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  1. [General Poop Discussion] Dude I Shit

    Today I joined a collab. The first time in maybe... two and a half years, I think? It would be my first proper YTP in over a year. I might just head over to the Chewiki tonight and remove my "retired" tag.
  2. The Balanced Breakfast Collab

    Crunchatize me, Capp'n! (I'm in).
  3. How has YouTube Poop changed your life?

    I used to have a lot of boundaries with my sense of humor. And before I got into YTP I really had no practical people skills. It's really helped me come out of my shell, more than anything. It also helped me have appreciation for things I used to think were objectively bad like SMBSS, whereas now I love the cheese and corniness.
  4. Disney/Maker seem to be the most forgiving. I would say that a strong foundation has been built in YouTube because of all the content creators within Maker's sub-networks which sort of gives YTP a bit of an umbrella with things like Gaston or Frollo even though we're not in any of their sub-networks. I guess it's just good business, maybe?
  5. The First Time You Pooped

    I loved it. Every minute of it. I didn't want to be a great pooper. I just wanted to be a pooper. I literally said, "if they can make these videos, why the hell couldn't I?" So I edited. On a netbook with a 10.5'' screen... with an Atom processor/GMA950 chipset and 1GB of RAM running Windows XP, I opened up WMM, went to the FXarchive, used a shady video downloader that only downloaded in 320x240 (and gave me at least one virus) and started making videos. It was pure, primal, raw. Everything was like Rambo making YTP's out of bailing wire and duct tape solely from the fact that I just wanted to belong to the YTP community. I'd do anything to feel that way again making videos. To be so new but still have an idea of what I wanted.
  6. Something that's always occurred to me is that if you head over to archive.org, you have an enormous pool of public domain media to work with that's completely up for grabs. The real problem is that part of what makes YTP fun is using material that's known well and re-interpreting it. For all the public domain stuff there is, is any of it really interesting enough to make you want to poop it? Some low res, bad audio movies from the 30's and 40's.... although I do find Wheeler and Woolsey flicks pretty funny if you're into old fashioned Marx Bros. slapstick.
  7. Favorite Parts of YOUR OWN Poops

      "I hate furries and ponies. The YouChew forums must ban furries--even SuperYoshi." Some of my most top-tier phonetic splicing I'm rather proud of. I love this video in general, honestly.  
  8. Do you ever get sick of your signature source?

    I guess I'd say Tourettes Guy is my signature source since I've used it more than anything. Still not sick of it. If I ever started making poops again, I'd probably continue to use it. On the other hand, though, I honestly have probably had enough CD-I for a good long while before I'll want to touch it again.
  9. Oddly enough I've made two Simpson's poops and neither of them have had any sort of copyright issue.
  10. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    Oh dude... I'm having flashbacks of way back in 1.4 where we had an NPC plugin installed. You could name them, set walking paths, make them guard you or attack hostiles. The biggest bug with them was that you could assign them to guard other players, but if the player hit them they'd aggro. I remember poor DinnerWarrior basically being spawn camped by one using a lightning spell because he accidentally struck it. I think I ended up going over there and dumping lava on it because I couldn't get close enough without it zapping me too! Maybe it's just me, but Bukkit plugins were cooler back in pre-1.6.4 days. I've had such a huge nostalgia trip lately regarding the server. I actually loaded up a 1.4 profile in my launcher and used our old world seed to see what the survival world looked like at the beginning.
  11. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    I was thinking similar, but they're Forge mods. I mean, I think we can actually add the classes directly to the server.jar unless Bukkit and Spigot do funky things overwriting vanilla classes. That might work, and I'd be willing to test in the next day or two on my PC. It might break everything horribly, lol. Biomebundle is actually made with Terrain Control, so there might actually be a way to just use it through TC than a mod. That is is TC was ever updated to 1.8.9. Been a year or two since I looked at it. Sort of one reason why in the future I wish we could use Sponge when it goes out of beta. If they'd ever finish the Pore plugin, it would give us basic Bukkit compatibility, and it would open a realm of server side Forge mods that don't need modded clients.
  12. Happy birthday you Smonge, you

    1. Smonge


      Many thanks!

  13. Happy birthday, mate. :) 

    Smonge busy modding the Poop Talk thread.


    1. Smonge


      Thank you kindly!

      prodding Tabull for a YCP-API to step up modding

  14. I might be missing something obvious, but if I'm quoting somebody with a nested quote, why doesn't the nested quote open in the editor along with the person who quoted it?
  15. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    I was thinking of grabbing biomebundle and roguelike dungeons, and generating a sizable vanilla world to upload onto the server. Give us a cool place to visit and something to do while we're there since the dungeon's would be pre-genned with only vanilla material and loot.