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  1. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic Post your dreams   

    I dreamed I was in some classroom with people I've never met before for some reason. Then all of a sudden we have to go to some ancient ruins on a mountain & explore it. I saw Indiana Jones before sleeping so that probably explains it. Anyway we reach the mountain & we have to fend off monsters I think. During some point in the dream I had written 2 songs. I'd never heard of the lyrics before so I assumed my brain was at work there. The lyrics were written like a comic with each panel having an illustration & below it there was a line of the song. Thing is it sounded really good to me. Now I don't even remember what the lyrics are. All I know is the word "machine" is in it & one of the pictures was like some native American guys on a raft in the ocean with spears attacking something. It's been driving me crazy all day.
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  2. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic How Many Subscribers Do You Have?   

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  3. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic Explain your Signature   

    A creepy Kermy I was able to make up in Photoshop from two other pictures I found.
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  4. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic Counter the Above Image!   

    All crime is legalized.
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  5. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic Donkey Kong Thread   

    I kinda wish this wasn't the announcement they were talking about earlier, but heck anything's better than nothing & I'm actually excited. This can mean a lot for Smash Bros. Can't wait to play this.
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  6. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic Garfield Generator   

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  7. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic What's Your Most Acclaimed Poop and Least Acclaimed Poop?   

    Most acclaimed is "YouTube Poop: Super Pooper Hotel Mario" with 390 likes & 170 disliked (+217).
    I have two least acclaimed. "YTPMV - MMMMunchy Morshu" & "YTP: It's More Fun Time When Jane Lynch Breaks Into Your Home Just To Play Xbox 360" both with 3 likes & 5 dislikes (-2). Not posting any because they're just awful.
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  8. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat: Resurrection   

    Anyone know of a game called Hybrid? It was developed by 5th Cell who created the Scribblenauts series. It's a really interesting cover based third-person shooter that had me into it but sadly for me it's only available on XBLA. I only wish it was on other platforms like PC. Anyway, has anyone ever played it before? What did you think of it?
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  9. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic Words That Make People Laugh For No Reason   

    Hubble cucumber
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  10. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic Threads/Posts you're not sure if you should make due to fear of negative reception or lack of interest   

    I like the idea but it may end up with a very disorganized look. I dunno though, that's just me. I do think it would make actual source threads a lot easier to find in Media Library.
    Recently had a similar idea for Poop Talk but instead of requesting sources, people ask for poops to be made. They post the source(s) & somebody else returns with a poop with those sources used. Whether somebody doesn't have it in them to make the video or they really want their favorite pooper to make it etc. is up to the poster. Thoughts?
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  11. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic You're Favorite Avatar III   

  12. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic What Game Consoles Do You Have?   

    Consoles: N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360.
    Handhelds: GBA, DS, DSi, 3DS, PSP
    Used to have a Super Nintendo but my dad gave it away long ago.
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  13. KingSquiggle added a post in a topic VG Music Spam   

    Ahh the memories.
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