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  1. Cinemassacre

    I think you mean funny forever.
  2. Manga/Anime Image Spam III

    Nope, Stopman.
  3. The E3 2016 Harkinian Palace Discussion

    I don't think Valve needs to make another game again, let alone Half Life 3. They can comfortably make millions selling other people's games on Steam. And even if they did make a game, it would be multiplayer. They're much easier to fill with micropayments.
  4. Anime General Discussion

    Of course if you try to keep watching everything that comes out every season you're gonna watch a ton of garbage. There's still plenty of good anime. I'm not trying to argue you, it's just, you should have seen it coming, over half of the shows every season tend to be bad.
  5. Anime General Discussion

    Yeah man, the majority of anime is a lot like junk food, not a lot of variety, you consume a bit for fun once in a while, but if you try to make it your diet you're going to get sick pretty fast.
  6. Anime General Discussion

    Nobody is forcing you to see every new anime that comes out, I only around one of those moe anime every two or three months so I don't get tired.
  7. The E3 2016 Harkinian Palace Discussion

    Maybe E3 is still the same and we're just wiser to the bullshit with the age and experience. No one who has had to see it at least two times gets excited anymore when they show a CG movie with zero gameplay.
  8. The E3 2016 Harkinian Palace Discussion

    Crash is a Bubsy tier character at this point after so many games by Activision, I don't know why so many people want him back and even worse if it was made by the makers of KNACK for example.
  9. The E3 2016 Harkinian Palace Discussion

    It pains me to say this but Nintendo is clearly more and more irrelevant every year. Their next console would have to be a massive hit to make people care about them again, and I seriously doubt they'll pull it off. You could say that maybe they're only showing Zelda this year because they want to keep the rest, NX projects, secret, but even then I don't think Nintendo will turn out to have that much in store. Similar disappointments in the past have already made me used to this pattern.
  10. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    Once it hits 4chan then it's everywhere, it was inevitable at that point.
  11. Cinemassacre

    James should not apologize for anything. Giving into the cries of the crybullies is exactly what has made them believe they can make anyone agree with them if they gang up on him hard enough. These people think they are more powerful than they really are because they always get what they want, which is the "offender" apologizing simply to get the social justice goblins off their back.
  12. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    You're right, the left one should be SHITLORDS.
  13. post images of things t-reich likes

    But I'll get banned.