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  1. My orthdontist appointment is on the same day as Civil War so.....I might go see it afterwards??
  2. I've seen people say it's better than MoS, at least in terms of good scenes. I'm telling you man, BvS' reaction is all over the place from what I've seen.
  3. I think BvS is getting a way more mixed reaction than just being generally agreed to be shit. For the most part I haven't seen any two opinions on the movie that are exactly alike.

  5. General Film Discussion

    I think the fact we're still getting video game movies at all is a miracle, since they not only get terrible reviews but most of the timemake practically nothing at the box office. And no, Wreck-It Ralph doesn't count. It isn't based on a pre-existing video game.
  6. I highly doubt that superhero movies are going to completely fade away anytime soon. Sure, there may be a time where they don't rake in as much money, and I'm pretty sure the MCU is going to stop at some point;but the thing you have to remember is thatsuperheroes are, and always have been, a huge part of popular culture. Even taking out comic book fans or sci-fi fans in general, people love the idea of big action set pieces with characters that have godlike powers, who the fuck WOULDN'T want to live out that fantasy?
  7. Rick and Morty

    Honestly I would say Superjail is actually pretty tame comapred to Rick & Morty. Sure, Superjail is way more violent, but.....that's kinda it. It's just violent, with some skeevy stuff here and there. Nowadays violence isn't really going to offend anyone outside of hardcore conservative parents. R&M is not only violent but has some really disturbing imagery and jokes. That fucking jelly bean rapist I honestly think is ten times more disturbing than anything Superjail put out.

  9. alright ladies who's the lucky senpai that's gonna get to step on me today

    1. MarioMKII
    2. mrdavidatify


      junko enoshima's large titties

  10. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    hey, it can't be worse than WoW at least
  11. Dota 2

    either the team we just beat was shit or jim's bounty hunter is scary as fuck also i'm kind of starting to like bane
  12. welcome back....kinda???????????

  13. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    To be blunt, I hate this mentality of "just say the show sucks and be done with it". That, to me, basically translates to "stop expressing your opinion". Unless someone is non-jokinglycalling you an idiot for liking or not liking something, people should be allowed to go in-depth about why something sucks or doesn't suck. I mean, fuck, some of our favorite peoplethrive on criticism (AVGN, RedLetterMedia, MST3K, etc). On top of all this;transgender people are well within their rights to be as pissed about this as possible. Although I do think the whole "pickle museum" thing was just bad timing, since the Mayor on the show wasknown for his love pickles prior to the reboot. But still, yeah, it's pretty bad timing.
  14. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    The repeated voice clips might get kind of annoying, otherwise this looks pretty solid