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  1. Time for night dog.
  2. I'm not sold unless it makes julienne fries.
  4. He had 50 rings and passed near another one of those rings in Studiopolis Zone and it was still transparent. I'm guessing that version just doesn't include the bonus stages yet, so right now we don't actually know if there's some added requirement before you can access the bonus rings or if you just need to find them like in Sonic 3.
  6. I had the same issue for the same reasons. Also, in terms of healing items, I got by mainly on bicicles. Apparently, I missed the fact that the burnt pan adds 4 HP to consumable items, so that probably would've been much more useful since bicicles would then heal for 3/4ths of your health. I instead used the notebook the entire game for some reason.
  7. We got a few D&D groups at the campus. We oft had many a shenanigan, one involving an aggravating amount of potatoes, but that's a story for another time. I really want to look into Call of Cthulhu, but no one had an up-to-date version of the rulebook, and it's a lot harder to find for free online minus the quick start guide. DM'ing a horror game just sounds really appealing to me.
  8. I'm always down for Tabletop Sim, but it has to be with voice chat so we can yell at each other.
  9. Look at it as if it's one image rather than two.
  10. Why do I have all these gifs of Lucario beating the shit out of Pikachu
  11. They actually use the tail for fishing because it tastes sweet or something, so I guess they eat fish.
  12. I will never turn down a ghost type, even if it's silly. Also Stufful is adorable.
  13. Who let the dogs out?

    1. OmegaPC777


      Woof, woof, woof woof!