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  1. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    The main world has been vacant the last few times I have been on. Where is everything happening usually? I keep seeing posts that seem to be about other locations, and there seem to be portals to other overworlds in the spawn point, but they are not active. I was setting up a sheep farm tower, but it seems like it may be in vain if there is no one looking to build wool stuff on the main server.
  2. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    I finally managed to log in to the server! I like it! Reminds me of my favorite server. Are there any days or times of day that there are typically multiple people on the server?
  3. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    I would like to join the server; it seems to be down at the moment, though. Name: FuturesPassed Is the info in the original post updated/still accurate?
  4. Nintendo New™ Super™ 3DS™ Thread™™

    I got the new 3DS XL and enjoy most of the improvements to the feel, and I especially like the new location for the game cartridge since with the old one my bored fingers sometimes popped the game out during gameplay. They used to have a solution to that in the old game boy, where the power switch had a piece that, when you turned the game on, locked the cartridge into place. That I like less about it is the stylus insert location and the locked away micro thumb drive. I gave my old 3DS to my girlfriend in hopes that she gets the slightest bit into it.
  5. What are you eating/drinking right now?

    Drinking Sanpellegrino Pompelmo (Just a fancy name for sparkling grapefruit water, 16% juice.) Just ate Italian sausage ravioli a little while ago.
  6. What was the last CD that you got.

    Dead Inside/Psycho (CD double single) by Muse
  7. What editing software do you use?

    I think I miss the layout I spent about three years getting accustomed to. I feel like SV7 has more stuff, but I may have just been looking in the wrong places in the new one.
  8. The Guitar Thread: Drop Z Edition

    Those are my only two guitars that are decent. I have two others; a playable Squier"Strat" (knockoff-ish butlicensedStratocaster) and an old Kingston which has a bent neck and a bridge set weird so it's nearly unplayable. It came with a pretty cool amp case (the guitar fits inside a fold-open amp) though. I also own a few other guitar-like instruments.
  9. The Guitar Thread: Drop Z Edition

    Oh, no, I wish I had the skills to do that (though, I do know how it's done, which is a pretty cool process in itself). On that one I changed out the Humbucker pickup for something a little stronger. It was actually a super metal-oriented pickup, but that's not what I was going for. I got a nice rougher tone out of it, which works great with fuzz pedals.
  10. The Guitar Thread: Drop Z Edition

    This is a super old picture from 2007 or 2008, but I still own both of these. Jackson DK1 on the left, Fender 12-string acoustic on the right. All my electric guitars are personally modified in some way.
  11. Foods you love that others hate

    I am a picky eater, so I think the closest I come to something like this is polenta.
  12. What was the last CD that you got.

    I have two discs coming in the mail at the moment, but the last one I actually got was the Deluxe Edition Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, which is both "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" and the original score.
  13. Last.FM Exchange Thread

    I am still rocking the Futures Passed name I have been using for various stuff since 2006, that site in particular since January 2009. Not too fond of the functionality of the new site, but I like how it looks.
  14. Road Sign Image Spam

  15. VG Music Spam