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  1. Foods that you don't like

    Liver, in general. Beef liver especially. I can almost get past the idea of eating internal organs since that's not a line too far crossed from eating meat in general, but the smell and flavor of it triggers my gag reflex in a far out an happening way. And while my cousin was staying with us he cooked squid once. The smell was just so unpalatable that I was extremely happy I had to work all night and could justify getting some Bell on the way home. But the kitchen still stank by the time I got home...
  2. What is the video editing software you used to use?

    I used to edit with WMM on a Asus Eee PC 1005HAB. It had 2GB of RAM, GMA950 intel graphics and a 10.1'' screen. It was fucking agonizing. I then switched to Vegas 7 on a Compaq Presario SR1103WM from 2004. The RAM situation wasn't much better, but 7 was a single-core CPU driven program that did pretty good on a 3ghz Celeron so it got me through my YTP early life. Then I built my own PC and stuck with 7 for a while. When I realized it wasn't making full use of my quad-core phenom and Radeon 5550, I permanently moved to 12.
  3. When did you first get into YTP?

    A story I've told so many times and still love telling. It was January 2010 and for the first time ever we had an internet service that wasn't dial-up (but we're still living in DSL-Hell out in the country). I was looking for Tourettes Guy dubbed over cartoons because I thought that was hot shit back then (and still kinda do). I found a video called Super Tourettes Bros. It's kind of a grey area since I don't think the author was intentionally trying to make a YTP, but I'd classify that it pretty much meets my barest expectations for YTP. The first time I was fully aware I was watching a YTP, though was with All Toasters Must Die. That was probably back in April or May of 2010. I feel it interesting to note that unlike a lot of people who got into this in their early teens or younger, I was 20 when I got into YTP.
  4. Emulation

    It's taken a few cios changes and some fiddling with USB Loader GX, but I'm pleased with the results. Gabe and I gonn play some Animal Crossin', now.
  5. It's Gronic the Hedgerd...

  6. I'm going to invest in enough Bengay to fill a small tub and just get into that after work instead of bed and a heating pad.

  7. Youtube Problems

    I'm guessing it's because they solely use bots to crawl for copyrighted content but never had the good sense to make it recursively check for uploaded content against new content.
  8. General Computer Discussion Thread

    Steam has literally thousands of free-to-play games, and TF2 is among them.
  9. General Computer Discussion Thread

    And personally, I lost my first copy of Ocarina of Time snapping its connector off where you plug the game--so you gotta be more ginger and less rough than I was with the carts when I had a GameShark. Oh shit, though--I just realized I still have the VHS tape that came with my GameShark Pro when I got it back in '99.
  10. General Computer Discussion Thread

    I found a neat little article on how to do N64 carts with a GameShark Pro/Action Replay. I almost think the real bottleneck here, though, is having a PC handy that actually still has a parallel port. I've personally been considering getting a very specific disc drive to dump my GCN/Wii discs merely out of the sheer curiosity of what they'd look like at 1080p/60fps on the Dolphin emulator.
  11. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    Snapshot time! 16w20a. I might do another snapshot server. I gotta find cheap hosting first.
  12. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    It just occurred to me tonight while updating to 1.9.4 that I can't recall the last time I used the vanilla launcher. I switched to MultiMC some time last year and it's been awesome at managing versions and modpacks. I rather hope one day MultiMC can pull mods and packs directly from Curse.
  13. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    I actually pulled the snapshot server once 1.9 released properly. However, I have a backup of the world I can pass on to Robo and he can upload it to the server. It's worth saying that I also resigned as an admin on the server so I don't have FTP access anymore to mess with the files myself.
  14. Best advice I can give you would be as opposed to Spyhunter, use Spybot, Search and Destroy. It's regarded as the gold standard in anti-spyware software. What confuses me is that is a domain owned by Google for content delivery purposes. The domain itself is clean, but I could imagine malware designed to send you to an ad delivered from there to artificially inflate its hits ergo its ad revenue.
  15. Worst communities you have been in

    Ubuntu Forums. Step 1: Ask question Step 2: Told to google it Step 3: Find a link back to Ubuntu Forums Step 4: Post is seven years old and obsolete, or completely unresolved (with a reply to google it). I think some people genuinely have no idea what the fucking purpose of a forum is supposed to be. You store the knowledge of the community there as answers to questions so people can find it by googling it later.