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  • 2015 YouChew E3 Awards [by The Pope]

    Jun 28 2015 09:33 PM | Cantfly in Media Reviews

    Welcome back to this year’s YouChew E3 Awards! We're here once again for our annual tradition of celebrating greatness, laughing at mediocrity, and projectile vomiting at the abhorrent. Your votes have been counted, and it's time to hand out the dubious medals of dishonor. Without further delay, here are your 2015 YouChew E3 Award winners!

    The “You Are Tearing Me Apart, Reggie!” Award
    For the most unintentionally funny moment

    Every year has its fair share of unintentionally funny moments, and this year was no exception. EA manned the helm with a lot of hilariously bad moments, starting when they showed off their new Minions game, only for the revelation that the graphics were hideously disgusting. Then later they brought on Martin Sahlin, the developer presenting Unraveled, who couldn't quite keep his composure as his hands uncontrollably trembled. And then there was Pele, who sat down to give us a wonderful 7 minute ramble that really had nothing to do with anything (don't worry, he'll be coming back up again very soon). Of course, we'd be remiss not to mention the PC Gaming show where Hakan Abrak, who was there to present Hitman, had his mic malfunction, forcing him to get up close and personal with the host to use his mic and whisper sweet nothings into his ear.

    Trumping them all, however, was none other than Sony, who came ready to wow the world with their Uncharted 4 demo. We were wowed all right...just not in the way that S...

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