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  2. "To draw Gene, just get a circle, stick some eyes, hair, arms, legs and POOF! Emoji."
  3. Nintendo Switch Thread

    On the one hand, $70 for a goddamn Pro controller is absurd. On the other hand, have you used the damn things? They're fucking amazing, and pretty much worth the cost.
  4. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    This is the most terrifying jumpscare in any media ever.
  5. What game have you just recently played?

    I tried Grim Fandango remastered a little while back, and while I'm sure it was a fantastic game for its time, it just wasn't the kind of game I can get into. I'm trying to clear out my Steam backlog, and unfortunately I don't have time to waste on games that I feel like I have to force myself through.
  6. The Big Cook Little Cook YTP Collab

    I did but it didn't get any replies, I don't think I put any tags on it lmao
  7. KingGr33n

    Anyone know what happened to Skittle Jesus 

    1. Ian O'Keefe

      Ian O'Keefe

      @KingGr33n I think he closed his channel.

    2. MemeKirisame


      Yeah. He got into a fight, because of someone's criticism on his style or something else. He closed his channel.

  8. So you made a thread to say "this movie looks mediocre" instead of just making a post in the Film Discussion thread about it?
  9. Anime General Discussion

    Cute thing becomes dark, gets internet famous. woah wow
  10. Shitty movies you've seen recently

    Pretty much, yeah.
  11. Today
  12. Furry Image Spam: Viewer Discretion is Advised

  13. General Film Discussion

    Coming this holiday season: Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves 2 But seriously, this looks pretty intriguing.
  14. TV🅱️🅱️RA🅱️

    Xbox One YZ

  15. I don't know anymore. Guys, when I heard there was going to be a Tomb Raider reboot, I feel pretty much the same as how Universal rebooted The Mummy with Tom Cruise or how Fox rebooted the Fantastic Four; which the latter two failed with critics and audiences. Besides that, the costume design kinda looks like a cosplay costume used for conventions. And here's a confession; I really did not enjoy the reboot Raider games as much as I used to. So many this having a chance of being a flop would not surprise me at the least. But hey, it turns out Square is doing their cinematic universe; and this would follow Agent 47. Though that one was not good, and people tried making a cinematic universe of properties following the footsteps of DC, Star Wars, and Marvel. Hell even Fox tried to make their own cinematic universe with X-Men; but when Fantastic Four failed, they released Deadpool as the real cannon (which is still great). Even Paramount tried to make respective shared universes with Terminator and Transformers; either which failed to impress anyone; Universal tried doing the Universal Monsters universe... with two attempts; and Sony tried to do a cinematic universe for Spiderman, then failed; and then attempted to make a Ghostbusters cinematic universe which was the female driven revival only to be total bomb for critics, fans, and audiences. Ehhh, I'll pass on this one.
  16. Images that are candidates to be humorous

  17. Your Least Favorite Major Movie Studio

    If mini majors count... Lionsgate - Sure there are hits here and there; but looking at its filmography like The Hunger Games, Gods of Egypt, Killers, Precious, Disaster Movie, Hostel, Alpha and Omega, Divergent, any Tyler Perry film out there, House of the Dead, Dirty Grandpa, The Expendables, The Spirit, Ender's Game, Norm of the North, Abduction, and the Saw films that will never end... it's basically the Cannon Films of the new millennium. ...not really a good sign. I guess I would give brownie points for buying Starz Media... but hey I'm an HBO person.
  18. YouTube video spam

  19. T Videshow

    Hey everyone just wanna let you know that you only got 15 days left to finish of your entries for the Fireman Sam collab.

  20. MemeKirisame



  21. What game have you just recently played?

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. The writing is really fun so far and the game itself is enjoyable. Combat is a little tedious but I feel like I'm not using moves as often as I should. I wish I could select more than one move, maybe tie them to different button combinations. I'm also a little bit fucked because I started as Cubone and chose Totodile as my partner, not realizing the abundance of Grass types in the early dungeons. I wish I could get a Fire-type but so far the only one I've seen has been Houndour, and there's been no dice. I just got to Silent Chasm, by the way.
  22. Shitty movies you've seen recently

    Was there a scene where they headed them off at the pass?
  23. The Detour on YouTube

    Why Is this on the Rate Cuteness and Cuddliness thread? Spam bots on Youchew now? That sucks :/


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    2. The Detour on YouTube

      The Detour on YouTube

      They have? I honestly couldn't really know since I've been only on here for a year. Thanks for informing me.

    3. AGSMA


      You have no idea what you've been missing. 


    4. The Detour on YouTube

      The Detour on YouTube

      Oh wow lol.

      "subordinate superiority sausage ." ~ zzldkxjdkx

  24. The Disney Channel Collab

    Put me as a maybe, can't wait to remake my Star vs the Forces of Evil YTP from 2015
  25. Post the Absolute Worst Songs that You Would Ever Find

    That reminds me of this heinous freak-out straight from the froth of Hell's swamp. Now to get the taste out of my mouth: I'd say this is a precursor to the most annoying pop songs of the modern era.
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