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  2. zoc


    Hope you enjoy~

  3. Matt0417


    So I went to PC Richard's to get some new PC stuff, and we're gonna install it later.

  4. Essasetic

    Your least favorite poopisms

    I am also guilty of this. But I've only sentenced mixed once in my most recent YTP.
  5. VentXekart

    Video Game Art spam.

  6. VentXekart

    Uncanny Resemblances thread

    Sorry to double-post but since it's been five days since my last post...
  7. VentXekart

    VG Music Spam

  8. TheOneManBoxOffice

    Music Video Spam

  9. Thought of making my YTP of Steamed Hams, and here it is! Hope you enjoy this mouth watering Steamed poop. And Thank You all so much for 4000 Subscribers!
  10. zoc

    General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Uploaded a lil video that's creation footage/mild teaser for my game, partly to plug it and partly as proof that I'm actually working on the damn thing instead of just mentioning it all the time for no reason like I figured a few people prolly thought for a while now. Hope ya'll enjoy ❤️
  11. You're fine for posting other players videos in the thread Netika since they're both banned from the site. Now the match is continuing, the thread has been moved back to in progress.
  12. Paperking99

    Cursed Image Spam

  13. Today
  14. trepmaws


    ZAP! What are you now?

  15. TheWackyWeevil

    [General Poop Discussion] Hey, Did You Poop in Here?!

    No, I got the idea way before then. I didn't even know they were discussing it.
  16. KingofSp4des01

    [General Poop Discussion] Hey, Did You Poop in Here?!

    Did the idea came from Essasetic and Beebleaker when they discussed it at NK's server, or did you just happen to stumble upon it?

    Post your Phone Wallpaper

    Also, my notification sound is Bastion's "Hello"
  18. HassanLechkar



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      Ian O'Keefe


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  19. TheWackyWeevil

    [General Poop Discussion] Hey, Did You Poop in Here?!

    I'm currently making a YTP of a Welsh preschool show called Bobinogs, which is from the early 2000s or so. I'm hoping for it to be around 3-4 minutes long.
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