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  1. So after a lot of wasted Pokeballs I finally learned you're supposed to slide your finger into the circle before letting the ball go. Sure would have helped to know that when I used like 20 of them on a Zubat.
  2. Judging from his Facebook he seems more interested in selling stupid Pokemon cards than in fixing his vagina.

    1. darrickb11



    2. SteelyGilgamesh



  4. I don't think the wound is so bad at the current time, the problem is if he persists in his delusions, and even worse, tries to enlargen it. Then it will get badly infected and that will be a real danger to his life.
  5. Wouldn't this device be a bit overkill for a portable console? One of the things that make Nintendo handhelds succesful is their cheapness. If this thing is supposed to be a handheld/console hybrid, it's going to cost a ton.
  6. Nobody knew it was that bad before he posted the photos, and when people tried to warn him he ignored them completely. He's a lost cause.
  7. I'm pretty sure Chris' more infamous moments are entirely of their own doing and had no troll involvement, including this new China of his. The trolls stopped posing as fake internet girlfriends and shit years ago, before the DON'T CALL ANYBODY episode.
  8. Does anyone else think it funny that the young Sonic is now another character instead of a special one time event?
  9. *Audience simultaneously ejaculates and shits itself in ecstasy*
  10. Smug animes are the best accounts.
  11. Not that I care because I don't even play this game but with so many joke characters WHY haven't they added Tingle yet?
  12. I never thought Nintendo would outdo themselves after N64 and GC in library scarcity but here we are. There are so few games for Wii U that I even managed to squeeze fun out of Star Fox Zero and play Xenoblade X for over 200 hours.
  13. I thought the first half of Diamond is Unbreakable was a bit weak compared to SC, since it was another case of Stand user of the week, except this time the plot didn't really move towards anything, contrary to Stardust Crusaders where the goal was clear at every moment and the scenarios changed as they traveled the world. When Kira is introduced everything gets much better. Man, if you don't know about Parts 1 and 2 and start with 3, Dio loses a lot of what makes him cool. He would just be a blond vampire that comes out of nowhere instead of the archenemy of the Joestars.
  14. Fact: weeaboos are the most powerful race in the world.