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  • The 10th Anniversary of Youtube Poop: "I...

    Dec 22 2014 09:46 AM | Nozdordomu in Poop Reviews

    "I'D SAY HE'S HOT ON OUR TAIL"December 22nd, 2004
    The Background
    by Nozdordomu

    Youtube Poop started with “I’d Say He’s Hot on our Tail.” It might have started sooner or later, had anyone else on the internet gotten the idea to splice clips together with crazy edits (and some of them had), but SuperYoshi’s video still stands as both the first uploaded poop and the basic definition of “poop.” He couldn’t foresee the movement it would spawn, and he didn’t even think it would influence other videos, but this community – our Youtube Poop forum – practically speaks to its legacy.

    For such a legacy, though, “I’d Say He’s Hot on our Tail” doesn’t really have a definite history. If you go on Wikipedia or even our own Chewiki, you can glean the basic facts: Matt Mulligan aka SuperYoshi tested his Windows Movie Maker program by editing the SMB3 episode “Recycled Koopa,” and then uploaded the product to sheezyart. That doesn’t give a good picture of how and why the video ended up being what it is.

    To shed some light on the first poop ever, I’ve interviewed SuperYoshi and included his answers below. Here, the veteran pooper discusses his inspiration, his poop’s immediate and long-term influence, and the Youtube Poop movement as a whole.

    How did you go about conceiving and creating “I’d Say He’s Hot on our Tail”?

    The story has been sporadically told for the last several years but I'm usually not as concise wit...

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