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  1. Okay, finally got everything fixed up and at least made it decent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_0-BiUAhqo
  2. Robotnik Doesn't Approve of Your Vagina by LieutentantGwo. Sadly, he lost it somehow or other and it's basically gone forever.
  3. AUGH, sorry for dying there. I rendered it and everything, realized it was bad, then managed to fuck up the video somehow. This is going to take a long time to correct.
  4. My entry is nearly complete. It will be finished by tomorrow.
  5. It's even a fish is the only part where I laughed.
  6. I love MilesTailsPrower
  7. That was hilarious.
  8. HotFriedSkadoosh, Shroomhead1, TheChairman45, LieutenantGwo, DualScreen77
  9. Imo, edit heavier and work on your sentence mixing This was a bit repetitive Snap-to-frame and quantize to frames helps a lot when you first try sentence mixing (assuming you use Vegas)
  10. I didn't XD I only have like 5 poops atm, the first one was Rick Steves, second used a variety of things, third was mostly Steven Raichlen Then I found Paul Hewitt My biggest obstacle is probably not the sources I use, but my lack of experience with Vegas.
  11. When people skimp on sentence mixing or actual jokes and try to make up for it with tons of repeats.
  12. Sweet. I always end up getting pooper's block, so this might take a bit >_< I always end up getting things started and then get distracted by something else before I finish.
  13. I'll be using Mythbusters -- when do we need entries done by?