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  2. Emperor Palpatine vs. the Elevator {YTP Collab Entry}

    This is my entry for Schaffrillas Production's "Robot Chicken Star Wars Collab".
  3. General Music Chat

    -radiohead -unwound -elliott smith -deerhunter -gy!be -my bloody valentine -sonic youth i can't really explain it well enough for anyone to get a true idea of what i want my music to sound like but it's definitely inspired by a lot of random artists. i've been working on trying to make my songs more interesting so that i can actually listen to them and enjoy them, like i do with other artists.
  4. Post a pic of a poop you're working on

    round4 vs. elitesverhrazum...
  5. Post a pic of a poop you're working on

    Two in a row : )
  6. Would you like to tennis the above user? II

    Sure, why not.
  7. Your favorite memes

    Hey, thanks! I'm glad that a good amount of people have showed interest in my green screen.

    LISA Wait! Doesn't my father have the right to a fair trial? FLANDERS Oh, you Americans with your "due process" and "fair trials." This is always so much easier in Mexico.

    "Latex...Condo. Boy, I'd like to live in one of those!"
  10. Your favorite memes

    Wanna see my Tattoo? (Thanks Paperking99 for continuing the meme)
  11. Today
  12. Vir

    I legit don't think I've ever seen identical twins in real life before yesterday.

  13. DSYTP

    Having a YouChew account for almost 10 months, I don't regret having one. I met some friendly YTPers, including Matt0417, PancakeLord117, GSgiraffes, Ian O'Keefe, ThirtyTwelve, and many other poopers.

    Also, been YTPing for over 11 months (March 16, 2017) since I created a account.


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    2. Ian O'Keefe

      Ian O'Keefe

      I've had a YouChew account for 2 years, and I also don't regret making one.

      I was quite happy when I got my first follower on the day I signed up (November 23, 2015).

      I've been quite happy to see people like you join YouChew over the years! :D

    3. DSYTP


      A member of Matt0417's server even said to me that



    4. SuccyLord


      only 3 months lol

  14. BimbelyGimbly

    I don't regret making a YouChew account. I've met so many friendly folks here and I've even got to interact with one of my inspirations @NationOfOranges696 and other YTPers I happen to watch on YouTube! And even though I've only been here for 3 months, these 3 months have been some great ones!

    1. DSYTP


      Even though you frequent on the Forum Games (including me), I think you are a nice fella on YouChew and YouTube.

  15. Would you like to tennis the above user? II

    Ummmmmm..... Yes!
  16. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I don't have any online games, I might never get any (you know why), but here's my friend code anyways SW-1223-0219-6624
  17. SuccyLord vs

    Sorry to bother you, SuccyLord, but are you currently working on Round 1? Not trying to rush you or something. I hope this tennis is great and above. Taking a break is fine.
  18. Post a pic of your pet/pets

    Another Yuki pic but meowing.
  19. RandomYouTube Tennis: totempolejoe vs. VidTens443

    @VidTens443 I'm gonna have to end the Tennis here, sorry. I've been bogged down by a lot of schoolwork and life stuff and I am currently not motivated to do YTP. Thanks for your participation, though!
  20. Post the title of a poop you're working on

    Hey You! Stop Shaking My Sphere!
  21. General YTP/Editor Help Thread

    When I try opening/importing a vid eo,VEGAS 15 CRASHES.Can someone help me out?I think it’s the problem of the crack I got for it.Note that it’s happening for a month now.
  22. SuccyLord

    Ey yo CS188?

    shut the fuck up bitch you can’t pitch shift



    1. ThatMushroomMan


      Curses! He guessed the truth! 

    2. Milk Gaming Channel

      Milk Gaming Channel

      CURSED PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    3. SuccyLord


      gucci gang

  23. What are you listening to?: Nummer Zwei

  24. Video Game Art spam.

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