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  2. Essasetic


    UPDATE: Got my laptop back fully working. Haven't noticed a thing wrong with it yet (except for the brackets that have been broken so I can't close my laptop's screen). But yeah I can go back to my usual things now.

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  4. Heruru Meruru

    Heruru Meruru


  5. XxYoshie


    I haven't really had a official post about this, and though nobody gives or shit and I have previously discussed it but...


    I AM GAY 

    Idk I never had a coming out post... so yay?

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  7. Mæstro Snail

    • Mæstro Snail
    • Probo


    1. Probo


      Pretty much summarizes my mood regarding Isabelle in Smash and the following influx of art.

    2. Mæstro Snail

      Mæstro Snail

      Probs! you should do an Isabelle cosplay some day :0

    3. Probo


      Yes, I've already considered that as a must-do some point in the future! ^^

  8. Goro Majima

    Goro Majima

    YouChew's final days are looking like a relaxing good time yo!

  9. MemeKirisame



  10. HassanLechkar


    Not an important announcement:

    I'm going to start using my new Win10 laptop a lot more than my older Win7 laptop from now on, and since I'm not logged on to YouChew on the newer laptop, that means I'm not gonna be online as much. And I've already decided I'm not logging into this site on the new laptop, I will make a new YTPMania account from there. This YouChew account has and will stay on the old laptop, full stop.

    I will release a goodbye message in a few days, mentioning my closest friends on this site as well as most of the staff, so stay tuned.

  11. T Videshow

    T Videshow

    For this years Halloween special of mine, I was think of sources that related to SML.

  12. acm240


    I have now made a official YTPMania account! I hope to get to see you all again on this site.


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  14. The Titan

    The Titan

    Ugh, please don't shut down.

    1. DiscoGlacier


      The fate of YouChew is inevitable, but there will still be Neon Castle and YTPMania to take its place.

  15. Essasetic


    Ok got some good news. The repair shop got my laptop working again. They just need to stress test it to see what has been damaged. But by the looks of things I haven't lost any data :)

  16. ThePixarlampDude

    • ThePixarlampDude
    • GameBreaker64

    Oh hey. Welcome back! :D

  17. John Marston

    John Marston

    Damn, this sucks. I wish I posted more.

    1. C.A.P.


      You and me both.

    2. Pizz



  18. C.A.P.


    HEY EVERYONE I'M BACK HOW'S EVERYONE -looks at latest news- ...oh.

    1. JokeyBRPG


      There is NeoN Castle and YTP Mania for those who still want to move forward.

    2. C.A.P.


      Yup, I'm aware. I'll make accounts on both sites when able. Thanks for reminding me though!

  19. Mackenzie


    One last note, I'm most likely going to retire from YTP altogether. I wanted to return to making them after my schedule got cleared up, but with YC officially gone soon and myself not having any motivation for sticking around on Neon Castle, I guess this is it. I will most likely only make shorter videos infrequently while drunk.

    Oh, and this one will be my really real last post for sure. Bye, guys. See you on Discord, whenever I can be arsed to get online on there. 

    1. Biodegradable


      Welp, there goes my chance of playing tennis with you. Lame.

    2. NitroEdits


      shame man. your entry for my rock/rap collab was fantastic.

      ah well. take care then. hope to see ya in the future

    3. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      I was wondering where you were at there! Shame you don't have much interest in the Neon Castle, though. :(

      At the very least, contact me on Discord, ASAP! I was wanting to talk you on there throughout the last two or so weeks now!

  20. ThornBrain


    I wanted to wrap up my final thoughts on my minimal involvement in YC, seeing as we're two weeks out from its closure, but I realized I don't actually have that many thoughts on it. YTP itself was a big part of my development as a video editor, and it's a good tracker of how my sense of humor has developed and not changed at all. But the site itself has been more of just "that site Stuart K Reilly mentions sometimes" for most of the years I've known about it, and after I joined I had my usual up-and-down attachment to it as I always have when I jump into a new community. Now I'm just left with a sordid sad feeling of a big part of my weird side of the internet shutting down. The site's baggage from the past, the shitty people it contained, I can at least recognize that as the same growing pains every large communal site had as the internet slowly became less of a lawless wasteland. Here's hoping Neon Castle and YTPMania work out like we hope.

  21. fiv95


    take it deaner

  22. GuffKid


    The direct VOD is now up!


  23. YTP_FanBoy999

    • YTP_FanBoy999
    • DaThings1

    Is this really Dathings1 

  24. GuffKid




  25. pizzawave


    Okay so. As one of the last posts ill make on this website, I'm going to be honest....

    I wasn't into Metroid for a good while but now that I am, I can confidently join the choir and say FUCK OTHER M.

  26. Milk Gaming Channel

    Milk Gaming Channel


    1. BradDLC



  27. mrdoognoog


    oh noes! it looks like you're missing a semicolon.

  28. Knuckle5


    Discord: Knuckle5#3435



  29. Knuckle5


    Ugghhh,u stinks hahahaha xdd

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