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    Dec 15 2014 03:10 AM | Crazy Luigi in Media Reviews

    In my life as a gamer, I have never had to rid myself of any console I had owned. That is until 21 November 2014, in which I traded in my old Nintendo 3DS which had been with me for the past three and a half years to save some money towards a purchase of a “New Nintendo 3DS”. It had gone through quite a lot with me, with the many places it had gone alongside me, usually taking a ride in my right-side pants pocket. Its Aqua Blue appearance with Homura from Senran Kagura placed on the top to define it as my own unique 3DS still leaves me with fond memories of all the games I had played on it, ranging from Kid Icarus: Uprising to Luigi’s Mansion 2, and finally to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

    And so a new chapter in my portable gaming life starts with the “New Nintendo 3DS” continuing the legacy of the 3DS family. This new member boasts a number of new features and improvements, including “super-stable 3D”, a new C-Stick and additional ZL and ZR buttons, an improved Internet Browser, NFC (Near Field Communication) amiibo support, and a much more powerful processor, among other things. These new 3DS models also mark the first time Australia and New Zealand had gotten new consoles released before anyone else outside of Japan, so it makes me feel quite privileged to be able to get my hands on them so soon. They may not be coming to the US or Europe until sometime in 2015, but this analysis between the old and New 3DS models should hopefully help you decide...

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