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  2. Spiderdan19

    That moment when nearly all the topics you make already exists ;-;.

  3. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    Zucc has become the goose.
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  5. Video Game Art spam.

  6. Request poops that you can't find

    Does anybody remember a Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo poop centred around Ponzu sauce?
  7. Sixtyforce

    Ohey, Tweedr polee


  8. First YouTube Poops

  9. The First Time You Pooped

    My first ytp that was not on youtube was a ytp of the Sans is Ness theory by Game Theory. I might upload it but probably not since it is god awful My first ytp on youtube was this ytp Don't watch it. It's awful. Plz don't
  10. The First Time You Pooped
  11. Pokemon Image Spam v2

  12. First YouTube Poops

    I'm pretty sure we have a similar thread:
  13. First YouTube Poops

    Every YouTube Pooper has a first YouTube Poop. The one that started them off! And very likely (like mine) it’s going to be very bad. Heck even legendary poopers has a bad YTP. This is my first YTP (it’s very bad so be warned)
  14. Artist's Lounge

    So I decided to make my own mini shitty Choromatsu doll as seen in the premiere of season 2. Based on this piece of art:
    • Cosmic Collision
    • Spiderdan19


    1. Spiderdan19


      And ready for action : D

  15. Alternate animation thread

  16. Great animation thread

    Fun short and it'd be great to get another Roger Rabbit-esque film that didn't suck, but I really hate the colour-grading of the warehouse scenes. It looks like somebody spilt blue Gatorade on the lens.
  17. Video Game Genres That You Could Never Get Into

    Ranked MOBAs: Clickfest or no, I get my fill of toxicity just from playing casually. I'd hate to imagine what Competitive play is like. Turn-based Strategy: I got a free copy of XCOM with my Bioshock Infinite pre-order and save-scummed all the way through. The only joy I derived from it was sneaking up on weakened enemies with the stun gun singing "catch em, catch em, gotta catch em all" MMOs: I tried Maplestory when I was a wee lad and it got tedious pretty quick. Besides that, games that constantly shove their microtransactions in your face are a big no-no. Certain other games that charge a subscription fee are an even bigger no-no
  18. Alternate animation thread

  19. Great animation thread

    For one thing, it does not help that the duck looks like a blatant recolor of Daffy. Still, the mesh of animation and live action looks very impressive considering Space Jam came two years before it.
  20. Great animation thread

    I remember a bit of this floating around awhile back. The creator uploaded the whole thing now. It could've been a kinda cool movie. The character designs definitely needed some more originality to them though.
  21. What Do You Think Of The Above Poop?

    The beginning was a tad uninspired with the whole "mirrored still image in front of a trippy background with basic 3D blob in the centre moving to ambient/vapourwave-esque music" I've seen way too much, buuuuuuuuut the rest of the vid is really neat if not criminally short. I liked your use of stutters, pitch-shifting and other effects use. Can't say much more considering how short it is, but now I'm curious to see what else you've done.
  22. Bootleg Stuff Image Spam

  23. Furry Image Spam: Viewer Discretion is Advised

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