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  • A Tale of Four Coffees

    Apr 20 2015 09:49 AM | thebluespectre in Editorials

    Ashlawn Farms

    It’s 1 PM, but I want some god damn coffee. My work schedule is essentially random, and by random I mean, “The hours nobody else wants to work”. Some days it’s from 6:30 AM to 3, some days it’s from 2:30 PM to 10:30 PM, and nothing stops those two schedules from being back-to-back. My ability to sleep like a normal person has been lost years ago. I can go weeks without having an actual 8-hour sleep cycle, even on a day off. Give me my god damn miracle drug.

    Ashlawn Farms is connected to an actual farm in Lyme, CT, but this tiny coffee shop next to a train station is about as far from a farm as you can get. It’s far from my place of work too, about a block. I’m not going to take my car there, for the same reason you don’t use twenty dollar bills as napkins, but I have an hour-long lunch and no more. So I run.

    Some days I follow the road, dodging between cars. There are no stoplights to wait on in this path, no crosswalks other than the vague suggestions between parking lots. The sidewalk disappears as I run past the cemetery. That lot filled up years ago, left untouched out of some vestige of reverence for what history we have. The thing about train stations is that everyone wants to leave them, so when slick winter snowbanks pile up two feet high your life becomes human Frogger, the prize a two-dollar cup of coffee won by evading every minivan in town.

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