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  2. This is a collab entry for Joosh's 4th Anime Collab on Youchew Songs Used Blank Banshee - Cyber Zodiac Daft Punk - Giorgio By Moroder Sounds For The Supermarket 2 C418 - Beginning 2 Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Blank Banshee - B:/ Hidden/Reality Pink Ball Activate! Robobot Armor - Kirby Planet Robobot Kolhoosi 13 - Rainout HOME - Decay ロードスRhodes - Prysm
  3. Here is my entry The source that I used is the Kirby anime A.K.A Kirby: Right Back At Ya!
  4. The Poop Tennis Café - No lights.

    I think it's time for me to get the Tennis Athlete award... (+ update)
  5. Video Game Art spam.
  6. Anybody who uploads poops frequently?

    Limited Time Offer is good to watch.
  7. Post the title of a poop you're working on

    Robotnik: The Great Escape
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  9. Doubles Cup III- Set 1 Results, Set 2 Begins

    Holy shit, Set 2 is finally over?? For real?????? W E W L A D This set has been a fun time, even if it was mostly us waiting for this thing to get over. Pretty damn good matches overall, from the few that I have seen from this set so far at least (haven't been doing a good job keeping up with this set lol). May the best men win!! (fingers crossed for me and sixty passing this set)
  10. The Finnish YTP community is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, with one of the more popular poopers currently hosting a collab revolving around all the classic sources. Here's my collab entry. I don't know exactly how enjoyable is it, for people who don't understand Finnish. It's rather effect-reliant, but quite sentencemix-core.
  11. Doubles Cup III- Set 1 Results, Set 2 Begins

    Hello everyone, set 2 is officially finished and it’s time to vote. You’ll be sending your votes to me, Mother Harlot. Voting is based on percentage scale (0-100) with a split between players. So your votes should follow this format (or something similar): Team A 60%/ Team B 40% Team A 33%/ Team B 67% Team A 20%/ Team B 80% If not following the format, your votes will not count towards the results. The matches to vote on can be found here: PaletteBlockhead + Sixtyforce vs. GTLYTP + GSgiraffe saper + 53v3n733n vs. Lavie CestLol + RavinRabbid123 Metroid998 + Biodegradable vs. AshcrementVII + TehShadzify Razerek + PCB vs. Vidtens443 + ZekiiLeaf Octagoncoil + 1nf3R_K vs. KnorruptionSound + Splotoen Tetrareux + TogeBesso vs. theFXexpert + DTN7758 You have 1 week to submit your votes and results will be posted around same day after voting is closed.
  12. HassanLechkar

    Happy Moroccan Independence Day.

  13. Doubles Cup III- Set 1 Results, Set 2 Begins

    Nevermind that extension I already finished the round lol
  14. Doubles Cup III- Set 1 Results, Set 2 Begins

    Yes, it's still a thing and Zekiileaf's extension has been granted.
  15. Shitpostbot 5000

  16. proto-YTP

    i guess this could also possibly be in the film forums, but considering this still directly relates to YTP, i better just put this here. i'm still fascinated by video art and found footage film that's practically in the same or at least a similar style to a bunch of silly videos carefree kids make on the internet, and i just wanted to have a thread that's directly about that. i know madame chao and martin arnold and the like are names i've seen thrown around here before, but i still want to have a place to showcase them. [especially madame chao, in the beginning during the mid-to-late 1990's using nothing but analog editing, and somehow gaining a public access show in brooklyn and keeping it for about a decade of the most insane shit; i cannot recommend all his work enough if you aren't faint-hearted.] and here are some more favorites:
  17. Doubles Cup III- Set 1 Results, Set 2 Begins

    I forgot this was still going lol
  18. Vinesauce

    So Joel was naming the dwarves in Dwarf Fortress after random chat members and he chose me, eeee. He mispelled it as "Hareru Maruru" or something like that, though.
  19. VG Music Spam

  20. What I find strange about is that they made a deal with the Last Jedi's director and the movie hasn't even come out. Like at least wait until the movie is released and see if it got a good reception to see if you can make a deal.
  21. Rules: 1.Your source must be Charmx only. 2.Entry must 10 seconds. No more, no less. 3.You can make the entries max. 3 entries. 4.You must add watermark. If your entry didn't have watermark, I will add one. 5.Use any software editing except Windows Movie Maker,iMovie,Youtube Video Editor & any software with bulit-in watermark. 6.Addtional sources are allowed. 7.No big watermark or I won't accept it. 8.Random chopping is allowed. 9.Spadinner jokes is allowed. 10.Link your entry at comment section or send your entry at Discord. Discord server link: 11.Your entry's render must be 360p or 720p only. 12.Have fun Deadline is 3 March 2018.
  22. entry for zevio
  23. Artist's Lounge

    Sorry for the double post, but I just can't stop making these everyday.
  24. Shitpostbot 5000

  25. Make an Alternate Title for the Above Poop

    {YTP} - The Tweenies Figure Out a Way to Get Their Show Banned in Thirteen Countries
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