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by: CorruptionSound

Today, 09:43 AM


Go Backwards Through a...

by: ReakMayhem

Yesterday, 08:37 PM


The POTUS (Eek!)

by: cone4d

Yesterday, 05:03 PM



by: Another Brick in The Wall

Yesterday, 02:06 PM


"Everywhere i look...

by: LaVie CestLol

Yesterday, 01:37 PM


The lolvie says "M...


Yesterday, 11:49 AM

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  • Recommended Poops of January & February 2015

    Mar 04 2015 10:59 PM | Crazy Luigi in Media Reviews

    Before we begin this series once again, I must apologize in advance for having another one of these articles revolving around two months again instead of just one like I initially thought we were going to do. This time, we actually did have enough videos to properly represent the month of January and we were just about ready to go for that month. However, you already know about our server situation with the blackout that caused some data (but nothing revolving around YouChew's data, thankfully), as well as the fact that it took quite some time to properly get everything back on track. Well, let's just say that because of that situation, we had to delay our initial article back to a whole different month altogether because of that complication. We don't normally condone such actions on completed articles in our favor, but considering this unique scenario that's likely happened only one other time (i.e., the {Oz} situation), it was just something we had to accept and move on from there.

    With that said, we do hope you enjoy these videos that were released celebrating the beginning of this new year in 2015! We hope everyone has been enjoying this wild ride so far; I know I'm enjoying it as well considering I just recently graduated from college myself! If you aren't, though, we still have a good 10 months remaining to make you change your mind here. Who knows, maybe these videos could be just what you needed to get yourself back on a positive note this year? Persona...

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Today, 05:43 PM

By: CorruptionSound
Today, 12:33 PM

[Deleated ytp] Yo...
By: Utp0op95
Today, 04:37 AM

Go Backwards Thro...
By: ReakMayhem
Today, 01:03 AM

The POTUS (Eek!)
By: cone4d
Yesterday, 10:06 PM

By: Another Brick in The Wall
Yesterday, 09:37 PM

"Everywhere i...
By: LaVie CestLol
Yesterday, 07:49 PM

The lolvie says...
Yesterday, 07:05 PM

Roman overheats h...
By: Moto200
Yesterday, 06:08 PM

Terry Crews Gives...
By: Vodaz
Yesterday, 11:18 AM

Episode 1 : Meow
By: Sid
Yesterday, 08:41 AM

St. Idea's ne...
By: laromande
04 March 2015 - 07:37 PM

By: mowub
04 March 2015 - 06:19 PM

[YTP] SplingBeb...
By: Mr.Nicktoons
04 March 2015 - 11:00 AM

By: Raccoonus Thievius
03 March 2015 - 11:13 PM

Youtube Poop: The...
By: TehBoxProductions

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