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  3. Songs That You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head

    I’m not even mad to be honest.
  4. Crazy Luigi

    D... Did McDonald's learn nothing from our past mistakes in regards to lingo?

    1. EggSoldier


      "Going ham" sounds like the pig equivalent of mad cow disease.

  5. DiscoGlacier

    Do you think even the worst person can change.? That everyone can be a good person, if they just try?

    1. 2xdinosaurs


      I'm the kind of person that likes to give people a chance, but it's also important to be realistic too. Some people just don't want to change, and they aren't worth the time.

    2. Biodegradable


      I'm a firm believer in forgiveness and second chances. But no more than that.

    3. WALLMAN


      I certainly hope they can. Especially this time of year when I hope their small hearts grow or the Three Ghosts of Christmas pay them a visit.

      The truth is some people are just too far gone.

  6. The banner thread [REOPENED]

    I got bored.
  7. Sixtyforce

    Wait, how long has Jim been banned for and why was he banned again? I thought he was unbanned ages ago?



      For a few days. 

    2. KingGr33n


      Check the Banned members page

  8. Pokemon Image Spam v2

  9. Channel Awesome

    I normally don't like making this kind of comment (much less in the context of shitty tween TV films), but if he hated the ending to this, he's going to have a ball with the Hannah Montana movie.
  10. The banner thread [REOPENED]

    this thing took a couple months to do but i guess im proud of it it was fun to make nevertheless (also surprised no ones done that pun yet)
  11. Post good NEW poops

    @ultracslewisjr scouted this gentleman out, and I gotta say, he has lotsa potential:
  12. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Speaking of that Wario Land 4 site, I downloaded one of the screensavers from the carnival thing and I've been using it since they rediscovered it two or three years ago.
  13. yea boi
  14. KingGr33n

    Kind of a stupid question to ask, but if Net Neutrality dies, should I make a good bye post to this site?

    1. EggSoldier


      The internet will not allow it to die. If they try to kill it and they think they've won, we'll fight for it. And we won't stop until they give us net neutrality.

    2. WALLMAN


      If the vote goes through, it could take about a year and a half for it to go into effect, so don't count your chickens

  15. Who would you like to see the above user play?

    Kink meme, Milk Gaming Channel, or Matt0417.
  16. PancakeLord117

    Even if the FCC votes to repeal Net Neutrality, keep in mind that they still have to take it to court, so the vote won't be the end.

    They've done this before and we've won twice. Let's hope the third is just as so!

    1. KingGr33n


      I hope so too, I need more Hentai 

    2. Girla PurpleHeart

      Girla PurpleHeart

      Thank you! Also remember SOPA? Same thing happened and it failed. Voting takes time and the internet isn't going anywhere.

    3. NationOfOranges696


      You cannot win a battle against the internet. I'm calling it.

  17. Cinemassacre

    @Mushrooms™ where are you?
  18. The Crash Course YTP Collab (Open)

    Hmm... Not very familiar with the source, but still enough I believe I can make something for this. Put me as a maybe.
  19. Poops You Can't Stop Watching

    Holy fuck this video is stupendous. Only cjflo would make something with this style and post it on an alt account
  20. Thanks for the helpful infomation, PancakeLord117. You should update or add the rules stating that the collab or YTP entries should be clean both on YouChew and YouTube. (too general, but you still get the point)
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