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  2. Round 6 vs. 53v3n733n
  3. People who still yammer "oh those dirty regressive left SJWs ruining everything" in Twenty Fucking Seventeen are clearly extremely juvenile in their political knowhow. The balls are in the alt-right's hands now, fellas. Enjoy the inevitable, rightfully brutal roasting that's coming to you. That said, i'll still watch this video despite Jonboy attaching himself to scumbags.
  4. Round 6: Please move this to completed.
  5. Bill Nye Believes in the Flat Earth Theory
  6. If you can't tell I'm working on a shrek video
  7. Today
  8. TheOneManBoxOffice

    Weekdays are very dangerous days.

    1. NationOfOranges696



  9. He did already go over a few of the movies on the list in greater detail, so that wouldn't have surprised me too much. Anyway, here's Doug when he's actually watchable:
  10. http://dariendoodles.deviantart.com/art/Ninfia-Sylveon-353838451
  11. I mean, what else did you expect, really? I knew walking in it'd just be a cutesy episode. That's what any episode that involves the Beach City citizens are, and that's why they're always snooze-fests. You could cut out all the Beach City episodes and the show would be half as long, also better. Next week is Tiger Philanthropist, which has been on the docket since all the way back in Season 2. After that, no revealed dates or titles, so unless something pops up, we might be hitting hiatus. Again.
  12. Artist: Iesupa.
  13. Here's a thing after a while unfinished but still good enough to upload
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