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  2. @mapo idk why but I can't stop looking at your screenshot
  3. Other than your experimental videos and your 3-way Doom Tennis, this is probably your best work so far!
  4. This amount of connections certain bad studios have... I had no idea the same company made ReBoot, Ratchet and Clank (from where does the @saper avatar hail from) and Tony Hawk Boom Boom Sabotage. Oh jolly. From impressive legacy to downright eh. Would've the makers of the Money for Nothing music video dreamed of achieving all that? Yeah, oddly enough, bad plots can not always be taking a while to get to, but also introduced to people as quickly as possible so the entire development of the journey can go on after. There were either one or some more bad-dish Spongebob episodes that started out with a plot point instantly (well of course, since we all know who are Spongebob characters, unless they're new). Ah well, I just posted here nicely.
  5. Here, southwest of the Mohave, we have a burger restaurant called "Jack In The Box." Now, being a stereotypical American myself, I'll flip for Burgers, bot NOT from Jack In The Box. The patties taste like cardboard, the cheese tastes like grass, and the bun has the EXACT taste and texture of a computer monitor. (Trust me, I'd know.) To conclude, Jack In The Box tastes like Yack in a box. To expand upon this, virtually every restaurant in California that'll sell you something for under seven bucks is bad. It's not just Yack in the box, it's McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. American fast food sucks. It's not the specific type of food that's bad, it's the way they make em. Like I said, I love burgers and tacos, yet I wince at the thought of the previous eateries. I hate the way fast food is made, in a desperate struggle to be, well, fast!
  6. I used to hate chili. However, times have changed.
  7. Firstly, there's a way you can erase the post to a certain point you want to highlight, not just quote the entire review and put a message onto it that says something like "woah this is a tl;dr so let's tell everyone this is a tl;dr by putting on some silly message on to say this is a tl;dr! so that people would read it no more! wait, but there was something else I was gonna say... oh yes! my point!"... sorry, it just grinds my gears a little. You can highlight a certain thing (sentence, word, letter...) and the "Quote This" option will pop up for you, and that quotes the exact part you highlighted. :] Secondly, oh yeah, the thumbnail person did look like a girl...
  8. I loved olives at the age of 2 and 3. Now I can't stand to eat a single one.
  9. Chocolate covered almonds. Mmmm!
  10. Today
  11. Really dig good ol' MxBx, haven't gotten to this album for some weird reason. 9/10 (bit of a warning beforehand, the "long" bit in the title isn't lying. not sure about "dark" tho)
  12. 53v3n733n


    1. Master Sword

      Master Sword

      sounds like fun

  13. Who's that hiding under the hospital bed though?
  14. If you play Blue, Persian is a beast and a half as well. High Base Speed with STAB Slash would pretty much be inducing the message "Critical hit!" all the time. Though you'd get Slash earlier with Meowth (:L44 instead of Persian's :L51).
  15. TyrannosaurusReich

    orange you glad senpai didn't post the exact same status update today?

    1. Doom


      How do you know senpai even exists?!

  16. Fair warning: This video will reveal Capital Cashino's transformation Disclaimer: if it looks desolate, this isn't the final build and pagies can be used in worlds to expand them.
  17. Some cakes.
  18. *cough* Hello?
  19. I made this 4 minute long video, which is a rarity for me, so I hope it's good enough. On reflection, I probably could have gotten rid of some unedited bits of footage, but I didn't bother.
  20. Grape Fanta is something I used to love when I was younger. Not so much anymore. It tastes somewhat bland and highly artificial to me nowadays.
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