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  1. Worst communities you have been in

    Ubuntu Forums. Step 1: Ask question Step 2: Told to google it Step 3: Find a link back to Ubuntu Forums Step 4: Post is seven years old and obsolete, or completely unresolved (with a reply to google it). I think some people genuinely have no idea what the fucking purpose of a forum is supposed to be. You store the knowledge of the community there as answers to questions so people can find it by googling it later.
  2. The Official Taco Bell Thread

    I distinctly remember the steak quesarito being better than what it is now, though. Maybe next time I'll give chicken a go. Getting back to the quesalupa though--I'm thoroughly unimpressed. Just doesn't taste right for some reason--it's not the cheese I'm disappointed with. It's bland. I'm starting to see that they hype up their gimmicky Frankenstein foods and it's usually hit or miss. Quesarito's were a gift from god, but quesalupas are kind of a swing and a miss.
  3. The Official Taco Bell Thread

    What the fuck happened to the quesarito? Something's been really off about them for a few months. I thought it was just the Bell I was going to but the one literally two minutes down the road is making them the same way--the steak is kind of rubbery, the cheese tastes more like mildly salted Crisco... Anybody else notice a change of the flavor for quesarito's? They're literally my favorite food in the goddamn universe and now they're just kind of gross tasting.
  4. How come you're not a moderator anymore?

    1. Paperking99


      Never mind. 

    2. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      That's a very good question, my friend.

    3. Smonge


      I hate my job. I'm struggling in college. YouChew at best was a fringe responsibility and I'm making life changes to make myself happier in the long run. I'm an unhappy person irl, and I'm just trying to turn that around.

  5. General Computer Discussion Thread

    I bought a powerlline adapter last week, and it work's a dream. I genuinely would like to get one for every room in the house. Thing is... works out of the box in Linux Mint 17.3--not the case with Windows 8.1. Window's can't find the driver online when I'm using wi-fi. the driver that came with the device doesn't work and the ethernet controller driver from my new motherboard's driver disc didn't work either. So it's almost like an enticement to use use Linux instead of Windows because I don't want to go back to wi-fi. I've wanted to switch to Linux for ages but it just agonizes me how many software licenses I've legit bought I'd be leaving behind... Bandicam, Corel Video Studio Pro, many Steam games that don't have Linux releases...
  6. Foods You Used To Hate That You Now Like

    It's kind of funny. Popeye made me love spinach, Mario made me like mushrooms.I wonder what it would take to make me enjoy liver? But on topic, I used to hate lasagna when I was a kid. Now I can go through a panas fast as Garfield.
  7. You know how hard it is to find cinnamon Altoids anymore? Unreasonably so! but not impossible!

  8. It has been at least 300 years since i last saw you with a regular colored name friend

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    2. Geibuchan


      TEEEN THOUSAAAND YEEEEAAARRRRRS will give you- a- *P*EE- N- is- that's three miles long no doubt]

    3. Smonge


      It was in August of 2011, I believe, when I was made a Janitor... a year after I joined YouChew. So I've had a long, uninterrupted tenure with staff positions. It's a job for a less chaotic and more focused mind than mine at this point... I just need some life changes.

    4. Joosh


      That's why I'm in his position now, so to say.

  9. Maybe I watch too much LGR but I've developed a habit of saying mundane things with a Duke Nukem voice.

    1. AGSMA


      Yep, typical LGR symptom.

  10. Devlog 4/14/16

    Oooh, dis gunn be goooood
  11. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    redacted nothing to see here
  12. So, I like brevity with these kinds of things. Tomorrow's my last day moderating here. I'm not leaving the forums, though. I'm just not up to the job anymore. Not enough time, too much stuff, blah blah. ♥Love ya, guyz.♥

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    2. Geibuchan


      I agree with AGSMA. Thanks for everything!

    3. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      Quite a shame to see, but at least you had some good fun with it.

    4. TrueTubePoops


      RIP Smonge's career

  13. There was an amazing fellow once called Adventure2TheUnknown. Every single video of his being lost breaks my heart. There's a few uploads here and there, but his gold material KotH/Pumkin stuff is gone, and I'm assuming he didn't have backups or he would have re-uploaded them.
  14. How long does it take you to make a YTP?

    Well the last poop I worked on was sometime last year sooo.... But when I was active I found I enjoyed my work in short bursts when I could start a video at maybe 8:30 in the evening and have it uploaded before midnight. The longer I worked on YTP's, the more forced and boring they seemed.
  15. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    Thankfully, were we still to use the whitelist your name would have been automatically converted from the UUID if you've been on recently (by recently I guess I mean if you played while the server was running 1.7.10 minimum, so roughly two years). I guess that's one good thing about the UUID switch, but I'm still salty that it's not as easy to do through FTP which is my preference.