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  2. Lady☣Venom

    Video Game Art spam.

  3. zoc


    Sniff a monkey's ass. Scratch and sniff a monkey's ass!

  4. KingofSp4des01

    Post a pic of a poop you're working on

    Who needs After Effects when you can just get AviUTL that doesn’t even cost a single penny?
  5. Zygaphorym

    Possible sources you want to poop in the future

    PitagoraSuicchi (Pythagora Switch) Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog (rrrRRRobotnik) Thomas the Tank Engine Battle for BDFI Batman 1969 (mostly Simon the Pieman) F-ZERO GX Harmonquest Touhou animations (especially the music videos) Reggie Watts Needlemouse: the Musical PC Music Powerpuff Girls Trapped in the Closet bill wurtz Yellow Submarine (1968) Brent Simon/Space Camp Tight Pants/Body Rolls T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)/ R.A.E.D. Japanese variety TV (Gaki no Tsukai and others) Sonic Adventure 1 cutscenes Gameplay of Old/Retro Videogames
  6. BimbelyGimbly

    Images that are out of context

  7. The Pope

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I mean to play devil's advocate, Jungle Japes is a river, as is Kongo Falls and Rumble Falls. 75M is unique, but it's also...awful. Honestly I feel like copying the original Donkey Kong stage would've worked better, because at least then you've have more stable platforms and it wouldn't be an utter disaster (just have no walls on the sides so players can get knocked out). Kongo Jungle 64 and Jungle Hijinks are really the only "just jungle" stages so if anything we should be like "let's get rid of river stages" (though all those river stages are also in the jungle, so...yeah). Regardless, yes, we could use a non-jungle DK level. So far we've been confirmed to see the return of Kongo Falls, Jungle Japes and 75M (ugh).
  8. The Pope

    Fire Emblem

    One subdued thing I loved in Radiant Dawn was I HAVE THE high ground. Uphill battles forced you to rush the enemy before they could take advantage and snipe you, while downhill battles were usually a brutal defensive where you'd have to hold those hills and make that advantage count as much as you could. I'd love to see it come back in GetOutOfMyHouse, but I won't hold my breath.
  9. Today
  10. zoc

    Steam Sales/Specials and Discussion

    Oh hey the sale lasts til july 5th, that's convenient. Bros/gals of mine, expect some gifts when I can get around to it!~
  11. zoc

    Fire Emblem

    SoV's relative simplicity felt like a love letter to the GBA titles imo, that's why I liked it so much. Even then it still has its share of depth, like magic-unit specific and weapon skillsets, and the feeling of proper positioning and training units will always be a selling point for Fire Emblem games. Fates looking back just feels incredibly cluttered, like it was trying to do too many things at once, and none of the elements ended up feeling connected or truly fleshed out. I just can't get into it no matter what. It's (Conquest specifically, at any rate) got map design down pat, but that's about it for me. Both are more engaging than Awakening at least, where the fun comes more from the freedom of literally doing whatever the fuck you want with your army, rather than the balance, pre-planning and whatnot that makes the games so fun. It's fun to fuck around in Awakening for sure but taking it seriously is impossible imo. Rout maps are good in moderation but yeah I really hope the latest entry takes a page out of the Tellius' games/7's book and makes objectives more varied. They had some REALLY unique missions to do and the 3DS games as a whole suffer from over-reliance on 'defeat boss and kill erry nigga' maps, I don't even count Fates as an exception cus Conquest's attempt at more varied objectives just ended up being normal rout maps with weird gimmicks (some worked, like the Kitsune, Rainbow Sage and Black Pillar chapters, the majority of the rest were either unnoteworthy or stupid as fuck) Birthright was the same deal as Awakening and Revelations was a repeat of Conquest only with even more annoying gimmicks. Radiant Dawn in particular is a masterclass of objective design imo, none of the maps bored me and the challenge was mostly fair if you knew what you were doing. So yeah, here's hoping Switch FE gets it right.
  12. mrdoognoog

    4-Way 2 Second Tennis

    i reuploaded my round 11 to youtube. also @FFFamdum, why did you unlist round 1? just wondering
  13. mrdoognoog

    drawing brekfast (1976)

    round 2 vs tetrareux
  14. EditsOfGreatBritain

    Possible sources you want to poop in the future

    Some other sources, Mr. Men Huxley Pig Horrid Henry
  15. HassanLechkar


    R.I.P. XXXTentacion, Jimmy Wopo and Koko

    (note: all died within two days)

    1. zoc


      Read up on what XXXTentacion did in life, dude does NOT deserve to rest in peace. Trust me

    2. HassanLechkar


      @zoc Even then, there were still a lot of people who liked his music, and quite some other close friends as well, including other rappers.

    3. zoc


      Being a good rapper doesn't excuse abusing a woman and acting like a general douchebag, though. The human being should always come before the artist, no matter what. I'm sure even his friends would admit that he was a rotten dude prior to his death.

  16. lineofyellow5

    Possible sources you want to poop in the future

    Narnia AVGN destroy all humans (6 min + one) hitman/witcher/infamous (ditto above) Joshua Jones ace attorney anime (maybe) Horrid Henry movie (maybe) Avatar/Korra (got something special planned) Voltron LD Tokyo ghoul (maybe) simpsons movie simpsons game (maybe) Pac man cartoon Ben 10 xiaolin showdown adventures of sonic the hedgehog sofia the first (maybe) Jake long american dragon more gumball more azumanga daioh more pokemon Black mirror (maybe)
  17. Umigame

    Artist's Lounge

    A gas mask platoon of mine.
  18. KingofSp4des01

    Images that are out of context

  19. TheOneManBoxOffice


    Your worst nightmare, butt-horn!

  20. SharkhamAsylum

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I'm hoping that if we get a new Donkey Kong stage, we get Frantic Factory, K. Rool's Keep, or at least some other locale than "jungle" so we can dip into more of the franchise's diverse soundtrack—a more industrial stage could bring in the various factory themes, cave themes, boss themes, and maybe even Mine Cart or cave music. It's a whole separate sonic side of Donkey Kong.
  21. NKpower

    Artist's Lounge

    Decided to work on a decoration for my room recently. I went ahead and drew the logo of a musician I’ve been rather obsessed interested with lately with a Copic marker, and I think it looks nice. I had a thought about doing a couple more in future, but I’ll see what I might come up with.
  22. Probo

    Pokemon Thread: Let's Go get some tacos

    Sent you a request 😆 Mine is 7378 3048 8330, fwiw
  23. mapo


    Someone should rotoscope a YouTube Poop.

    1. Maestro Snail

      Maestro Snail

      Or rotopoop a YouTube Scope.

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