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  1. Ravin needs to stop making tennis rounds I want to respond to. ;3
  2. DOS
  4. The Serve Round Two
  5. Clever audio in Round 3 is CLEVER. Very nicely done.
  6. Excellent conversation so far
  7. Your "art" says absolutely nothing but "look at me, look at me" and is narcissistic arrogance. Go jerk yourself off if you want, but not in my face. This is a conversation, not an invitation to blow your load all over the place. You may see it as something "meaningful" or "insightful" or whatever you feel about your rounds here, but I just see an absolute self-centered mess that I have to try and make something out of. No comment, no continuation of dialogue, just a trio of videos that feel more like serves or standalone videos than actual volleys. This match isn't light vs. dark or optimism vs. pessimism; it wasn't even you vs. me. I made a serve and you made a "nothing". My conversation to you is ignored and put in the background so you can take center stage in your own "volley" (I use that term loosely) and proceed do whatever the fuck that was. Take what I crafted and do something, anything, with it. Don't treat it like it doesn't matter because you don't want to address it. You're talking to ME here, not taking every opportunity to bask in your own glory and proclaim how much "things have changed" or "look at this thing that's all about me". I have no desire to talk ABOUT you, I showed up to talk TO you. Don't continue giving me this pretentious garbage and expect me to play your game and only your game without even attempting to jump into my "realm" and "face the darkness". This isn't a party. I don't care if what I have to say to you in this context makes me fun at parties. It's just you and me, fucker. Your chance to engage me in tennis conversation. And you're boring as shit.
  8. A very, very handsome tennis serve.