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  1. Smonge added a post in a topic Post what's on your mind 2   

    The harder it gets the more stalwart it's making me. It only costs my enthusiasm and personality to be better at this, which at this point I'm just like "whatever, man--let's get this done."
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  2. Smonge added a post in a topic [General Poop Discussion] If You Want To Hear, Bathroom   

    Haha, I can definitely attest to that. I always called my masking "lazy masking." I was an impulse editor and just vaguely masking a polygonal frame around a character/item was how I did it. Delivery was important, though, so I put more time into redrawing the mask and keyframing it than making sure I had the mask perfectly cut. It looks disorganized and frantic, but I thought that made it sillier.
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  3. Smonge added a post in a topic Sect C Japanese Animals [easy to POST Lounge]   

    I joined when I was twenty. In fact, yesterday was my fifth anniversary here! If anything I was too mature and bland.
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  4. Smonge added a post in a topic General Computer Discussion Thread   

    Today I forced the upgrade to Windows 10. Mostly out of extreme curiosity than any real need to. To be honest, it's actually really slick. I'm a little embarrassed that I flung so much mud over it earlier. Blocking ads through my host file and disabling some of the more invasive features and it actually might shape up to be the successor Windows 7 deserved.
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  5. Smonge added a post in a topic The Rice Thread   

    In most towns there's usually an Asian market hidden away that most people overlook. You'll likely find many kinds of rice there. In all likelihood, it's probably fair to say that if you have a Chinese restaurant in town, you probably also have an Asian market where they probably get their ingredients from. Where I live, the market is also a restaurant which makes it a fun Saturday out to go there.
    But for me, most rice is fine. I typically just grab a bag of cheap stuff at work for a buck. Usually brown rice because I'm eating healthier these days. I like making enough to cover dinner for one night which then allows me to fry it the next day for lunch.
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  6. Smonge added a post in a topic Coffee and Tea   

    I've been drinking a lot of ginger tea lately. I'm not terribly picky how I make my hot beverages, either. I've honestly just been cutting wedges off a root of ginger and pouring boiling water over them to make it. It's tea in two minutes, which is about as fast as I need it.
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  7. Smonge added a post in a topic What game have you just recently played?   

    Been playing GTA V a lot. I can't be bothered to care about missions or the plot, honestly. Just driving around and exploring make it for me.
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  8. Smonge added a post in a topic [General Poop Discussion] If You Want To Hear, Bathroom   

    Here's the kicker--we owned (well, Conrad owned, I don't know if TINS/Snore/Dopply ever actually had it transferred to them) and regrettably lost that domain too. And another tasty tid-bit is that we still own, but opted for YouChew instead. I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but I think we switched names because of real concerns of being mistaken for a scat fetishist web site by the hosting provider we had back then.
    I wanted to stay back then because I had grave concerns about the staff misplacing the site's priorities of being a YTP site and thankfully it never lost that focus. I still refer to it as the ol' YCP  for short, though.
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  9. Smonge added a post in a topic Minecraft: Lotsa blocks   

    For anybody interested--if like me you are awaiting Windows 10 to be upgraded today, you should head on over to Mojang's site and reserve a free voucher for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta. It should be like Pocket Edition, except you can use mouse/keyboard controls.
    I'm really wondering, though, what the long term plans for a native game of Minecraft like this are. It's pretty much Minecraft coded in C++ instead of Java, which is what everybody wants apparently.
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  10. Smonge added a post in a topic Minecraft: Lotsa blocks   

    Mojang's session servers have been down, apparently. Victims of a DDOS attack. I was wondering why my skin hasn't been working all day. Issue here is that if sessions are down, you can't connect to servers. So if you can't connect to the server today, it's very likely that it's up, but that your client can't authenticate with Mojang's session servers.

    The quick fix would be restarting the server in offline mode but that's not terribly secure and this issue will likely be fixed by tomorrow. Surely they must be faster about mitigating DOS attacks than releasing snapshots or api's, eh?
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  11. Smonge added a post in a topic Foods that you don't like   

    Meats and sweets just don't mix with me. I see so many recipes that involve cooking beef or chicken with some kind of tart fruit like orange, cherry or cranberry and I just find that completely unappealing.
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  12. Smonge added a post in a topic What are you eating/drinking right now?   

    I just downed the last cup of coffee in the pot. Not even lukewarm, and the last few dregs of grounds nearly made me gag apart from the rancid flavor. I could have made instant and it still would have tasted a lot better.
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  13. Smonge added a post in a topic Recipe Sharing & Cooking General   

    Where I work I can buy a small wedge of salmon for a dollar. What I've done the last two times with it have been putting it on a lightly greased baking sheet to prevent sticking. The salmon I simply salt and pepper with a bit of lemon-pepper seasoning as well, and brush it with olive oil because I love the flavor. Doesn't take that long to bake--ten minutes tops. With it I've made brown rice and steamed broccoli--easy stuff you don't need a recipe for and just a grasp of basic cooking methods. I suppose it's a pretty healthy, cheap meal that doesn't need a lot of time to prepare and those are my favorite kinds.
    I'd love to know more recipes that follow this sort of no-measurement/cheap-bastard/no-time-to-cook common sense style. Put some salmon in the oven--easy. Make rice--easy. Steam vegetables--easy. It's a meal in twenty minutes.
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  14. Smonge added a post in a topic Things you want   

    I really want to find a way to make some beer money using YouTube. Not a living--just enough so that I don't have to keep living paycheck to paycheck. An extra $30 buffer each month would fill in these gaps where the hours are down at work and I don't have to worry about overdrawing my bank just to buy gas.
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  15. Smonge added a post in a topic What scrubs your dinner   

    That's DSL hell for me. Wish there were a better alternative out in the country.
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