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I Still Love YouChew: the History of Poop Collaborations

If there’s anything that best shows the diversity and the affinity of the pooping community, it’s the Youtube poop collaboration. On and off the forum, collabs have been the go-to method for exhibiting multiple poops and poopers at once. Not only has the collab section taught us cavemen organization and teamwork, but it's also spawned a great deal of entertaining and eye-opening videos, as well as introduced poopers who might not have watched each others’ work otherwise. I’m going to trace the development of the poop collaboration, from the earliest days of poop to the first projects on YouChew and other notable events after that.

You might be surprised to learn that Youtube poops collabs are almost as old as Youtube poop itself. As SuperYoshi remembers, “This was the first collab, in a technical sense:

About the first half of the video is mine; the other is Retrojape's. Basically everything from 0:01 to 2:24 was my editing; everything after was Retro's, but we made it together and suggested jokes throughout the process. We both made it at my house back in 2005. a few months after I had made I'd Say He's Hot On Our Tail. The idea of making a Mega Man video was Retro's idea after we watched the first episode off of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on PS2 and it pretty much stemmed from the Protoman pelvic thrust, which was his idea. Fun fact: This was the first poop that had actual effects. The edition of WMM I used to make Hot On Our Tail only allowed you to splice clips; there was no slowdown, speed up, nothing.”

It figures that the first collaborative poop and the first effects poop would coincide. Both imply that poop was changing creatively – from a clip show to a video in its own right, and from one editor’s vision to two visions. After the Megaman video, SuperYoshi and RetroJape continued to collaborate on poops, trading ideas and jokes in different ways. For example, Super started this AoStH poop (third poop overall) and showed a 15-second clip to Retro; he later came over and helped to finish it, building the rest of the video around that clip and dropping jokes here and there (like Sonic saying “this bitchslap” while hitting Scratch). This link leads to the first “Mama Luigi” poop ever made, which also happened to be a collaboration. Not long after, around late 2006, DukeOfFortuneMan and Yaminomalex also worked together on a series of collaborative videos, apparently creating with a similar method; however, lost accounts, destroyed hard drives, and inactivity have made them all virtually impossible to find.

In a way, Super and Retro’s videos (along with Duke and Yamino’s) were actually much more “collaborative” than any poop collaborations that followed them. Being in the same room probably helped, but the videos still reflect a unified vision lacking in most collabs. The two would make one poop together as a team, complementing each other’s ideas, rather than making separate poops and combining them into one video. The former method’s idea-tossing would partly find its place in poop tennis. The latter method, for better or worse, is how we understand “poop collab” today.

Posted Image

And what was the very first collab to use that method? According to the Chewiki, Calculate900’s “Poopers Unite” was the first Youtube poop collaboration to be organized on YouChew. This monumental work spanned three videos and involved the talents of 65 poopers, including PapaGonzales, 1upclock, UncleChuckTH, BMATF, SeductiveBaz, Deepercutt, TantricNferno, Steg, MrDrunkenFox, GirlaPH, Miss10, pimpsahoy, GameCubeHero, and the host himself. I’ve seen all of “Poopers Unite” at least once, and if I recall correctly, there was a scene in Christoph’s entry where a Boondocks character said “IT ONLY TAKES ONE NIGHT TO GET ANALLY RAPED!” Strange what you remember as a boy. Unfortunately, all three parts of “Poopers Unite” have been taken down from Youtube, making it difficult to remember when it exactly happened or what the initial response was. The collab’s legacy definitely lives on, though, in both its organization and its scope.

In all honesty, “Poopers Unite” had no real theme. “We were instructed to simply create a short segment, 20-30 seconds tops,” LuigiGodzillaGirl says, “using any sources and methods we desired and send the finished file to Calculate900 by a certain deadline.” As a result of the loose guidelines, no one source or pooping style ties the collection together. “Poopers Unite” was more like an occasion for all different kinds of poopers to get together and share what they liked to make. Sentence-mixing parodies and vanilla poops knocked shoulders with psychedelic collages and even some "spadinner" moments. Think of it as a panorama portrait of poop at the time, or maybe a potluck meal, where everyone brings something different to the table. From this point on, poop collabs would become a little less sprawling but somehow even longer.

GameBop’s entry, one of the only surviving parts of “Poopers Unite.”

You can see Entamrik's entry here, starting at 1:29.

