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  1. I'm not sure how the hell a Portal movie would work; the whole game is about a silent protagonist and one or two snarky talking robots. It's possible, sure, but you would need a CRAZY talented director and/or writer to pull it off. J J Abrams to me just comes off as being "pretty good", from what I've seen. I think you would need a George Miller or someone like that. Hell, even a Half-Life movie I'm not sure could work without someone super talented behind it. Not to the extent of Portal, but still.
  2. Rampage: Total Destruction, a lot of Rampage fans say the controls are god awful but like....I never had any trouble with them. I can understand not liking it if Rampage in general isn't your thing, though, but I don't get why people who like the series are so harsh towards it :/ also Minecraft, to a much lesser extent, since hating it seems to be the cool thing now
  3. i just now realized that if you take that "&" out of at&t it sounds like "a titty"

  4. 24/7


  5. I doubt sales of the Java version will slow down enough for that to happen. The Java version still has stuff like custom skins, resource packs, and Forge. That kind of stuff is too appealing for the majority of people (especially PC gamers) to turn down. Sure, the Pocket Edition will still get an obscene amount of sales, if only for the fact people love the idea of playing Minecraft on the go, but I don't think the Java version is going anywhere. Although, if that does happen, and Forge does basically take it over, that'd probably be alright too. Especially if they could get the features from the PE version onto the Java version. Really though, worst-case scenario, if Microsoft (or possibly Mojang) does pull the plug on mod support for the Java version, their PR will absolutely tank. The internet is pretty fucking vocal about shitty business decisions, and this wouldn't help. It happened with the Xbone and Windows 8's god awful UI, and if it happens with Minecraft, there's no way on God's green Earth people will let it slide. idk i just like being optimistic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Microsoft has been trying to up their PR points recently, so I doubt they would pull such a boneheaded move. It's possible, mind you, but doubtful.
  7. With all due respect; that's like, one tweet dude. I haven't seen any other sources that say add-ons for the Java version are out of the question. If anything, the evidence I've seen so far points to the contrary. Are you sure they're an official developer? Their description just says they worked for DICE at one point. Plus the account isn't verified.
  8. I think he just said it will be the last one that will encompass all 31 days of October, which is still kind of sad, but at least he still plans to continue the series (from what I know).
  9. i hope senpai locks me in a room filled with hoards of creepers and beheaded kamikazes today

    1. Tapirtoon


      You ever think about writing horror stories?

  10. congrats on getting your admin status back!

  11. I think they're kind of already working on that, given the future addition of add-ons and all.
  12. http://jurassicoutpost.com/trailer-release-schedule-lego-jurassic-world-indominus-escape-short-film/ yeah, i'm looking forward to this
  13. Might as well post this http://mojang.com/2016/09/coming-soon-111-for-pc-mac-brings-menaces-mansions-maps/ Definitely looking forward to the woodland mansions. That shit looks tiiiiiiiiiight
  14. ngl, if a character from undertale or some other indie game i like shows up, i will buy this shit in a heartbeat. i don't even care that i'm not into collect-a-thons also i still need to play shovel knight one of these days
  15. Well, it seems like WorldEdit doesn't work anymore. Whenever I try to use the //set command, it gives me this: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: null Using other WE commands give me similar results.