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Our Latest Article: Best Movies of 2014

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  • Best Movies of 2014

    Feb 20 2015 09:40 AM | TheOneManBoxOffice in Media Reviews

    In 2014, we've seen some interesting motion pictures come out, both the good and the bad, and unfortunately, for some of us, we saw the downright ugly. However, we're only going to focus on the good, because there have been some impressive new pieces of cinematic goodness last year, and with the Oscars coming up, there are a lot of movies that show great promise, and there's a chance that one of our choices is going to nab the Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the Year. As we progress through 2015, we can only hope that we can get much more great pieces of cinema put into theatres for the public to see, but for now, with that said, here's some of the best movies of 2014 that we, of the YouChew Writing Staff, have enjoyed.

    TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Wes Anderson, better known as the director of such films as Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Rushmore, and The Royal Tenenbaums, is a filmmaker with a very quirky and precise vision. In other words, his movies are unique in terms of how they are filmed. This movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is no exception. It's probably Anderson's most visually pleasing picture to date since Fantastic Mr. Fox, and it's also one of his smartest comedies. The movie focuses on a legendary concierge M. Gustave, who was supposed to inherit a priceless Renaissance painting called "Boy With Apple" from a woman he slept with at his hotel before she died a...

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[YTP] SplingBeb...
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Youtube Poop: The...
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It's from
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Youtube Poop BR A...
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After the credits
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The Bat of State...
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Cecil B. DeMille...
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The Michael Rosen...
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Gohankutenks and...
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A Multi-Source wi...
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