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  1. so for those of you who don't know me this is an awful introduction. i am the captain. and ive been here for a while now. i come here on and off but i used to be a regular on here. i lived and breathed this site. lately i've been finding myself unable to contribute to this website anymore. which is unfortunate. i'm not sure i really feel wanted by the people here anymore, and thats perfectly ok! i've come to terms with that. even if that were not the case, i feel as though i am cheating myself on this site by just walking around and not contributing a god damn thing. but in any case, this place is moving on. and i think it's time i move on away from it. i may lurk from time to time but as far as regular posting goes. yeah no. i'm basically done. and i'm sorry to those that will legitimately miss my crap. but as far as video editing and posting on here and going on skype. i'm done with all that. if you'd like to talk to me still outside of this, feel free to add me on my real facebook: Jose Santana. other than that. there isn't much to say. sorry for being forgettable haha. i'm so bad with goodbyes. so. goodbye.
  2. oh man, i remember that. we were some fucked up kids dude. idk how i've survived here for this long. and yes. i have years and years worth of band stories to tell. most of them are vulgar as fuck lol. nice to see you again!
  3. ur a dick b0i lamo
  4. what ash does everytime i show my face here.
  5. Captain

  6. and then i join in the fun
  7. ash is samoa joe confirmed
  8. i will never forgive myself for leaving you all as often as a dead beat dad leaves their kids. and yes, lavie. that is accurate
  9. yo if you truly are back. i love you and have missed you with the strength of a thousand suns. and if you wanna talk marching band, i've been doing it the past 4 years and am entering my 3rd to last season at drum corps, so like yea man. nice to see ya again.
  10. i could use sum gud fukin
  11. fuck (i miss and love most of you. apologies for not keeping in touch with a lot of you...i've become super busy, and don't have much time for anything anymore. but hey. i still like you guys. promise!!! i'm just super bad at keeping in touch!!!)
  12. yo fuck ytp fuck anime fuck this nigga obama fuck everything lmao