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  1. The midichlorians only were a measure of how sensitive someone was to the Force, they don't create it.   Also, saying Darth Vader was just one small part of the world in the original trilogy is ridiculous. Has that guy even seen the same movies as me? The entire second and third movies revolve around Luke and Vader, the climax of Return of the Jedi is how Anakin turns to the light side again.   There are more Jedi and Sith in the prequels. So what. Do you want every movie to be the same story again and again?
  2. I'm going to bet it's the black stormtrooper who realizes he has the Force and then turns a good guy.
  3. Super Smash Bros

    I don't believe in that Ryu thing but if it was true, it could still not be the Ryu from Street Fighter, it could be Ryu Hayabusa, or even better Ryuuichi Naruhodou (Phoenix Wright).
  4. Manga/Anime Image Spam III

      Game Gay Advance
  5. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    You know there's something wrong when selling other people's games is more profitable than making your own.
  6. Anime General Discussion

    Nothing because K-ON is the pinnacle of anime. Everything you watch after it will be bad by comparison.
  7. Anime General Discussion

    I like pretty a bit of everything but some genres are more enjoyable to me in manga form, like battle shounen stuff. So for me the ideal is to alternate between one thing and the opposite (I'm currently watching Yuru Yuri and the first Gundam). One thing I like about anime and Japanese media in general is their ability to mix humor with serious stories without feeling awkward. Doesn't stop it from being bad some times, then again the same can be said for practically everything.
  8. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    We have standard first world Internet connection so I don't know what you're getting at. And about the ISPs, at least in my country absolutely nobody cares if you download some song, movie or game. As it should be.
  9. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Lol what everyone and their mother downloads games.
  10. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Also maybe ACIV if you liked II because it's the only one that's slightly different by virtue of having boats.
  11. Manga/Anime Image Spam III

    That's a frame from the second opening of Kaiji, where Kurosawa makes a small cameo.
  12. Manga/Anime Image Spam III

    This just makes me want a Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa anime even more.
  13. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    The worst thing about Human Revolution's ending is the lack of an "augment-punch Megan Reed in the face" option.