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  1. Holy fucking shit--pop up notifications on Firefox to followed topics? Mmmm--I love it.

    1. Crazy Luigi

      I take it the same could be said for Google Chrome, huh?

    2. Smonge

      I suppose. I haven't used Chrome since 2010. Probably has nothing to do with the browser and more to do with this new version of IP Board. Just browsing Reddit and bloop--somebody posted in What do You Think of the Above Poop? That sort of small change is just something I didn't realize I was craving.

    3. Joosh

      I've grown to like that feature. Knowing I can be elsewhere on another tab and be notified of new activity on here is really a nice addition to the site.


    I'd feel bad about posting in this if it weren't already on page 1 of this forum. Seriously, why does everybody expect us mods to close threads like this? It'll go to page two eventually and you'll never have to give a shit about it ever again.
  3. I'd post something but honestly I just do all my sentence mixing and phonetic splicing on the fly. Like, I'm rather proud of what I did with a scene from the Simpson's once to get Troy McClure to realize Allah was the one true God, say he hates hedgehogs because they ruin his schemes and even push to ban furries from YouChew (even SuperYoshi). Problem is with re-rendering the sounds over and over like that to put into individual folders they'd be so bit-crushed by the time they get to YouTube even fewer people will understand what a character is supposed to be saying. Although annotations aid me when I wonder what the sentence mixing pussies are talking about.
  4. General YTP/Editor Help Thread

    What kinda CPU and GPU are you sporting?

    Unless I'm wrong, we (or Conrad, to be specific... I think) owned that domain a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away. He had a wordpress blog that listed current YTP's and eventually opened up the vanilla forums which became YouChewPoop. I've been under the impression that the domain expired and was poached--I don't think Conrad still owns it. So If anything, the ground for its current success was first paved by YouChew many years ago. Best props I can give it is that it looks like it's using a custom script as I can't find any similar content platforms on Github like this. That's pretty neat. But it gets points knocked off for doing the one thing I hate that web designers do--put content in the footer of the page and make their javascript scroll infinitely to load more content. WTF, did you learn your usability design from Microsoft?
  6. General Computer Discussion Thread

    I'm really starting to salivate over the idea of a good NAS with RAID 10. My backups between File History and three generations of system images are ballooning close to 3.5TB. Quick and dirty answer is shrink the OS/Application partition which would dramatically cut the size of the images, but that's not future-proof when I eventually max out the storage I do have. I very well might need a dedicated drive solely for Steam at this rate, since it's my biggest storage crusher.
  7. [General Poop Discussion] Generous Park Distraction

    Mmmmm, that sort of custom touch on a poop just tickles me the right way.
  8. is YTP a dying art?

    Merging in 3-2-1...
  9. That's kind of a broad generalization to make about the community, Kody, coming from somebody who's not even active enough to draw an informed opinion of what we're like. If it's the whole posters jumping on a bandwagon to spam a ridiculous thread that rustles your jimmies, well, tough, frankly. Every good forum does that. It's the bad forums that hyper-patrol what people say.
  10. This is a really stupid nitpick, but shouldn't the Retsupurae thread be in the Internet forum with the rest of the YouTube-related topics rather than Gaming? Would anybody throw a fit if I moved it there?
  11. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    I think one thing I've really come to appreciate about the server is how old the worlds are. Like, I'm probably one of the few people who thought 1.7 was just too much of a major change to Minecraft's landscape while much of the Outpost is still terrain gen we've had since 1.3. Especially in the old YouChew worlds when you get out past Chew York and into outlying towns closer to the original spawnpoint of that world. Like, just from telling how people built back then it looked like pre-slabs/stairs. It's kinda timeless.
  12. [General Poop Discussion] Generous Park Distraction

    It might be an unpopular opinion, but if he does indeed take a video of yours without asking I think that's grounds for flagging.
  13. What was your first gaming system?

    I was about five or six when I got my first console--a Sega Genesis. The system was hella old by the time i got it in like '95, and I guess back then the Saturn was the current-gen Sega console. I loved that old bastard so much and was definitely a Sega kid. Sonic 1, 2, and 3, Super Street Fighter II, Castlevania Bloodlines, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Streets of Rage, NBA Jam and even fucking Shaq-Fu. Those were the games I remember best but Christ, I had several Genesis collection packs with shit I never played and a lot more titles I vaguely remember like a Terminator game, Risk, Pinnochio, Jungle Book, and Alladin. I miss my Genesis, whatever happened to it. Been thinking of buying another and rebuilding my library.
  14. I hadn't tried this since 2011 but am pleasantly surprised is still a thing. ALT+Shift+1 --Forum Index ALT+Shift+2 --New Content Is it possible to add more shortcuts such as to blogs, front page, search, videos, etc? Maybe even make them open in a new tab?
  15. Big money, big women, big fun.