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  1. I posted a couple of new pages on The Outpost wiki: http://wiki.the-outpost.me/index.php/The_Cret-Ace-ous_Period http://wiki.the-outpost.me/index.php/Casinopolis
  2. Some new info on the upcoming Cities: Skylines expansion ALSO, Cities: Skylines is getting content packs for $4.99....I'll be honest. I'm not a fan. Especially seeing as Colossal themselves said they wouldn't be selling content in bits and pieces. I at least wish it wasn't relatively pricey for just a few new buildings.
  3. holy shit matt's back on youchew jim no one wants to play world of boarcrap we're talking about GOOD games right now A remaster of God Hand would be amazing, especially if they could run it at 60 FPS. I don't see it happening though :[
  4. i have a 24/7 stream of me kicking your head and kicking your ass again
  5. "...boxy, what's wrong?" "DON'T YOU EVER LEAVE ME WITH THAT FOOL AGAIN, I'LL SLIT YOU UP THE MIDDLE" "okay boxy--" "OKAY NOTHIN' MOTHA*record scratch* DID NOT FEEEEEEEED UUUUUUUUUS" "i w-i will know better next ti--" "HE PEED ON ME BITCH"
  6. i hope senpai posts naked kinky photos of me on a female-dominated website today

    1. MarioMKII


      Reich, where would I even find such a site?

      Do you even think half these fantasies through?

    2. DaftPunkYoshi


      I hope senpai sen-DIES.

    3. MarioMKII
  7. i really need to replay god hand one of these days
  8. From what I know, God Hand is not a difficult game to come across online. I think you can get some copies in decent condition for like, 12 bucks on eBay or Amazon. I actually got mine factory sealed at a now closed store in Tennessee for around the same price. Definitely one of the best purchases I ever made. But yeah please God Hand it's one of the best action games ever and needs more recognition
  9. Is DMC4 SE really that bad? I was thinking about getting it at some point. If it is, that's a real shame. DMC4 has one of the best PC ports of any console game ever. Even on my old god awful XP it ran flawlessly. Every PC port needs to learn from its example.
  10. Bioshock 1 and 2 gave you more options when it came to leveling up your character, and you could hold every weapon in the game. They also encouraged you to be experimental with the tools you're given. 2 especially. Infinite's combat is fun, but doesn't give you a lot to work with. You get two weapons at a time, whatever upgrades you can find, a limited number of charges of the game's equivalent of plasmids, and that's really it. Also, Infinite doesn't have hacking, which I found to be pretty disappointing. That was one of my favorite features.
  11. Lmao, well that explains a lot
  12. Bioshock 1 is tied for my second favorite game ever, it's damn near perfect in every way. It and God Hand are practically my game design bible. 2 has better combat, but is a bit lacking in every other category. Still a solid game, though. Infinite has fantastic atmosphere and characters, but the story is a bit too complex for my tastes, and I think most people will agree the gameplay is too shallow. I still enjoy it, but I don't know if I'll be replaying it any time soon. I will say however that it's worth checking out at least for curiosity's sake.
  13. people still use bitcoins?
  14. I'd love to play Cards Against Humanity via Tabletop Simulator, I'd also love to play Minecraft on Robotnikman's server But I'd be down for Overwatch, Smash 4 (3DS), or....uh, I don't know, TF2? Maybe?