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  1. Happy Birthday FXexpert!
  2. The feeling is more than mutual. Our off and on conversations over the years has more or less lead me to believe we could have a special tennis conversation if we ever felt the natural desire and spark to do so. If I had to draw a comparison to matches I've done in the past with people who are not as active as they used to be ... it would probably flow like my Lupin III match with UncleChuck. Recently, I'm not as keen on doing effects heavy rounds as I am on just doing ... subtle things. (sometimes I feel like I'm perhaps being too subtle and not messing up the sources as much as I could and/or should) To put it briefly ... a tennis match with you sometime down the line would be:
  3. Definitely the "Heeeeeeeere's LIMP BIZKIT" bit as well as the two guy's recreating the "It's a Stone Luigi" segment with "FISH" at the end.
  4. I have to say that your Fire Emblem YTP was totally unexpected when I first started watching it. I still haven't sat down and actually finished watching it because I keep finding myself wanting to go back and rewatch portions of it because of the things I find both clever and hilarious. It was more reminders of why I really enjoy your solo RPG YTPs and get inspiration for some of my own ideas. (albeit they are usually smaller in scope and not nearly as well crafted as I feel yours are) Videos like that one just take me back to when I was first getting into YTP and tennis and enjoyed learning about the "craft".
  5. It's good to see veteran players return to chat about tennis and other things. Gendo and Furnessly sounds smashing.
  6. SE(x)IS
  7. No apology necessary as far as I'm concerned. Good to see you back!
  8. The Book of Faces tells me that today is Foghorn Scorpio's day of birth, so I will wish him a fantastic day of good as well as a good day of DINNER.
  9. He was staying pretty busy last I heard from him. (A year ago for me as well) I imagine that hasn't changed. Hohoho
  10. I wonder how NS2 is doing ...
  11. A tennis round. Round 4 vs. TehShadzify in our rematch. Delicious Balls
  12. Glad you enjoyed! Now you must prepare yourself and declare, triumphantly, that it is ...
  13. Round 4