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  1. Okay, finally got everything fixed up and at least made it decent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_0-BiUAhqo
  2. Favourite poop ever?

    Robotnik Doesn't Approve of Your Vagina by LieutentantGwo. Sadly, he lost it somehow or other and it's basically gone forever.
  3. AUGH, sorry for dying there. I rendered it and everything, realized it was bad, then managed to fuck up the video somehow. This is going to take a long time to correct.
  4. My entry is nearly complete. It will be finished by tomorrow.
  5. KROBO IS BACK!! YAY!1!1! [in b4 lock] LUL

    It's even a fish is the only part where I laughed.
  6. I love MilesTailsPrower
  7. President Clinton Kidnaps a Fat Man

    That was hilarious.
  8. who is your favorite pooper

    HotFriedSkadoosh, Shroomhead1, TheChairman45, LieutenantGwo, DualScreen77
  9. MrRoboto113 has an intervention about his cock

    Imo, edit heavier and work on your sentence mixing This was a bit repetitive Snap-to-frame and quantize to frames helps a lot when you first try sentence mixing (assuming you use Vegas)
  10. Most beginner poopers use common sources?

    I didn't XD I only have like 5 poops atm, the first one was Rick Steves, second used a variety of things, third was mostly Steven Raichlen Then I found Paul Hewitt My biggest obstacle is probably not the sources I use, but my lack of experience with Vegas.
  11. What grinds your gears in poops?

    When people skimp on sentence mixing or actual jokes and try to make up for it with tons of repeats.
  12. Sweet. I always end up getting pooper's block, so this might take a bit >_< I always end up getting things started and then get distracted by something else before I finish.
  13. I'll be using Mythbusters -- when do we need entries done by?