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Gluten-Free Meltdown

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YouTube Poop: Muppet F...

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(Tennis) RUM CAN'T...

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Our Latest Article: USN Basic Training: My Thoughts

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  • USN Basic Training: My Thoughts

    May 24 2015 02:38 PM | Benedetto in Miscellaneous

    I have previously written on my experience in USN Boot Camp. The first article was a summary, while this one will serve as my commentary. With that out of the way, Let's begin.

    Facts and Fiction

    First and foremost, I want to shatter a misconception. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the movie Full Metal Jacket will undoubtedly walk away with a certain view of Boot Camp. While there are some kernels of truth in the movie, it doesn't reflect today's training. Perhaps most importantly, RDCs are not allowed, for any reason, to lay an aggressive hand on a recruit. They can physically correct you with jumping jacks, 8-counts, lock and loads, or planks, but they are forbidden from smacking a recruit around. This extends to verbal exchanges as well. RDCs are permitted to criticize a recruit for their bad behavior or performance, but they cannot mock a recruit for their religious beliefs, nationality, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Not only would it be irrelevant and downright rude, it would probably invite lawsuits.

    Movies like Full Metal Jacket also do little to emphasize the positive relations between the recruits. Its true in one regard, divisions have plenty of problems. At best, they're like a big, extended family where everyone looks out for each other and everyone knows your name. At worst, they're like high school-esque drama factories with cliques and disunity. (Fortunately for me, I managed to avoid most of this, and I don't beli...

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