"Poopers Unite" must have been popular enough to inspire further collaborations; at some point or other, the YouChew forum opened a special section, monitored by the Tennis Staff, to facilitate the organization and completion of collaborative videos. Eventually, collabs began to have "themes." The inspirations for these themes are broad and varied, ranging from beloved community figures, like Robotnik and Hulk Hogan, to obscure phenomena, like TV color bars or the “Party Time” segment in Titanic. I’ve found, though, that poop collaborations generally fall into two categories:

1) Celebrations – Meant to celebrate (or ridicule) certain poop sources, certain poop characters, events in the pooping community, events outside the community, and so on.

2) Experiments – Meant to experiment with the pooping process, using limitations like poop length, video software, specific techniques, and whatnot.

Celebratory collabs tend to be more common, since they don't demand so much creativity from the participants (not to say that they aren't creative). And we've definitely found a lot of things to celebrate – just try to count all the I.M. Meen, CD-i revival, and Christmas collabs floating around Youtube.

“I Still Love YouChew” deserves special mention as a series of celebratory collabs. RAKninja hosted them in appreciation of two big events in the poop community: “I remember the first collab was to celebrate our arrival after the exodus from Vanilla; I think the second was to commemorate RabbitSnore deciding to keep paying for the site, despite being inactive/stepping down from general adminship." It seemed fitting to take advantage of the forum's collab section to pay tribute. Similarly to "Poopers Unite," these videos weren't totally united in style or concept. “That collab was a free-for-all,” UncleChuckTH says. “Everybody contributed something drastically different, because the only limitations were on time.” Also similarly (and unfortunately), "I Still Love YouChew" has disappeared from Youtube; neither RAK nor Chuck can remember their entries, or even who the other participants were besides Emperor Ing. It must've been a fun video to watch, you'll just have to take our word for it.

When it comes to the celebration of a source, almost nothing tops the series of Robotnik collabs organized by AoStH aficionado BigMarioAndTailsFan. One of the most memorable and exploitable cartoon characters of the 90s, AoStH's Robotnik had already inspired too many great poops to count before BMATF decided to organize a special video tribute to him in 2009. That two sequels followed it just goes to show how the character's stayed fresh after all these years. What's more, each Robotnik collab outdid the last in both size and participation. The first one lasted 20 minutes and employed 16 YouChew stalwarts, including NegroTed, seanvol, Wikiwow, Whelt, and vvaluigi. The second one neared 31 minutes and involved the talents of 25, with some poopers returning from the first and some newer blood (HotFriedSkadoosh, AmiralMachin) joining the fun. Most impressively, "Robotnik Collab III: Revenge of the Sonic" - this time hosted by dewmann - somehow managed to get 53 poopers on board and swell to an hour and 18 minutes in length.

Of course, not every collaboration is a lighthearted occasion…but it sure seems like it. Take the Lou Albano Memorial collab, for example. In late 2009, the beloved wrestler and Mario portrayer from the Super Show had recently passed away, and a collab was almost immediately announced to pay tribute to his legacy. Just as every pooper had a different way to fill 30 seconds of poop, each one also has a different method of eulogizing the dead, as this memorial proves. In one segment, the King and Link would be chilling in heaven, and Link would ask what the f*** Captain Lou was doing there. In another, Lou would be looking back on his sex life, saying things like “I broke my dick twice” and “would you like to do LSD?” (I have to thank Jamesdeth for that one.) To an outsider, it seems irreverent to treat a dead man like this. Still, coming from a community that’s done nothing but exploit Albano’s incredible talent and good humor for wacky edits, this must’ve been the most reverential thing we could’ve done.

Also worth mentioning is the Grand Galloping Collab and its interesting editing style. This collab capitalized on the growing popularity of My Little Pony as a poop source and on the Internet in general. Neither event has been completely well received on the forum, so this collab got made outside of YouChew. I’ve never been a fan of MLP poops myself, but the video makes a fairly strong argument for them, and for the “cut-up” collab. The organizer took the poopers’ entries and cut them into different parts, matching these parts where they fit together – i.e. poops of the same episode, with the same character, etc. This gave the video the feel of one long poop rather than twenty or so poops strung together. Smonge used this style for the first Simplicity Collab, though he came to regret it; Orpheusftw has had some success with it as well.

All three One Second collabs in one; you can spot me in the second and third.

