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  1. Past hour
  2. What was I laughing at, again? Oh yes, the crippled Irishman!
  3. So Stormy Ascent is releasing today. And guess what?
  4. Oh look! A DVD-R Hell episode that's not about Tequila and Bonetti, but about a video from England about the dangers of "the occult", including Dungeons & Dragons. Also, I want that shirt Brad is wearing.
  5. I've heard that there are some similarities being made with it and Fate/Zero (Which to this day I still think is just amazing), and funnily enough they both share the same director, so I might check it out sometime.
  6. XxYoshie

    My name is Paula Deen and today I'm going to show you how to cook your children in under 15 minutes! Low-Fat! 0 Carbs!

  7. Today
  9. I'm just glad the site didn't eat my roster post, cause that took a while
  10. It was delicious.
  11. MemeKirisame

    Wow, Squidward you're choking!

  12. NAveryW

    Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I'm with the Resort Rewards Center.

  13. OoOoooOoO DYslexiA (this isn't supposed to offend anyone)
  14. TheOneManBoxOffice

    They have claws like THIS! Teeth like THIS! And they spit fire like THIS! Puh! Puh!

    1. NitroEdits


      Someone forgot to invite ME to the party

    2. DSYTP


      Because they don't like YOU thanks to YOU breaking their stuff!

  15. MemeKirisame

    Whenever I see that deleted video thumbnail, my heart feels like it got stabbed. It ruins my mood.

  16. HeyItsAR

    Looks like the site got loaded to a previous save...

  17. "I shall rule the Down-Undaverse! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  18. I will still, to this day, hold mrSimon higher up than any other pooper. Being one of the first poopers to use modern techniques in YouTube Poop, he was well ahead of his time. He also pioneered my favourite YTPMV style. His stuff was just incredible for '06-'10.
  19. I mostly idolize Awful Fawful, Geibuchan, JokeyBRPG, and Kazdooh.
  20. @FishyTV is the sole replacement player at the moment.
  21. Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan. It's an ecchi anime that most people haven't heard right now. I used it in my YTPMV called "Magipoka Bit 3!!!" I stumbled upon it while reading the Wolf Girl With You meme page at Know Your Meme.
    • XxRobotChaoxX
    • Jacques

    are you from Central Jersey, like near by Newark

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