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  1. I have no idea how this week is going to go (I recently moved back to my old job and just got moved in to my apartment today) with my new work schedule. It shouldn't effect me too much, but today was long and tiring. (and tomorrow is looking to be fairly busy as well with various transfer things needing to be done) That being said, I need to request a 48 hour extension. If I need more time on top of that, I'll let you know.
  2. ChrisGendo's Serve THE RULES (for our Viewers at Home) This match will go 6 rounds and will alternate between the four players until the final two rounds, which will be full collaboration rounds. Initially, the first four rounds will go like this: Round 1 - ChrisGendo Round 2 - Biodegradable Round 3 - AshcrementVII Round 4 - LaVieCestLoL Round 5 - ChrisGendo + AshcrementVII Collaboration Round 6 - Biodegradable + LaVieCestLoL Collaboration The main difference between this Doubles match and the ones you can find in the old Doubles Cup Tournament is that during the first four rounds, the partners can collaborate together on each round, but there is a definite leader. For example, in Round 1, ChrisGendo created the bulk of the round and I added a few things where I could. I also provided Gendo with a few segments and he took them and incorporated them into the round. Ultimately, he decided the topic and flow of the round and I merely did back up assistance. GOOD LUCK GENTLEMEN
  3. Good lord that was wonderful
  4. Round 2: This is Round Two I Hope You Thought it was Poo AdventureTimeFan Will Call it One Smiley Fun Dinner Blaster Thank you for cumming
  5. We could do it all collab or, if you want to stick to the RAK variant ... I think it should go You-Bio-Me-LaVie-Us-Them we could also do sort of a hybrid. The person "in charge" of the round constructs the majority of the round, then gives it to their partner to add/tweak or whatnot, then gives it back and the round is either tweaked further by the "leader" of that round and uploaded. We're free to bounce it back and forth, but trying to stay "on topic" with what our partner is constructing and trying to communicate.
  6. Me and you vs. Bio and LaVie Old FUCKS vs. New FUCKS
  7. Our Doubles Match versus Gamebop and Trepmaws was the absolute DINNER
  8. LaVie and I have almost been doing a Duel without really planning it. His use of the new source he added in Round 4 (That Kevin Steen promo) was gold and used elements of the last round really well.
  9. The Doubles Cup, specifically the last two rounds of each match, was a great time to collaborate. Gendou and I spent a lot of time sending files back and forth and figuring out how to meld everything together. I still consider the last round we did in the tournament very highly. One of my favorites, for sure.
  11. Well, I guess there's only one thing left to do ...
  12. Heading to Tokyo Game Show today for the ultimate ASSCREME birthday experience.