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  1. Your favorite memes

    I thought Karate Kyle was kinda clever, until my friends started abusing it on Skype. Though the 60s Spider-man Reaction Images has some funny captions to them, though only a few of them are memorable to me.
  2. "Tastes like gay"? That's not funny or original. User loses posting privileges for 3 days.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rokťo

      Can't spell, also is dumb. User loses posting privileges for 3 days.

    3. Doctorshyguy

      tastes like a die-uh-ruh

    4. Markie

      [uSER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST] (Reason: unfunny reaction pic)

  3. The D'aww Thread

    I had this as a sig once: D'awwwwww
  4. Put peoples avatars onto images(When Cartoon Sigs Collide)

    I used 2nnt's avatar for this:
  5. Stupid YouTube Comments You Found

    That joke could not have been delivered any worse, I'm sure of it.
  6. YouTube video spam

  7. you think... we should... have MORE sex?

  8. What Do You Think Of The Above Poop?

    The Mario doll part was hilarious IMO.
  9. The Plot Poop collab

    This is a collab dedicated to plot poops, basically, videos with a silly story going on, usually accompanied with animation and such. Examples of plot poops: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvNvo8A1Knk Rules: - You can use any video editor that you want, if your editor has limitations, you can use other programs like Audacity and Photoshop to help you out. Your poop does not have to be heavy with special effects, animation, sentence mixing, or sprites as long as it is funny then it should be good. - Your plot poop can be sentence mixing only, or contain no sentence mixing at all if you want, the use of imported animation, effects, sprites, sound effects are advised but not a necessity. - You can use any source(s) that you want, though try to pick a source that would work well with your plot idea. - The plot can be anything you like, it can be corssovers with other sources or whathave you, just try your best to be as random, creative and funny as possible. - Watermark your video, but ensure that the watermark does not get in the way of the action going on in your poop. - Your entry can be any length that you like, so long as it is longer than one minute. - Upload your entries to YouTube and a downloadable Mediafire link. - Please try to be as funny and creative as possible, if I receive entries I don't want it to be plots that have been done to death before. If you wish to enter, or have any additional questions, post in this thread and I'll add you to the list/answer your question as soon as I can. No deadline as of yet, I'll set one when/if I receive entries. Entries so far: 1. DrStudioManTonic 2. Simon Belmont Painting 3.
  10. Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa and Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghosts of Christmas past are two fun and challenging freeware games that I would recommend. :D

  11. Your Favorite Posts On Websites Other Than Youchew

    I personally find the Leper Colony (the banned and probation list) from Something Awful to be quite funny, even though a lot of the time the mods can get really harsh with their punishments and their reasons.
  12. YouTube video spam

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPK67QdDFwM&feature=g-u&context=G2d38efbFUAAAAAAACAA So wrong, yet so right.
  13. Happy Birthday

  14. Umbro

    1. The annoying bird

      more like scrthh mmbro

    2. Crazy Luigi

      It sounds like PING WHOOP to me.

    3. SpamNapkin

      the 90s

      umbro shirts everywhere

  15. What Do You Think Of The Above Poop?

    It was not my cup of tea, personally, but it was not a bad poop.