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the krab

by: dew✿

Today, 02:31 AM


Crow's eye

by: Sid

Today, 02:00 AM


CleanCon '15

by: Billion

Yesterday, 11:02 PM


But Nymphophilia prove...

by: TehShadzify

Yesterday, 06:06 PM

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  • An Interview with Captpan6 by Dark Fox

    Apr 12 2015 07:39 PM | Crazy Luigi in Media Reviews

    Dark Fox: How are you doing today, Captpan?

    Captpan6: I'm doing pretty well, yourself?

    Very good. So tell us a little bit about yourself.

    Well, I am a 24-year-old living in New Jersey, currently in college last year, studying radio and acting, and, as you might have guessed, I also make Youtube Poops on the side.

    Where'd the name Captpan6 come from, anyway?

    I was watching Peter Pan one time, and I was trying to find a username for a website, and I thought “Captpan” because (it was the) first thing that came to my head. And six is my lucky number, so I attached it there.

    So can you describe where you get these ideas for your YTPs, how you edit them into video form, just... where do you get your creative process from?

    It requires that I know a lot about popular media. If something is popular, it's easier to integrate into a poop, because more people will know it, more people will understand the joke, and it does the work for me. Other times, I'd have to try and craft the joke myself, and I can do this using all sorts of video editing. I could word splice, sentence mix, I can impose images, cut images... the whole nine yards.

    How do you think you've progressed from your older videos? Do you ever go back and rewatch your old work?

    Some I do, some I don't. Some work in the past I'm very proud of; other times when I look at a video, I'll see moments that are...

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Today, 02:56 PM

The most annoying...
By: KingHeavy
Today, 10:31 AM

the krab
By: dew✿
Today, 10:00 AM

Crow's eye
By: Sid
Today, 07:02 AM

CleanCon '15
By: Billion
Today, 02:16 AM

Tape #5 = 2001-05-21
By: Another Brick in The Wall
Today, 02:06 AM

But Nymphophilia...
By: TehShadzify
Yesterday, 09:50 PM

who is InLivingTu...
Yesterday, 12:30 PM

Luigi goes to the...
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Louis CK Hires a...
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Evolution doesn't...
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Yesterday, 02:25 AM

RABBID123 :)
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Yesterday, 12:40 AM

YouTube Poop: Peg...
By: IceStudios100
Yesterday, 12:25 AM

By: dew✿
Yesterday, 12:25 AM

YouTube Poop: Lun...
By: IceStudios100
16 April 2015 - 10:15 PM

Crackton Can (Not...
By: VentXekart

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