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  1. Post a picture of YOUR FACE

    I'm somewhere in that crowd
  2. Hat Sodomy 2 does any one have anything they would like in here also I uncrated an unusual the other day :3
  3. The Simpsons I think this was one of the best momments in the past years
  4. Finding Nemo 2

    so the full title will be finding nemo 2: dude wheres's my fish?
  5. Plot Holes

    the entire sixth season of Supernatural
  6. Post a picture of YOUR FACE

  7. Plot Holes

    here's a plot hole in Prometheus why does David infect the crew with the goo?
  8. Plot Holes

    in south park it's been shown that jews have no rhythm yet Kyle is able to play guitar hero to perfection
  9. Strange Websites do i win something?
  10. Guess who's back?

    i used to known as hemanlovepancakes
  11. Guess who's back?

  12. Guess who's back?

    HI pimps, god i haven't said that in years
  13. General Video Game Discussion Thread

    great now I no longer have a game that has no xp love
  14. sounds like a good movie if you're high on crack
  15. Team Fortress 2

    What map were you playing on? I wore them at 2Fort and nothing happened. it worked for me on doomsday