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    1. KingSquiggle

      Thank you kind stranger.

  2. Happy birthday even though you're probably not going to read this

    1. KingSquiggle

      Thanks dude. Sorry we don't talk anymore. I remember back then I would always think about something to post or someone to have a conversation with. And I enjoyed thinking those things & sharing them but now I feel that time is gone. My mind doesn't think about that anymore. So if I make my presence now I might try really hard to recreate how I felt before although that's not what my mind thinks of anymore. I don't know... it's weird to explain but that's what's...

    2. Doom

      Don't feel bad about it. You shouldn't force yourself to fit back in here if that's how you feel about it. Truth be told, I thought you had already forgotten about this place and did not expect you to read, let alone respond to my post, so thanks a lot for taking the time to do so!

      I hope I didn't come off as accusatory in my previous post in any way. I could have worded it a bit better, looking back.

  3. Ha ha! Oscar's dad's a tongue scrubber!

  4. Anyone else's YouTube videos not working?

  5. An amazing resurrected dog corpse that will replace your dad and make you feel great eternally.

    1. Superchops

      Beat that, faggot.

    2. Superchops

      (Bob Bubbers 1 is a Christian man. How rude of Bob Bubbers 2.)

  6. Ramses is number one, he knows the secrets of desire.

    1. VentXekart


    2. Parpadoo

      Ramses is the best he sets the audience on fiiiiyaaaaaaah

    3. SteelyGilgamesh



  7. I should've asked Doc Ock to lend me a hand.

  8. How Many Subscribers Do You Have?

  9. I like the idea but it may end up with a very disorganized look. I dunno though, that's just me. I do think it would make actual source threads a lot easier to find in Media Library.   Recently had a similar idea for Poop Talk but instead of requesting sources, people ask for poops to be made. They post the source(s) & somebody else returns with a poop with those sources used. Whether somebody doesn't have it in them to make the video or they really want their favorite pooper to make it etc. is up to the poster. Thoughts?
  10. VG Music Spam

      Ahh the memories.
  11. General Film Discussion

    I recently saw Django Unchained. I thought it was an amazing film but I couldn't help but think Christoph Waltz' voice bore a strong resemblance to that of Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight although I'm pretty sure many others here have thought this too.
  12. How Many Subscribers Do You Have?

    246. I CAN FEEL THE 250.
  13. I don't know what's in 'em, I just know I can't stop smoking 'em.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MrTomato26

      is it pot

      'cause if it is i'm gonna have to confiscate it

    3. Cloaytonem2

      Is it maize?

      'cause if it is I'm gonna have to cornfiscate it.

    4. Yoshit

      The smoking lamp is out while conducting sweepers.

  14. I could've sworn A.I. was the one with Robin Williams.