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  1. Excuse me, I need to halate the snow.

  2. I don't understand the relation between Federation Force being a turd and you refusing to buy any Metroid games ever, even if they're good.
  3. I can't get over the graphic style. Metroid has always had a "serious anime" kind of style, and more westernized when it was Retro Studios doing it. But this chibi look is so off-putting and ridiculous it's actually the main reason why I don't want the game. It's like if they made a Dark Souls spin-off that looked like Kirby.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheReportOfTheWeek TheReportOfTheWeek, Reviewbrah as nicknamed by /fit/izens, is a fast food reviewer famous for wearing ill-fitting suits and his meticulous reviews of fast food items such as chicken wings and burritos. Mostly every video has a segment where he silently eats while staring into the camera. He explains these segments by saying he needs to take more than only a few bites to accurately review the food. He first became known for his video where he reviews a pizza. Now for reasons that we can only speculate about, he's doing all of his latest videos in his car, instead of at home like the old ones. When asked why this is, he answered that he "just has to keep moving". There's been rumors that he's being stalked after having become popular so suddenly. In one of the videos he's seen with a matress in the back of his car, suggesting that he's traveling to somewhere.
  5. Don't worry guys, Metal Gear Zombies will be good.
  6. The instant Kojima leaves Konami they turn Metal Gear into Resident Evil
  7. You could say this film's reputation has been damaged.
  8. Did anyone even know what The Nutshack was before it became a SiIvaGunner meme?
  9. It's an American adaptation, fucking L is black, I don't think any of that matters. If you want to see a faithful live action adaptation of Death Note there's already the Japanese TV series.
  10. This is going to be a cringefest, I can tell already. They're going to try to recreate the most famous scenes from the anime in a Hollywood movie fashion. I'm looking forward to "I take a potato chip and eat it" and "I am L"
  11. China is a depraved pervert and I wouldn't let her anywhere near my daughter.
  12. I don't know who runs the channel but I'm pretty sure they are YTP veterans. This isn't the only old joke they revive.
  13. You must keep watching. For Inami. Anyway I just saw an episode of Yuru Yuri of which at least a half was about playing Super Smash Bros and Animal Crossing. Now THAT is some good anime.
  14. SiIvaGunner