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Now You're Playing...

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Quality Customer Service

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Bono Ono

by: PCB

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Cotton raped Bobby

by: MrThisucks

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¿¡ Too many eyes are t...

by: fiv95

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  • Degenerate Art: FLOMM! THE BATTLE for MODeR...

    Mar 23 2015 06:22 PM | thebluespectre in Media Reviews

    There is a line of parking meters in front of me. They’re ugly, and they are in my way. Each of them is identical, as videogame objects generally are; whorled and cross-hatched like a dollar bill, a perfectly concrete and clear depiction of what a parking meter “should” be. I would gladly crack each of them open for their points, but their armor is too thick, their file too close to my side of the screen. A much more threatening fleet of easy chairs drifts slothfully towards me, opening fire at their own pace. These “seats of power”, as the in-game manual calls them, are worth less yet pose much more of a threat. They are my target, for this moment. I wish I had some cola right now. We all wish we had more cola, but it never lasts.

    The early 19th century was a time of rapid change. Granted, the modern day is also a time of rapid change, but that was the time in which “rapid” was completely redefined. Planes, trains and automobiles made moving people and cargo magnitudes easier; telephones and radios gave one’s voice presence without your own personal presence. Within a single lifetime, ideas could suddenly spread across continents with the ease of a stiff breeze. Ideas were no longer the property of great men with days made of leisure time, nor were they always shouted from on high by authority figures, Great Persons to be written about in history books. Thus modernism was formed.

    Modernism is reactionary. In the 18th century, art was abou...

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By: Ekrem3012
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Now You're Pl...
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The Krukry Krat T...
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SoftMicro MS-SAUC...
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Quality Customer...
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Bono Ono
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Cotton raped Bobby
By: MrThisucks
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¿¡ Too many eyes...
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Gumball's Sym...
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Geometric Stump
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YouTube Poop: Cap...
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YouTube Poop: The...
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Preview of Duud W...
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