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  2. T Videshow

    Sorry for some people who doesn't have a mother, even though i lost my first mother.

  3. T Videshow

    Happy Mothers Day to all of you, share some love with your mothers.

    1. NKpower


      I'll try... ;_;

    2. T Videshow

      T Videshow

      @NKpowerOh i forgot yours, i'm so sorry for your mother mate. 

  4. T Videshow

    The new YTP is still coming, don't you guys worry, it's just other things i'm doing as well keeps me occupied.

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  6. This is just a horribly false idea, but if you really think it's true, then doesn't all of this benefit Playtonic by your own logic? Playtonic has garnered publicity by removing Jon Tron's voice from their game. There's no such thing as bad publicity. Therefore, Playtonic has made the right choice by removing Jon Tron's voice from their game.
  7. wait so i just had to refresh the page and they synced
  8. They just took the colors and nothing else, here's the orginal anime from the 90's by the way.
  9. Has anybody drawn Aku and Psychologist Aku as both Ganon?
  10. BeanosOnToast


    1. Dieathan



  11. Crazy Luigi

    Saw Moltar's review of Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation on TV today. Really glad to hear him again, if only for a brief moment. : )

  12. zlp ,etadpu retsoR
  13. I once went to snoop around a TV shoot in Manhattan back in 2011 (I think it was for Suits) and to my surprise, manwith10toes was working with the crew. A facebook status he made later that day confirmed it. So there's one I've seen.
  14. grabby hands @ sidon Also I got another memory and ya' know, I'm not so sure I like this Zelda? I mean she's okay but I feel like other Zeldas have been much better.
  15. I spent 3 glorious weeks with LaVie CestLol and RavinRabbid123 in France and the UK back in January.
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