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  1. Girla PurpleHeart vs jacobketron vs. Sid vs. GameBop vs. RAZOR

    RAZ0R has not lost his edge, I see.
  2. I've been pleasantly surprised by some of the matches in the tournament, specifically involving people relatively or very new to tennis. Can't wait to get the second set up and going!
  3. Manga/Anime Image Spam III

  4. YTPsource vs. vvaluigi

    Welcome back vvaluigi!
  5. Just because he's suspended from the site doesn't mean you can't tennis him.
  6. Roaster Toaster Update     And with my recent match with DJninjalovemistake finished, I qualify for the Tourney Athlete Award. YIPPEE
  7. MVT, Set 1: djninjalovemistake + AshcrementVII (DONE, VOTE)

    Final Round   Thanks for a really fun match, DJ!  
  8. YTP Tennis Matches You Would Like To See

    I'm up for it as well, whenever your mood strikes.   OT: Cyggie vs. fiv (AGAIN)
  9. MVT, Set 1: ReaderGamerSinger vs. Cyggie. (DONE, VOTE)

    Cool Tennis Bro
  10. MVT, Set 1: Nineroe vs. MycroProcessor

    Love all the call backs to other rounds Mycro has done.
  11. Undertale Image Spam

  12. Happy birthday you Smonge, you

    1. Smonge


      Many thanks!