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  1. So this just popped into my head tonight and I'm curious to see how far displaced these two names are from modern YTP'ers. Is there anybody here who doesn't recognize the names YoshiArt and Quebecgamers?
  2. I pretty much knew what I liked, and what I didn't like. So I initially tried to make poops I liked which was brainrape/earrape core, lots of chopping and layering. I did this in WMM by rendering a project, then re-editing the result, re-rendering, re-editing. It was a crude method of "layering" in an editor that didn't do layering. When I met Joe and started getting into the Little Dragons, I started feeling less inclined to make poops how I like and more inclined in milking all of our in-jokes for a period of roughly two years because my audience became The Little Dragons. That's when I started doing less brain-rape and started focusing more on sentence mixing, masking, and light editing (stutter loops, scrambling, etc) so my videos would be more relatable to my friends. It's a shame I never got terribly good at making these videos. I can't find the spark to go back to the old days because honestly, without JoeTheBlueDragon, what's the fucking point? We were partners in crime. It's just not fun to do without him or an active TLD community.
  3. This is what I suspect, too. Java Minecraft is still way too big to deprecate currently, it could be 2-3 years or whenever PC sales slow that Microsoft says to Mojang, "look, guys, you're wasting our time and our resources coding a game nobody's buying anymore. Either we shift you to new departments to work on games that are selling, or we get people who will." In the meantime, we may still yet get a lot of cool stuff for Java Minecraft, maybe even the add-ons (but Java and C# really don't play nice and the ways of implementing it are really dirty and slow). Here's what I'm hopeful for--my bet has always been with Forge because it's pretty much their livelihood. Mods for Forge are currently phenomenal and stable. And can you imagine what it will be like when Java Minecraft is no longer getting version updates? LexManos and CPW essentially get to go balls to the wall and do whatever the fuck they want to the code because they don't have to worry about the base game breaking anymore for future updates since there won't be any, and anything that they need that's not being provided by MCP they can ASM away from/into the game. I daresay we might even get a super LTS-Final Version of Minecraft that's bug-fixed solely through MCP and ASM, or hell--maybe the game's source code will be available (unlikely, since Notch is gone) like Notch promised so long ago.
  4. I'd like to believe that too. That tweet was from a PE dev, but I could interpret that as meaning that the current add-on state is limited just to W10/PE currently. That would be the ideal situation. I guess it's just "wait and see," for now.
  5. Let's be real--we'll never see an official add-on/plugin/modding API for PC Minecraft. It's already been said by a PE dev that add-on's aren't coming to Java. You guys familiar with the term, "embrace, extend, extinguish?" Yeah--that's pretty much happening right now. Eventually W10 and PE Minecraft will be the more appealing platform and PC Minecraft will be deprecated. Microsoft wants it's biggest acquisition with its massive playerbase in the Microsoft ecosystem. I don't know about you guys, you have your own convictions and I respect that, but personally I think the Microsoft ecosystem is really, really bad and we should steer clear the siren's song of versions of Minecraft touting add-on support if it comes at the expense of our digital freedoms.
  6. Robotnik Sanic Hegehog
  7. "Oh, you do stuff on YouTube too?" "Yeah, I made YTP's for a few years, learned how to edit video through that."
  8. Freedom Planet, Freedom Planet, I conquered Freedom Planet. What a fun romp! I genuinely can't remember the last time I played a game I enjoyed playing this much.
  9. #JanitorsPlz I'd seriously not mind going back
  10. Finally joined the 1080p display master race. Soooooo much screen real-estate.

    1. TheOneManBoxOffice


      One of us! One of us! One of us!

  11. Ahaha, wow. I was actually re-watching the Disney Bootlegs episode the day before and stopped it there. Makes my skin crawl remembering that segment.
  12. Really digging Rimworld's soundtrack.
  13. It doesn't have GCC by default? What?

  14. When I was a moderator, that was one circumstance where we'd hide that sort of content if a user requested it. There were cases where we've had people, for the sake of privacy, ask for their content to be removed and we obliged. That is a fair and reasonable request I feel the staff would still honor. I'm a huge supporter of web privacy--believe me. I feel strongly if you don't want information about you on a website, their owners need to work with you for your privacy.
  15. Social engineering is a huge factor, and human's are the weakest link between the chair and monitor. @John Marston you're making it too easy, bro. Do it ASAP because eventually your carelessness will get you hacked.