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  2. Alright, so Fujoshi should let me know if he could participate in the match or let @TheYTPkid859 take over. also nonojuju's round is accepted
  3. ah yes, lest we forget the huge toddler population of 4chan from ye olden times.
  4. Since i'm probably one of very few people from old 4chan left, this actually didnt happen as much as you'd think, just about every time it did people got swatted. It was a different time back then, some of it was completely innocent humor, other parts of it were evil. By all that is holy i wish i was
  5. You probably saw pornography of people your own age. I feel very sorry for you.
  6. your parents may have failed you then but probably not because you're lying, lol
  7. You know theres alot more unbelieveable things in the world but that is actually true. i discovered 4chan through newgrounds.
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  9. Seeing that 4Chan was formed in 2003, there's a veeeery slight chance of that being true. Also, "growing up on the web" sounds like a cool way to saw that you've spent your childhood living inside a dusty old attic.
  10. We don't have Wendy's over here, so I'm indifferent.
  11. Most likely from people who bought Breath of the Wild while the Switch was out of stick and still waiting for it to get in stock. Which is weird since I was at GameStop the other day and saw a reasonable number of units available, which suggests that they're no longer in the supply shortage they were at launch.
  12. Breath of the Wild has apparently sold more copies of the Switch version than there have been Switch consoles sold
  13. You didn't go on 4chan when you were 5.
  14. Round 3
  15. The Magic School Bus Injests a Barrel of Honey
  16. This could be the incentive I needed to start working on my Infinite Warfare analysis thing, but I'd have to find out what I can do and plan accordingly
  17. This came out SO well.
  18. HassanLechkar

    Washington, this is Houston Control. Washington, this is Houston Control. Do you repeat? This is Houston Control. Come in, Washington! WASHINGTON! COME IN THIS IS HOUSTON CONTROL! YOU CAN HEAR THE SOUND OF MY VOICE PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! WASHINGTON COME IN WA--


    Apparently Washington D.C. is destroyed, and there is no one talking to Houston Control from town, hence this scenario.


  19. David Dickinson Steals a Real Banana Peel for an Ideal Meal Deal Offer.
  20. Axe


    1. AGSMA



  21. Simple Combos involve mashing the Light Punch button, and you get a basic launcher into air-combo into super. Stuff like this has existed in other games, so I'm mostly ambivalent to it. It's nice that I don't have to explain to someone what every button does, they can just mash and at least feel like they're doing something.
  22. ...and this is why you should check your work before sending it out to air.
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