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  1. Undertale

    I remember being so stuck on the Asgore fight, I started dying on purpose to see if he'd stop out of pity. He didn't.
  2. Undertale

  3. Undertale

  4. Undertale

    The whole reason you skip most of the events is because killing everyone actually takes quite a bit of time. It's not really that much shorter than just going through the neutral run again, or at the very least, it doesn't feel that way.
  5. Undertale

    I don't know if I can pick between the bone bros, since they work so well together. It may be Sans for a few reasons, puns included.
  6. Undertale

    One character is missing, though, if you go to the credits first. I found that out when I did a second pacifist run.
  7. Undertale

    If you go to the credits before walking around first, you miss one thing, but it's a helluva thing. You can still walk around, that one thing will just be gone.
  8. The former. It's still a bad thing to say.
  9. I searched for those posts myself, and it just made me sad. I actually remember seeing plenty of those and saying nothing because people were agreeing. In my time here, I think I've actually become afraid of resistance. I just sit comfortably in the spectator seat so I don't have to validate why I feel offended or annoyed by someone like Ted. I've probably typed at least six things I wanted to say in this thread that I just deleted. I don't really know what to think. All I know is that I've had numerous negative opinions of Ted that I just kept quiet about out of fear that I would be labelled as "too sensitive" or some shit. It goes along with a lot of the things Probo said.
  10. Undertale

    I think I mainly bought Bicicles when I needed healing items. I think I had two Bicicles and a Glamburger during the fight with Asgore. I don't think I really grinded at all during my first playthrough. The Burnt Pan increases healing via consumables by 4 HP, but I didn't even think of using it. Probably should've, since that's an easy two-use 15 HP right there. I mostly just had the Torn Notebook because I figured a trade-off of attack for increased invincibility frames was all I needed.
  11. There's just a bunch of blank space.
  12. Undertale

    Struggling can give you a discount, too.
  13. Undertale

    You can't get the Pacifist ending without getting the Neutral ending first. Going completely Pacifist for the first run just saves time. Honestly, just play the game. It tends to direct you toward these things itself.