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  2. The first four minutes of the song makes me think of some sort of chase scene or shootout in a 70s and/or 80s-era movie is going on. It slows a down a bit which is kind of disappointing until 7:31 when it picks back up again. 7/10
  3. I haven't watched JLA, but from what I've heard and seen, it's not bad. Just sounds like CN absolutely sucks at promoting it. Though I feel a bit bad about getting so excited for James Woods' Luthor after hearing about some of Woods'...unsavory behavior in recent years.
  4. I heard this song in the background of one of the trailers for Prey but I couldn't find it until now!
  5. HeyItsAR

    I've never understood why people take music opinions to such a degree of seriousness, some of which go as far as to shame others for liking different genres. In fact, sometimes I feel like I'd get insulted for saying what music I like, especially since my taste is rather diffferent. 

    1. Waymu


      people that get on other's cases for liking different music genres should be shoved in a locker because they're fucking nerd losers

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  7. Oh no! I guess I will have to prepare for an extraordinary [ash-kicking].
  9. D.Va's gotten a grand total of four new skins since the game came out (this, Palanquin, Office D.Va and Taegeukgi). Other than Taegeukgi (which I just don't like the colors for, especially with the big fat South Korean flag on the mech), they're all complete overahauls and redesigns. I like D.Va for the plugsuit aesthetic. Just give me colored variations on that. That's all I ask. I don't need police officers or fucking cowgirls. Just give me a red mech, which bafflingly still does not exist. Like, if this fan-made skin got it in, there's a 95% chance I'd use it. Or shit, go for other mech references other than Unit-02. Have one designed after Gurren Lagann. Or any Gundamn. Not junkers or bees or cowgirls or whatever. It's a mech; let it be a mech.
  10. TyrannosaurusReich

    i love that kc green is now canon in the marvel cinematic universe

  11. I'm considering getting the Wild Wild West skin for Will Smith Lucio. I don't really know what they were thinking with the D.Va skin. Even if they wanted to go with something that had a mid-20th Century American flair, it seems like the obvious choice would be a raygun gothic style rocketeer/space cadet costume with the mech done in chrome with big rivets and parabolic wings.
  12. Storm Tornado and any Zero abilities resembling his EX skills in the Zero series are certainly on the list for me. More recently I've come to appreciate the damage and screen coverage of Shotgun Ice.
  13. Yeah X4 is sexy as hell with those great cutscenes and the megaman aesthetic has never looked cooler. I don't remember if I beat 5 or 6 but I remember not liking them as much. I agree X3 is not nearly on par with X1-X2 but I like them all. X1 is probably the SNES game I've played the more than any SNES game. It's always wonderful. Plus it gets credit for perfecting the Megaman formula. I'd say my megaman game rankings would be as follows X1>Megaman Legends (when played on an emulator where you can use the joysticks)>X4>Battle Network 2>X2>2>3>Battle Network 1>BN3>8>X5>X6>BN 4>BN5>X3>MMX Command Mission>Battle Network Transmission>ZX Series>4>5>6>7>1>everything else>MM fighting games>MM Soccer Please note that I didn't get far in Legends 2, I didn't play star force or MM 9-10 so I am omitting those. Legends 2 seems legit though.
  14. I can't say much about X since I only ever use his special weapons for bosses, but if we're talking Zero, not counting special weapons or abilities that he retains in later games or the Σ Blade from X8 which is only gotten after finishing the game and in all honesty is a huge game breaker, I'd probably have to pick Ensuizan. With how beefy some of the regular enemies in X6 can be, it can take them out in about half a second with its speedy startup and recovery when used on the ground, and given how tough as nails that game can be, you're going to want to use it whenever you can. And yeah, it can cut your invincibility frames short if you use it while invincible, but that's a small price to pay.
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