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  1. my mom just appeared in my friends suggestions and now i am piss terrified for my personal safety thanks facebook :^))))))

  2. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Given that Transformers: Devastation was based on G1 Transformers (or at least the IDW comics) I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.
  3. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Apparently, Platinum Games is making a TMNT game Most people will probably be excited for the turtles, I'm hyped for Platinum :^)
  4. I Whipped Spider-Man's Ass Dance - Undertale OST

  5. the real reason starscream keeps trying to overthrow megatron but then swears allegiance to him is because he’s a switch

    1. VentXekart

      A light switch?

    2. SidewalkSurfboard

      You just reminded me of the Transformer sim I installed into my copy of the Sims 2

  6. The Animals of Farting Wood

  7. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    AND I just beat it It's probably my second favorite Platinum Games title behind Bayonetta, the boss fights with Soundwave are especially great
  8. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    i bought transformers devastation today if there's one good thing about thanksgiving; it's black friday on steam
  9. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    i’m downloading the ark survival evolved dev kit for the sole purpose of replacing the defecation sounds with cartoony fart noises i’m not kidding, by the way
  10. FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!

    1. TheOneManBoxOffice

      Did someone stub their tow?

  11. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    today i spent half an hour taming a parasaurolophus in ark survival evolved it died less than five minutes afterwards why does the universe hate waspinator me so much
  12. Gravity Falls

    I'm pretty sure it's because Spoiler of Gravity Falls having that weird dimensional shit that was mentioned in the episode with Stan's backstory  
  13. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    You'll spend more time with Isaac Undertale will spend more time with you Pretensions aside, I'd save up to get both, but if I had to pick only one, I'd proooooobably lean towards Undertale. Definitely get both at some point though, they're both great games that everyone should play