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The King of Analog Poopers

Not much is known about Matthew Wamboldt AKA Brillemeister, the elusive analog Youtube pooper who contributed a number of videos in the classic era before retiring with small comebacks. Last we heard he was attending SAE Atlanta, possibly developing his technological skills further in service of making hi-fi YTPs. Whatever he’s doing now, he’s left a teeming Youtube account behind him. The user currently counts 68 videos, most of which are Youtube poops that display the word “poop” in some way; you know what you’re going to get.

Nearly all of Brillemeister’s poops clock in at a minute or shorter, and most of them don’t play at all like the modern YTP we see today. In fact, his videos are quite retro, with a minimalistic approach to pooping that harkens all the way back to the 2007-08 times. It may not sound like a whole lot to recommend, but with even a glance through his surprisingly prolific output, it’s clear that Brillemeister is one of the most unique interesting, funny, and downright underrated poopers in the circuit.

Let’s talk uniqueness first. As shown in the title, Brillemeister has often been grouped in with the “analog poopers,” an offbeat gang of misfits that take poop in a new (or old) direction. You won’t find any acid trip visuals, word splicing, or references to other poops in this guy’s work. Brillemeister has two main attacks: stutter and sentence mix. When the characters in his videos aren’t bopping around like Max Headroom or getting trapped inside infinite loops, they’re spewing strange bits of dialogue that seem to come out of nowhere. Expect a lot of words being joined together mid-sentence and you get something like “It doesn’t matter what you are, or where you are doing.”

Brillemeister’s choice of sources is also notable. Aside from some scant use of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show and a nod to “getting through the hotels” there is little classic YTP fodder to be found here. Brillemeister instead chooses from a widely varied palette of obscure children’s programming, strangely animated cartoons, and bits of interviews and segments which seem to have been taken from the nightly news. A few sources make reoccurrences: Kid-a-Littles, a newspaper-themed Muppets ripoff featuring a smashed-face bear named Scoop McGooter; the Magic School Bus cartoons; Mother Goose, an odd puppet-cartoon hybrid centered on nursery rhymes; those high-as-fuck Timmy the Tooth videos; and some advertisements for (and actual segments from) the Land Before Time sequels. And that’s not even scraping the surface of the treasure trove.

But what makes this combination so good? How can obscure sources and minimalistic poopisms produce classic work? It’s a little hard to explain the humor in Brillemeister’s videos, seeing as most of his jokes are subtle and not obvious upon first viewing. It might help, though, to pick a random video and go through the stats. Here’s “Poop from a Bird.”

First off we get a close-up on Big Bird’s beak, which signals danger. Then the puppet starts stuttering like a lunatic, some random guy says YOU and a black dude sucks smoke in through his mouth. Then we get a ditty centered on “secret children.” Big Bird has some interesting things to say about this: “Everyone makes secret children…” and “If you spill a glass of children, your mom and dad’ll like ya….YOU!!!” Intertwine that with random parts of Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins and some marriage drama and you’ve got yourself gold.

Brillemeister’s real gift is finding each laughable, strange, or baffling part of the sources he collects, and then taking those parts to their greatest advantage through whatever method he chooses. Take for example “Poop for Dessert,” which makes startlingly good uses of a number of not-quite-right clips. A huge goose (really a man in a goose suit) makes strange honking sounds, Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall to the tune of silly backup singers, and a football player talks about being fired up – which says nothing about the random interviewees, coin commercials, and Barney cutscenes that interrupt the proceedings. At one point you even hear a faint 80s pop song in the background, though it could be your mind playing tricks on you. To top it all off, our goose friend gets trashed.

“Thank you, Bertram,” his lady friend says. “You’re such a goose.”


But Brillemeister’s talents include not only making humorous jumbles of his VHS collection, but also a knack for storytelling. Yes, the pooper can take these disparate elements and actually form a real narrative out of them. “The Legend of Scoop McGooter” is a good example. I think it goes something like this:

Once upon a time, this amazing parrot promised to help us have a nice tan. But this amazing parrot did not help us, so we built a small army and bounced away to the most fertile, beautiful place in the world…Boston. (Techno music) Then we found the secret warp to the parrot and said “Not so fast,” but the parrot said “Get lost or eat Scoop McGooter.” Sharon can we – (Scoop acts like an idiot) Because the parrot had Scoop McGooter, he won, and as my great aunt chameleon used to say, SCOOP McGOOTER REPORTS THE NEWS. (More stuttering, then end.)

Amazing that I can remember all of that.

I’d go through other Brillemeister’s poops and point out my favorite moments, or recommend other analog poopers who work in the same vein, but at some point it’s best to let the videos speak for themselves. On the channel below you can find the guy’s oeuvre and discover on your own how his wide collection of media and knack for Vanilla pooping combine into a glorious whole. If you’re looking forward to a nice evening of surrealist, classic-style poop entertainment, you can’t miss Brillemeister.

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