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  1. Your favorite memes

    You know that glitch in OoT after defeating Gohma that makes you skip the whole game and puts you in Ganondorf's castle? That means Ocarina of Time has time travel... more than one type at least.
  2. The Sonic Thread V2

    He's not blue, I think I'm going to boycott that game.
  3. Best anime ranking:

    1. K-ON

    2. Your favorite anime

    1. theadventuretimefan


      I'm listening to a Houkago Tea Time song right now.....

    2. MrThisucks




  4. Your least favorite YouTube channels

    The funniest thing about Fine Brothers is that they look like seedy drug dealers trying to appear cool and hip to peddle their product to kids.
  5. [General Poop Discussion] Dude I Shit

    Anyone who says spadinners probably watches reaction videos as well.
  6. Your least favorite YouTube channels

    Aren't most of these adults who spend their time ranting about children's cartoons? They sound like great people.
  7. let me tell you about Undertale

    1. MarioMKII
    2. UnknownMysteryMan


      i hate it and it's stupid, and it's stupid and i hate it

  8. [Jackie] Chan Screencaps Thread

    https://imgur.com/a/a1U8X Some guy on /r9k/ wrote a "musical" about being a virgin. Only for people with high tolerance for cringe.
  9. [General Poop Discussion] Dude I Shit

  10. [General Poop Discussion] Dude I Shit

    We can just mail each other DVDs with poops.