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  2. XxYoshie


    I haven't really had a official post about this, and though nobody gives or shit and I have previously discussed it but...


    I AM GAY 

    Idk I never had a coming out post... so yay?

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  4. HotFriedSkadoosh

    Youchew Dubs Wand of Gamelon And Faces of Evil

    I also whipped this up for participants if it can be made so. Consider it the final award of YouChew: Dub KING: For lending your voice to the Wand of Gamelon/Faces of Evil YouChew Dub.
  5. purplecolorz12124

    Misheard Lyrics,part two~

    Riptide - Vance Joy Misheard lyrics: "You gone and sank the world's wolf" Real lyrics: "You're gonna sing the words wrong"
  6. Heruru Meruru

    Youchew Dubs Wand of Gamelon And Faces of Evil

    I didn't even think about the background music and sound effects, woops. I guess there won't be any music.
  7. Here are my lines...I did my best, but nobody can do total justice to the King. I'm also curious: do you plan to do ADR for sound effects and background music? Just to make it a complete dub and all.
  8. HotFriedSkadoosh

    Youchew Dubs Wand of Gamelon And Faces of Evil

    Here's mine: I'm not too experienced with voice recording so hopefully the quality is good enough. The latter half has the tutorial dialogue as well.
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  10. Heruru Meruru

    Youchew Dubs Wand of Gamelon And Faces of Evil

    I'm extending the deadline by two days, deadline is now the 25th.
  11. Mæstro Snail

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    • Probo


    1. Probo


      Pretty much summarizes my mood regarding Isabelle in Smash and the following influx of art.

    2. Mæstro Snail

      Mæstro Snail

      Probs! you should do an Isabelle cosplay some day :0

    3. Probo


      Yes, I've already considered that as a must-do some point in the future! ^^

  12. Goro Majima

    Goro Majima

    YouChew's final days are looking like a relaxing good time yo!

  13. Scottronn2

    Bootleg Stuff Image Spam

  14. Metroid998

    VG Music Spam

  15. MAZZ0Murder

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Then we'd get fun stuff like this again!
  16. MemeKirisame



  17. HassanLechkar


    Not an important announcement:

    I'm going to start using my new Win10 laptop a lot more than my older Win7 laptop from now on, and since I'm not logged on to YouChew on the newer laptop, that means I'm not gonna be online as much. And I've already decided I'm not logging into this site on the new laptop, I will make a new YTPMania account from there. This YouChew account has and will stay on the old laptop, full stop.

    I will release a goodbye message in a few days, mentioning my closest friends on this site as well as most of the staff, so stay tuned.

  18. StockReady

    Stuff you've edited

  19. Zygaphorym

    Poops You Can't Stop Watching

  20. The Pope

    Channel Awesome

    I'm guessing Brad's heading out of town for a week, since he's already posted his last Musical March in September review on Patreon. He did mention in one of his Midnight Screenings that he'll be seeing the new Pure Flix movie this Wednesday, that being the sequel to Unbroken that has none of the original cast. So uh...that's a thing.
  21. T Videshow

    T Videshow

    For this years Halloween special of mine, I was think of sources that related to SML.

  22. HotFriedSkadoosh

    General Television Discussion Thread

    Well, seeing how it's a series and not a full-blown movie there's plenty of room to pace out the story, so they already have that in their favor. That said, I'll withhold any further judgment until we get more info.
  23. The Pope

    General Television Discussion Thread

    Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting a live-action Netflix adaptation. I mean, it can't be any worse than the movie. And honestly it can't be that hard to fuck up the source material (Shyamalan found a way, though). I'm not optimistic, I'm not pessimistic, just...cautious.
  24. Scottronn2

    Poops You Can't Stop Watching

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