow him much, but even I can recognize that he was an immensely talented man with a big heart and impressive knowledge on video games and so many other things. Here's to you John Bain, rest in peace man. You were taken far too soon.

    2. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      Further showcases that cancer is a bitch, especially Stage 4 cancer.

  5. Yesterday
  6. JokeyBRPG


    I wonder why Robotnik Poops are subject to Extraordinary EAR RAPES with complex audio effects while it is much rarer to hear them in other sources besides a few typical Vegas Breeds?

  7. Matt0417


    Well SHIT. Totalbiscuit died (he's a YouTuber)

    Keemstar must feel really awkward right now....

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    2. Matt0417


      Yeah, I've never watched his videos, but it's still sad to see a popular YouTuber pass away.

    3. CartoonFan2003


      A moment of silence for Totalbiscuit (even though I don't even know him either)...

    4. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      Keemstar's just a sack of shit, anyways. He probably doesn't care that much, if I'm being honest there.

      That being said, R.I.P., TotalBiscuit.

  8. Maestro Snail

    • Maestro Snail
    • Jayblin


  9. Stonez


    Im officially done with school as of today. I can finally start on what I want to make now 

    1. DSYTP


      Tomorrow, it's my LAST day of high school (except for the graduation day and rehearsal)

  10. T Videshow

    T Videshow

    Still 15 more subs but still waiting even though i should of got up to 4000 subs a couple days ago but it's starting to slow down especially losing a few subs, what on earth is going on! Hopefully i'll reach 4K by tomorrow or this weekend.

  11. Maestro Snail

    Maestro Snail

    Beyoncé totally was the Greninja of Destiny's Child.

  12. GameBreaker64


    Only a week left until school lets out (for me at least)! 😄

    1. CartoonFan2003


      2 more for me... 😛

  13. KingofSp4des01


    No sex

    1. iTzNQQB


      no sex tonight!

  14. TheOneManBoxOffice


    Wow! This looks pretty heavy! You won't be able to lift it with just your bare hands...

  15. SuccyLord


    rock my youchew forum

  16. The Titan

    The Titan

    Ok, quick update. I've been able to provide the requirements to pass my final. Now i just need to pass it. God damn Economics.

  17. Crazy Luigi

    • Crazy Luigi
    • The Pope

    Great job on winning the YouChewer of the week! :)

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    2. The Pope

      The Pope

      Where do you even see it? I don't see any kind of award anywhere.

    3. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      Click on the Home button.

    4. The Pope

      The Pope

      Ah, I see.

  18. ThatMushroomMan


    Well, here it is!


    1. BandanaBoi


      Congrats on reaching 300 subs.

  19. EditsOfGreatBritain


    The VHS Collab 3 has started rendering! Stay tuned!

  20. KingofSp4des01


    Huh, that’s strange, the 76th page of the Famous great poopers thread works, but the 75th page is still broken...

  21. Enay


    Questions or riddles? You choose

  22. MasterGodzilla


    Bobomb99 says hi

  23. Stonez


    On a serious note though, It sucks to see that some YTPers are waaaay too hard on themselves. To whoever this may be, calm down and appreciate what you’ve made. I’ve been there, and I know it’s not fun playing the harsh critic. Making YTP’s are supposed to entertain ya, not to enforce stress on ya 🙂 

    1. NationOfOranges696


      “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

      - William James



      This used to be me 24/7 in terms of pooping

  24. KingofSp4des01


    Well, I now use AviUTL. Thank god...

  25. BrandonThePuppet


    On jim Henson's birthday i will make a tribute YTP collab

  26. Stonez


    lmooooo how can ‘y’a’l’l’ claim that the earth is round wen i can make a superflat wrld in minecraft lmoooaoao 😂😂

    1. KingofSp4des01


      The earth is an anime

    2. appdirect


      The world in Minecraft is a cube though.

  27. MemeKirisame


    Join me Gamora and I will make you become powerful as me, or else you will NEVER FEEL GOOD!

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