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  1. Bioshock 1 and 2 gave you more options when it came to leveling up your character, and you could hold every weapon in the game. They also encouraged you to be experimental with the tools you're given. 2 especially. Infinite's combat is fun, but doesn't give you a lot to work with. You get two weapons at a time, whatever upgrades you can find, a limited number of charges of the game's equivalent of plasmids, and that's really it. Also, Infinite doesn't have hacking, which I found to be pretty disappointing. That was one of my favorite features.
  2. Lmao, well that explains a lot
  3. Bioshock 1 is tied for my second favorite game ever, it's damn near perfect in every way. It and God Hand are practically my game design bible. 2 has better combat, but is a bit lacking in every other category. Still a solid game, though. Infinite has fantastic atmosphere and characters, but the story is a bit too complex for my tastes, and I think most people will agree the gameplay is too shallow. I still enjoy it, but I don't know if I'll be replaying it any time soon. I will say however that it's worth checking out at least for curiosity's sake.
  4. people still use bitcoins?
  5. I'd love to play Cards Against Humanity via Tabletop Simulator, I'd also love to play Minecraft on Robotnikman's server But I'd be down for Overwatch, Smash 4 (3DS), or....uh, I don't know, TF2? Maybe?
  6. i did a little something for prison architect
  7. It's this: And I tried copying the image address; it didn't work
  8. Does the custom image frame command not work with Imgur links? Because it keeps giving me "invalid image URL".
  9. I kinda wish Rolfe talked about Virtual Stupidity a bit, that game is actually pretty damn good. Otherwise, this is a great review
  10. confession: i unironically love listening to "never gonna give you up"

  11. I mainly want Monster Hunter for the creature designs, ngl
  12. i hope senpai rips out my entire skeleton while leaving my fleshy blob of a body alive writhing in severe agony today

    1. Tapirtoon


      Is guro your kink?

  13. "we gonna call you double gene, gene squared, ain't that right? "HOW ABOUT I CALL YOU *fart noise*"
  14. While I do think the reaction to FF is a bit extreme, I wouldn't say the anger is wholly unjustified. Metroid hasn't seen a good game in almost a decade, and Nintendo has acted pretty shitty to fan projects trying to get it off the ground. Spin-offs are fine, but I think if you're running a company you also need to consider if it's a good idea to hold a carrot above your consumer's face, even if you do intend to actually deliver.
  15. The only known photo of Dirtfoot is at this gay pride parade. he's totally gay