As for the experimental kind of collab, the first video that comes to mind is McMangos’ One Second series. Like “Poopers Unite” and “I Still Love YouChew,” the One Second collabs didn’t put any restrictions on pooping styles or sources. The entry had to be one second long, and that was the only rule. How would the pooper distill his or her entire pooping style into such a short time frame? Some poopers would cram that second with as many swirly effects and loud sounds as possible, while others would go for a more minimalist approach. This variety led to a collab that changed gears faster than "Poopers Unite" ever did, in which MycroProcessor's ear-rapey explosion of color rubbed up against 3inchhorse's simple picture of an apple man. (And of course, there’s always room for one “morning!” And "arcade!") I like videos like this because they introduce the viewer to so many poopers in such short time; if one of those seconds catches their attention, they can visit the channel and watch all the videos from there.

An experimental collab can put a cap on video length, or on a pooping technique (like XBR4D's Stutter Collab or the Sentence Mixing Collab), or on a piece of pooping software (like our famous WMM tournament videos). I've been amazed at how poopers can still display so much variety with added limitations. Even in the Stutter Collab, you've got classic vanilla stuttering, the pitch-shifting variety, the colorful kind, one or multiple frames on repeat, and a host of different sources, from Arthur to Cookie Monster to pornography. I’ve always been fond of unique experiments, as well as videos that play on the very format of a collab. Take ButtonsTheDragon’s 1-Second Split Collab, in which nine poopers each made a one-minute-long poop. The host chopped each minute into 60 second-long clips, and then played them one after the other, resulting in an interesting (and frustrating) watch. Also see BigFatPooperScoop's "Name Game," which challenged poopers to sentence mix their own usernames from scratch.

"See, I got this friend named KOOPA HOTELS"

Better yet is the experiment with a certain philosophy behind it, like the Simplicity Collab series. “My philosophy with the Simplicity collabs,” Smonge explains, “was purely about minimalism. You made the most of a source with as few techniques as possible. The formula clearly worked – I still love videos by Steg, Matt, and all those old foagies.” You could think of the series as a sort of reactionary movement, if poop even has movements. “This was back during a time when things like masking, After Effects and effect laden visuals were becoming en-vogue, and rather than having ‘progress for the sake of progress,’ we could prove the classic style still had a lot to bring to the table in 2011.” In his own words, the series wasn’t completely successful. The first collab had great entries arranged in a scattershot way. The second collab (hosted by Chemistryguy) was visually stunning, but cheated the concept a little by including layering and keyframing, methods unfit for a back-to-basics approach. Smonge feels that the third collab ("Simply Simple") probably reflected his vision the best, but by that time, the idea had run its course. Still, he had managed to show that minimalist editing techniques could still be funny and entertaining, so he’s glad to have made the three collabs.

I wish I could write about more recent collabs, but the sad fact is they don’t happen much anymore…at least, not on this forum. The collab section is frequented by the same users on repeat, and our older members rarely participate in them. Chalk it up to our declining interest in poop in general, or a lack of motivation to go through the process of creating a collab, or a lack of interesting sources to mine for ideas. As an organizer, I won't deny that the process can be frustrating, what with deadlines to make and long videos to render and poopers dropping out (the My Life Me collab started with 13 members and ended with 4). I wouldn’t be surprised if other poopers aren’t willing to go to that trouble. However, you will find plenty of willing poopers on Youtube, where poop collaborations are still being organized and previous collab ideas are kept alive by our "followers." Even the One Second series eventually jumped ship from YouChew to Youtube.

Posted Image

The forum at least managed a Danny Wells Memorial – and a 45-minute-long memorial at that! If the inspiration is strong, the poopers will come, no doubt. That's just not usually the case nowadays.Still, as long as the Poop Collaboration section stays open on YouChew, we'll always have the chance to slap something else together.

Nobody can deny the collaboration's place in poop history (if you can call it that), and few can deny the collab's appeal. It's hard to put into words, but there's something about a collab that brings out the best in everyone - something that makes people want to try new ways of pooping, find new things in their favorite sources, or simply have fun with friends. Me, I've just enjoyed being a part of something bigger and better. Of all the poops I’ve made, I’ve definitely had the most fun with my collabs. I wonder if the same is true for other poopers, and I have a feeling it is.

For helpful information and research, I owe a huge thanks to the Chewiki contributors, and to SuperYoshi, RAKninja, tabull, UncleChuckTH, Smonge, LuigiGodzillaGirl, and Dr. Strangebutts.

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