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  • Hall Of Frame - TMNT

    Nov 24 2014 11:50 AM | HerrVarden in Miscellaneous

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another rendition of Hall Of Frame, where we admire the greatest stills that animation has to offer. In this installment we've dedicated to go with the heroes in a half-shell way before they were mangled by the hands of the Bay machine. The original TMNT cartoon was probably one of the most important parts of the Saturday morning for tons of children back in the 80s. It certainly was unique, having amphibians who fight crime while scarfing down pizza and talking like surfer dudes being mentored by a giant rat. They would often face themselves against an enemy from Ninja Gaiden with the voice of a portly lawyer who doesn't take any shit, a gangster rhinocerous and warthog, and a brain inside of a wrestler. And to boot, they would also find themselves crossing paths often with a yellow-coat wearing spunky news reporter with a tremendous...career. It was cheesy, sure, but it was imaginative and marketable. It also has managed to be delightfully amusing due to its dated nature, and no more is this noticeable than through the cels that contain these turtles. Without further ado, here are our picks.

    HerrVarden's Pick: An Honorable Offering

    To the common eye, this frame is nothing more than another representation of the what the turtles are about. They enjoy themselves some of the best Italian cuisine that their sewer ways could afford. But upon further inspection, one can tell that Michelangelo is not simpl...

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