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  2. If you beat the boss it just reloads you to right before it, adding a star next to your file. Only difference I can see is that it saves your photos of Ganon if you took any.
  3. Kare Kano higher otherwise you're good
  4. GameBop used Kukori's account to win tournament #confirmed
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  6. More accurate edition
  7. Rip Virinha. And rip this match. It's over now, YAY! Go sub to szjdfgs now plz: ====================================================== Twitter: Youchew: Soundcloud: http;// Thanks for watching my videos and supporting my channel.
  8. Scotch eggs are the best. Especially with a nice bit of crumbly cheese such as Wensleydale or Cheshire. Bonus points if there's piccalilli too.
  9. Finished all of the shrines! That was a lot of fun! I went to the Temple of Time for the final upgrades to bookend my adventure, even thought there's still a ton of shit left to do. I guess 132 Shrines doesn't look as nice as 120, but those three missing hearts are killin' me. Also Impa doesn't have shit to say? Really? I go to her for every other milestone and she's like "Damn dude good job knew you could do it you can probably fight Ganon now also my granddaughter is super DTF" But I come in, struttin my three stamina wheels and 27 hearts and all she has to say is "Ganon dead yet no okay fuck off now." Super lame. I guess I'll do all the sidequests next, fully upgrade my armor sets (the few necessary ones, at the least) and then use whatever money I have to finish the compendium, and then I guess Koroks. Is there any kind of post-game or reload before the final boss kind of thing? I was thinking if I started to feel burnt out I would go ahead and finish the game, but if the game forces you into a new game+ or something I'll hold off.
  10. Okay, I think I'm ready
  11. I never thought I'd even make it this far, let alone play with Gamebop and then WIN! I really enjoyed playing with all of my opponents, each one challenged me in a different way! I'm looking forward to the next installment of the Pokémon Tennis Tournament!
  12. An entry I'm working on for the Pepsi Theme Song collab, I've even used the Pepsi font for my watermark and am using red & blue colors to stick with the Pepsi theme
  13. Everything in this YTP is just far too perfect, it's one of my all time favourites.
  14. A Brighter Summer Day Long film, but so well-acted and well-shot, you almost don't notice.
  15. So wait, what's the deal with the Eureka 7 thing? Is that a remake of the original series, or yet another sequel? Also I could've sworn someone was conflating Naruto with One Piece in which case stop Also Death Note only had 39 episodes and Attack on Titan only 25. Yes the AoT manga is ongoing but at most it'll have like 100 episodes, if even that.
  16. Congrats guys!
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