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  2. Yes, yes. It's been granted.
  3. A work doodle of nii-san.
  4. TheOneManBoxOffice

    What have we here, laddy? Mysterious scribblings? A secret code!? No, poems no less. POEMS everybody! The laddy reckons himself a poet.

  5. I'm guessing you're referring to Buffalo Bill the Sailor, but it is actually Bluto, and technically might not be a one-off character.
  6. I'm dying to see the new movie, but I have to abide my two week rule. The last time I saw a movie within it's first week and a half showing was a miserable experience to say the least.
  7. It's been a long time since I last used Adobe After Effects for anything but Free Transform, and I wanna use it again. Simply experimenting with the "Free Transform" with a complex shape on two different mask areas. I really want to rotate a group of anchor points so that it looks like the Iguana is breathing fire with its mouth open. This screenshot is just the rough draft. Yes... I am using Man vs Food as one of the sources for Reality TV Show YTP Collab because the San Jose episode did show that flame effect, but that implementation with JUST a luma-keyed flame was pretty lazy.
  8. Ah! I love Mrs. Brisby :3 Here's a doodle of The Fury I did around a month or so ago lol. Trying out typesetting in FireAlpaca and doing thinner, consistent linework
  9. probably this one!
  10. Today
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  12. Came across this by accident, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like this!
  13. Ughhh I really don't want to see some kind of "HAHA MEMES SOCIAL MEDIA MILLENNIALS" jokes
  14. Rocko's Modern Life TV movie gets an official title and plot synopsis. Sounds a little on the gimmicky/cliche side, but it could still end up being entertaining.
  15. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag I've been playing Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate non-stop for three weeks straight so I took a break. This is all biding time until Crash releases at the end of the week.
  16. I bought RPG Maker Fes on the 3DS today making something with this is actually a lot more extensive and time-consuming than I originally thought. Assets are limited at the moment as well, but I have an idea of what I want to do with it, I just need to figure and plan everything out, which may take some time.
  17. PLEASE NOTE that the Pokemon Sun and Moon one isn't the only YouTube Poop on my channel, check the Chespien one for more
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