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  2. ...sigh... The Emoji Movie (only the first 13 minutes) ...I need to take a break from life... forever...
  3. DOUBLE POST... So I was online and decided to myself, "what the hell, I'll watch the entire Emoji Movie. Sure everyone says it sucks and it's a blatant ripoff of every animated film, but hey I could just speak my unpopular opinions and say it was decent despite having low expectations." I even had a shit ton of beer ready to go even. I only tried to watch it online for the first 13 minutes before finally giving up. If I called this movie cringe, it would've been too nice. If I called this movie abysmal, it would've been nice. Was it ugly though. ...not really. People compare this to Foodfight and Norm of the North, buuuuuuuut... on one hand, the background animation isn't too bad, and the character models; despite having actual sane animators getting paid to model, design, rig, put texture in any of these emoji's (including poop emoji) are getting paid a fuckload of money... and I feel bad for these animators. Yet, Sausage Party; an animated film that came out a year ago, and mind you; was distributed by Sony- had animators that were paid cheap labor. The Emoji Movie cost $50 million to make while Sausage Party cost roughly around $19 million; the latter had poorly paid animators receiving cheap labor. Process that in your mind for a sec... But as expected the writing, plot, and even the voice acting all suck; and I could not handle watching the rest. For those who actually watched the entire movie without suffering... you earned yourself a purple heart. As once said, I'll await the revival of the Dark Age of Hollywood. Sincerely yours, Me 9.2/10 average - GAMESPOT
  4. TVBCrap

    A couple hours ago I've only tried to watched the first 13-minutes of The Emoji Movie. I gave up and felt depressed from watching something worse than abysmal nor cringy.

    For those who watched the entire movie without suffering... you earned yourself a purple heart.

    1. Geibuchan


      Yeah you're better off walking into a room where a friend or relative's watching an angry review of it and leaving it at that.

  5. My Collector's Edition still hasn't arrived. I am highly aggravated.
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  7. I've been enjoying the game most time in attack mode. Mostly because I can got to any act in any zone when ever I want and not have to fight any of this game's anally infuriating bosses.
  8. Why is he so damn angry about people's perceptions of YTP? Like, it's just youtube poop. People aren't owed tons of views and adulation just because they made a particularly cool/funny video remix of a cartoon. Dude needs to get over it already.
  9. 15 days left. This would be a good time to finish, get started, or drop out.
  10. Erazor

    Yo dawg. Pass the gummy vitamins.

    1. Powder


      MY MAN OFF THE SHITS!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      I should seriously try some of these someday. I really should...

  11. When the antagonist fell and broke his (crotch?)
  12. Gimme a disc release Capcom you motherfuckers.
  13. I went and saw the Rifftrax of The Five Doctors earlier tonight, and even though I went in knowing very little about Doctor Who, it was still pretty hilarious. I probably would've liked it even more if I had a better understanding of the series. They're also going to have a re-broadcast of their riff of Night of the Living Dead in October, but unfortunately I'll probably have to miss that one.
  14. robocraft 2017 lol
  15. Hell yeah im joining. I already got some good ideas.
  16. Also, here's a spreadsheet that aims to list every main ability combo that has appeared on SplatNet so far. It's probably still missing some things, but it's being updated constantly. So if you ever wonder whether a certain piece of gear has appeared with an alternate ability yet, there you go.
  17. NAveryW

    If anybody wants to draw Arthur punching a Nazi I'd be cool with that.

    1. Powder


      i'd love to see that scene of arthur punching D.W. but D.W. is edited to be Hitler

  18. A croc!
  19. So I was playing Sonic Mania like every normal person. But then I decided to play Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate again because I only spent 70$ on Sonic you know? It can wait.
  20. Started a new file in Diamond. Not even an hour in and I'm already hating the prospect of replaying this game and recatching 1,000 pokemon. Everything is just too goddamn slow; it's torturous.
  21. I'm told Mania came out on the Switch, so I might get it for that. God fucking knows the Switch needs more games. I haven't played it since Burp of the Wild and my girlfriend rarely plays Mario Kart on it.
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