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  • How About A F-luck?: Succeeding With Sentence M...

    Jul 25 2015 09:15 PM | HerrVarden in Poop Reviews

    Sentence mixing did not come from the Youtube Poop. It has been used before, generally to create a bizarre environment in a work or serve as a means to blackmail someone via a carefully calculated edited message. It is not something many people did give thought to before though. The rise of it's usage and it's interest has come from the YTP. And why wouldn't it? It's one of the most entertaining ways to edit a video outside of create an effect extravaganza. The sentence mix is an art unto it's own since it has manage to delight and amaze us with it's absurdity and it's ingenuity. Who knew that by making a few cuts here and there you could make anyone say anything, even the most idiotic or profound things imaginable. It provided a gateway to thousands of possibilities and jokes and has even been the staple of some of the greats in the Youtube Poop world. But what goes behind the craft of the sentence mix? How can you make a sentence mix work to your favor? These sort of questions are what I will be looking into as we dive into what makes a sentence mix succeed.

    Like I mentioned in The Importance Of Sources, the source(s) are crucial to making a sentence mix work. If the source is foreign or garbled, it only works if you're appealing to a niche demographic or if you're really good. It's always in the interest of a pooper to generally get audio that's clear, has excellent enunciation and has a lot of dialogue for the sentence mix to carry the greatest effect and h...

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