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  1. What's worrying is that they're adding a "classic" mode to it. What does that imply, that the POW meter will be even worse in that mode?
  2. Odin Sphere HD announced, with redone gameplay and new levels. While I'm slightly disappointed that the POW meter is still there, it looks like they nerfed the hell out of it.
  3. God, this is pretty sudden and tough to take in. May he rest in peace, and I send my condolences to his family, friends, and everyone at Nintendo.
  4. Oh shit, that games finally out? I remember playing one of the earlier versions of it and really enjoying myself.
  5. You know when you play a video game that you haven't picked up in a while and haven't finished yet, only to find out immediately why you put it down? That happened to me with KH:BBS playing through Aqua's story, those fucking plant enemies in Radiant Garden get on my nerves so much.
  6. aw shit this finna to be fire af bruh

  7. Just wanna say Little Witch Academia 2 is absolutely wonderful. Stuff like this shows Trigger's true potential in my opinion.
  8. New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and its looking fantastic. Also according to this translated interview, Reaction Commands (QTEs) won't be in this game at all, not even during boss battles.
  9. This was a fantastic E3! I actually yelled out of happiness when I saw The Last Guardian, Sony really brought out the big guns this year. And I'm incredibly happy to see that Platinum is finally getting the recognition they deserve, they had a HUGE presence there and are working on what I'm sure will be fantastic games. A NieR sequel developed by them, that's something I daydream about and yet its actually fucking happening, my god. I haven't been this excited for video games in quite some time.
  10. So its finally fucking happening
  11. Mad Max was spectacular. I've been having an itch for post-apocalyptic media and I'm so happy this movie did not disappoint. And I agree with Ted's comments on the soundtrack, this is one of the most intense things I've ever heard in my life. Another note: Zoe Kravitz was cute as fuck in this.
  12. This is a really cool feature, I'm surprised other action games haven't done it like this.