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  3. Time Bandits Not the best movie by Gilliam but tt's still highly enjoyable. Also, Robin Hood is a big dickhead in this movie and I wasn't expecting it at all.
  4. 'fore I forget (second video is sped up a little bit because copyright is crazy on this one)
  5. Meeting People Is Easy
  6. The Chinese have a major television animation airing right now, you can obviously see the influence from Japan which is why people tend to lump this together with the shows from there. But I think this is a really interesting time in animation with both China and France seemly starting to blossom in the scene.
  7. Round 6:
  8. TyrannosaurusReich

    the nutshack opening except every time the word "nutshack" is said an innocent person in real life is killed by a maniac and you can hear their screams

  9. Today
  10. Join the NPCarlsson hype train ...though I must admit if this is just a shitpost, this would be a little embarrassing...
  11. Oh... Yes... The guy that references youtube poop and spaghetti along with focus on bread really makes me wanna poop this!
  12. Sure, hang on, let me remake this youchew forum with a collab video. That will be an easy way to get more attention. I will alert you when its made.
  13. Once again.. I have admired your ability to actually make very hyper-quick visual manipulations, and you stand out better because you actually leave enough of the original scene raw with a few tricks rather than constantly spamming effects that become unrecognizable. The You Tube Pooch is my most favorite part to come because it is a deliberately doggy take on Youtube Poop.
  14. HassanLechkar

    Is the wait worth it? Yes, it is.

    Is the hate worth it?




































  15. @nonojuju37 It's your turn. Are you still in?
  16. Ya Gonna Make It? I'm Just Wondering...
  17. Man, this place has been too dead for too long for my liking. I wanna see some discussion going on around these parts. The topic? How about the MVT, eh? All of you, viewers and participants alike: How do you feel the tournament? How does it compare to previous tournaments? What were your favourite matches? Which players efforts stood out to you the most? Who did you think was going to win overall? Which players made your favourite rounds? Let's talk about it, guys!
  18. Some parts are very repetitive, but other parts had some decent gags. Good YTP.
  19. No need to rush my friend
  20. round 25 :
  21. Fine with me. We'll probably need at least one regardless. I guess it's up to Jokey though.
  22. No response from the above... I will post mine again... I hope it is someone different this time... I hope that @Geibuchan decides to participate in this thread every once in a while. Otherwise, I am okay with a different person making a critique / thought.
  23. Tools of Destruction! My entry in mid-May.
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