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  3. Were they intending to make Heathcliff look more like Garfield? Like a giant foreheaded Garfield? Because they succeeded.
  4. Important take aways from the title: Jedi can be singular or plural and last doesn't necessarily mean last forever I think it's a fine title. It's funny that even a basic title card can get me excited but that's star wars for ya
  5. Oh, sorry, no, I haven't touched my game for some days and I'm still not far into it. When do you first obtain them?
  6. Hehe, it's starting to look like a former brony support group in here ;P Welcome back, and have some fun with Miku!
  7. I like the use of red in the logo. It gives off what I assume will be a darker tone in the movie, especially compared to Force Awakens. But yeah, that's a great title. Hopefully we will get a trailer by the time the summer rolls around.
  8. Gee, how explicit.
  9. Since I can scramble, put me as a maybe.
  10. Grease Witherspoon

    So this is how you beat my grandfather? Well now it's my turn! {beats up grandfather}

  11. I probably don't understand some wording here (and they say I'm quite good at English), but thanks for the tips! ^^ I use FL Studio actually, and I tried to find some right sounding piano plug-in for all of this song.
  12. Sizzling Circuits that new megaman animation looks like shit. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get some head.
  13. Today
  14. Lol, yeah, I had that phase too, and I also regret it wholeheartedly. Anyways, welcome back!
  15. Don't forget purple.
  16. As if I needed more proof that Video Game Protagonists primarily colored in blue are doomed into troubled excuses of a franchise.
  17. TyrannosaurusReich

    i hope senpai milks me with a cheese grater today

    1. Umigame


      And then you'll become a One-Man Cheeseburger Apocalypse.

  18. Yeah, I agree. I also loved Heathcliff as a kid. As far as the Megaman cartoon goes, unless it's charmingly bad like the original cartoon or self aware like Sonic Boom, I'm not interested.
  19. Man, I really wish they didn't fuck up the design so much because I was hyped for the movie until I saw the zords/goldar. How hard is it to make giant robots fighting alien monsters look cool? I get that they wanted to make them look a bit different but the power rangers don't need blue veins running through their costumes and the megazord doesn't look cool at all. Goldar looks like he's friggin melting like the rangers don't even have to fight him. Just leave him be for 20 minutes and he'll be a puddle of gold and angel grove will be hella rich. I get that ritas suit is different because she's utilizing the green ranger dragonzord power coin and we all want some green ranger in our lives but man this is really frustrating because I really wanted to like this movie and now I can't help but be pissed off.
  20. There's also the fact that I took well over a minute to realize that they put any character other than Heathcliff itself under the title screen. Not that I care, though. As much I loved growing up with Heathcliff, there's no point at pointing the finger at yet another bastardization of a classic character, because in the end, it will be forgotten like most attempts at a revival.
  21. Oh my god, why!?
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