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  2. If you want some degree of portability in a semi-permanent setup, you could try to build a mini desktop around a micro ATX or smaller motherboard and just keep a small monitor to travel with. Even with those you experience some of the same downsides as gaming laptops like heat/power management issues and higher prices due to more limited component options, but to a smaller degree. I usually regard laptops as relatively disposable and would only consider buying a cheap one as a work device.
  3. One week after these events: Source list :
  5. At least Flowering Heart is better than that... whatever that Power Ranger knock-off is. Don't get me wrong, most Korean animation can be good but sometimes they got a bit weird with their shit (e.g that Poo movie they did).
  6. Wasn't sure where else to post this, but would anyone know a good site to buy a new tablet that isn't like a billion dollars? I would really like an Intuos but like I said, they're really expensive lol. My tablet is pretty much dead now, it's a Wacom Bamboo that I've had for at least 10 years now. I really want to draw again but I'm just frustrated lol ._.
  7. This is really good but short, the composition could be lengthened I really like the end of this song. 7/10
  8. I'll be a replacement
  9. I got Moon over the most recent Christmas period doing a blind Nuzlocke run but I stopped playing right after beating Totem Mimikyu. I don't have the heart to keep going forward as it's been many months since I last picked the game up, so I'm thinking of restarting and doing a normal run just to see through to the end (I still avoid watching people playing through the game past the point I got to, but I understand I'm at least half-way through). I also wonder how I can make the run different as I've played and replayed Pokemon games since Gen 1-- play the game as an original character, perhaps? I have other versions that I abandoned mid-story that I ought to finish, like Black 2 and Platinum. My track record of finishing what I play is actually kinda bad, which is probably why I get more out of playing games that never finish.
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  11. Casheric

    Well my new upload is currently going through the Copyright dispute process. 

  12. Music Name: BetaMaster - QuickTime Pro 7.0kg (Tits that Fits) 2017 Sequel/Redo of betafreddie quicktime freaker™ ®emastered by Mental Hog
  13. Sparkella

    I'm thinking of remixing my student films as a send-off for my time at University. Said student films suck, though.

  14. We interrupt this conversation about Butch Hartman drawing anime characters to bring you.... So this is on Netflix apparently. It's some Korean knockoff show that takes ideas from Power Rangers (without a Black Ranger), Transformers, with a hint of Voltron at times. And there's a cute animal element in there, too, as in the heroes are woodland creatures when they are not fighting and living their normal lives. Like, how do they even fit in those human-shaped fighting suits, man? And it even already has an English dub! Man, Koreans are weird.
  15. Song Hathaway (The title to this one kind of spoils the joke, but it's still great) (Same issue as the above) All made by @Doctorshyguy
  16. Well my new upload is currently going through the Copyright dispute process.
  17. Sure
  18. It doesn't remind me of another pooper, not enough editing, so IDK.
  19. Because I'm a fucking retard. I was making decent money at the time (well, decent for someone who is single and was splitting bills 5 ways with roommates) and didn't have a computer, so I went to Best Buy one day and basically just picked one that looked nice (I still don't know much about computers but I knew absolutely nothing about them at the time), it has a fucking i7 but with a Nvidia 730M lol. At the time I rationalized to myself that I could always build a desktop later and this was just something in the meantime, but things didn't pan out that way. Anyways, every experience I've had with a laptop, "gaming" or not, is their performance deteriorating noticably within a few years, and I don't mistreat the things at all; nice cooling pad, spray an air canister around the vents every week for dust, keep them updated, shut them down when I go to sleep every night, defrag occasionally, uninstall games I'm done with, etc. Even still, after a year or so, they always end up gradually getting slow as shit or I get lower FPS/frame drops in games that used to run perfectly (source engine games run like crap for me now.) I reinstalled windows 10 too earlier this year and that didn't help much either. It just feels like they're designed to break, maybe things have gotten better in the past few years but most experiences I've heard from people are similar to mine where it's like buying a product that is terminally ill out of the box. And unless you're in a job field where you're traveling a lot, 90% of the time that fucker will just sit on your desk anyways, so you might as well just build a nicer desktop even if it doesn't get you that instant gratification.
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