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  1. I searched around a bit and saw we don't have any topics talking about this wonderful slice of niche trolling. Meet KenM--Kenneth McCarthy, a copywriter for Comedy Central who uses the persona of a confused old man who goes by the handle KenM fighting stupidity with stupidity on the Yahoo! News comment sections. It's really a brilliant strain of trolling I thought we'd appreciate here... hopefully we're not so displaced from ye olde days we still have a fondness and appreciation for good trolling. I never really know, anymore. And yeah--like it or not there's a large aggregation of screencaps of his comments in its own subreddit. If you don't like that, he's got a tumblr and twitter as well. A few of my favorites-- And wtf even happened to the spoilers being nested--I have no idea and editing without access to the html is complete balls.
  2. I thought it was insane when I picked this cooler when my stock one reached the end of its life. It's not a traditional heatsink design but on my Phenom I went from 50 degrees to a constant 26. Mounting it was a huge pain in the ass--I really thought I was about to snap my motherboard in two trying to saddle it. Switching to it and some Noctuas for the positive and negative pressure was a brilliant choice, though. The only thing I can hear on my rig is the hum of the power supply's fan.
  3. You're kidding me. Admittedly it was like 2011 last I looked at OpenShot. It was wrapped in GTK which to work in Windows you needed Cygwin to compile it and all of its dependencies (right down to X11, as well) to get a Windows binary and even then you were lucky to make it work. In its Linux builds, it was crashy and didn't let you do fine, precision editing and its best feature was it was really, really good at crashing. I stand corrected, nonetheless. It must have gotten better.
  4. Jesus christ, what a tragedy. I don't care which side anybody's on--whether you want to say the internet made him this way or his environment made him this way (or you want to argue internet is environment, fine). That doesn't matter right now pointing the finger of blame--what matters now is what he does next. This guy needs help. If not willingly, he needs to be dragged out of his home to the ER, and committed to the state's care and put in a mental health facility. He's still young'ish--he doesn't have to die and die a miserable, non-functioning human in an environment that only caters to his further self-destruction.
  5. He asked about OpenShot, which is Linux only. It's not a far jump to assume that he only wants suggestions for Linux related software. You're right, though. I've been making the argument for editors like WMM for nearly six years.
  6. Ahahah, oh wow, I never would have expected it. Bandicam runs absolutely fucking flawlessly in WINE. Capturing audio is finicky, but doable as you simply need to change your PulseAudio device from output to input (makes sense). But it's super stable and the files look amazing.
  7. No, use Kdenlive. I main Linux these days. You'll more have the tools a YTP'er needs with Kdenlive. And don't get it from your local repos--get it straight from the source for the most current bug fixes and latest features.
  8. For my part I can't remember the last time I felt any desire to make a poop. Whenever I use Vegas these days it's really just to splice together video from my phone for home videos. I also don't know why I keep checking back into Poop Talk when I don't know anything about modern YTP or care to. More than anything I'm just glad to hear about people who are still passionate about it. Keep rocking on, guys. Make awesome videos, but I honestly hope you make even more awesome friends the way I was privileged to through these videos.
  9. It's been probably five years since the last time I watched Fullmetal Alchemist. It's been long enough that what Shou Tucker did to his daughter is incredibly disturbing again. Like, I don't even remember it being so creepy back then but now I honestly feel like if I was watching this with somebody else who'd never seen it they'd think I was deranged for liking this anime.
  10. Retrojape.
  11. You should read this. Fictional, yes. But factually Google does work with the DHS to create profiles of you based on how you use your Google account. An ounce of knowledge in this case is a pound of protection. I'm not saying you shouldn't have a Google account, either, it's pretty much unavoidable as more and more institutions rely on Gmail and YTP itself relies on YouTube. Try using a Google account through a VPN and it flips them the fuck out because it creates contradicting information of where they expect you to be versus where the VPN's endpoint resolves to. There's no such thing as anonymity if you use Google. Or Microsoft. Or Facebook.
  12. iMovie already told you the problem. Where iMovie is expecting the files it's not finding them. They have either been moved, the drive they're on is unavailable, or deleted. Try right clicking on the clips that are missing--I expect any video editor worth its salt has an option to find and re-link the files.
  13. I've tweaked around existing mods before. I'm not bad with that when it comes to working with code I didn't have to write, but software development I'm not usually confident enough to try without having my hand held. However playing 1.10.2 I'm sorely missing the elevator block from OpenBlocks. So I've been working on making my first Forge mod which adds only one thing--the elevator block from OpenBlocks. Shift to go down a level, jump to go up. So far I've gotten as far as getting FML to load up my mod during the initialization stages, but there's no actual content in it yet. That's not terribly complicated, admittedly, but it feels good to write code that so far gets past the initialization phase and doesn't crash the game. And unless the rendering pipeline ever changes again it sounds like something I only have to write once unless MCP changes the names of the events I need. I don't know if anybody has heard but the Forge devs are trying to make it so that mods are version agnostic unless there's a huge change to vanilla. Pretty much every mod for 1.9.4 so far works on 1.10.2. Again--why is anybody waiting around for Mojang to release an API? We've got Bukkit and Forge, and they're tried and true. And likely better than anything Mojang would produce.
  14. Watching Clint do this just had me all giddy with excitement. Now I'm sort of daydreaming of a retro x486 build with OS/2 and hell--maybe a whole whopping 32 megabytes of RAM! I gotta do some research on these vintage parts. Hook it up to a CRT and put it all in a nice, beige case.... mmmmm.
  15. We can discuss collabs in Poop Talk, jokey. No need to backseat moderate where threads should and shouldn't go. Let actual moderators make that decision. But in respect to this question posed in this thread, I would consider it extremely rude and lazy if you don't ask the people hosting the collabs, "hey, can I use this video in another collab, too?" And in politeness's sake, if they say no then be respectful and make a new video.