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Peppa Pig likes this m...

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YTP: The Motive for Ki...

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Choke On My Bread Loaf

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the gabrielpika Entert...

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  • A Look At...: The Classic Tom & Jerry Shorts

    Nov 19 2014 09:51 AM | TheOneManBoxOffice in Editorials

    A Look At…: The Tom & Jerry Shorts

    As some of you may know, in college, I major in animation, and I’ve had a passion for cartoons since I was a wee boy. You may say to me “Who didn’t?”, and I’d emphasize myself. I didn’t just watch a lot of cartoons as a kid, I LIVED OFF THEM, and to this day, I still do. Hell, I’ve managed to rip pretty much all of the animated cartoon shorts from the 30s to the 60s onto my external hard drive from my own personal DVD collection (don’t ask, I’m not telling how). I primarily watched Cartoon Network most of the time, but I had my fair share of Nickelodeon and old-school Disney Channel for my cartoon fix as well. However, on Cartoon Network, the shows I mostly would look forward to watching, aside from some of their best programming like Johnny Bravo and The Powerpuff Girls, are the 30 minute to 1 hour blocks of classic theatrical cartoons such as Acme Hour and Bugs and Daffy. Of course, this was how I, as well as pretty much everyone on this site, was first exposed to the likes of the Looney Tunes, and in the case of Acme Hour, some rare oddities that almost no one remembers anymore. My personal favorite cartoon block that appeared on the channel in the daytime also introduced me to one of the most iconic cartoon duos in the history of both television and cinema: Tom & Jerry.

    Cartoon Network’s intro that accompanied the Tom & Jerry blocks until 2004.
    To begin with, I don’t really have that big of...

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Peppa Pig likes t...
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leokimvideo recre...
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YTP: The Motive f...
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Choke On My Bread...
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the gabrielpika E...
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YouTube Poop: The...
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YTP - Full Lentil...
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YouTube Poop: Sup...
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adam west does hi...
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YTP: Samuel L. Cl...
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