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  1. Back at it Again

    oh man, i remember that. we were some fucked up kids dude. idk how i've survived here for this long. and yes. i have years and years worth of band stories to tell. most of them are vulgar as fuck lol. nice to see you again!
  2. The Poop Tennis Café - It's Magic!

    ur a dick b0i lamo
  3. The Poop Tennis Café - It's Magic!

    what ash does everytime i show my face here.
  4. The Poop Tennis Café - It's Magic!

    and then i join in the fun
  5. The Poop Tennis Café - It's Magic!

    ash is samoa joe confirmed
  6. The Poop Tennis Café - It's Magic!

    i will never forgive myself for leaving you all as often as a dead beat dad leaves their kids. and yes, lavie. that is accurate
  7. Back at it Again

    yo if you truly are back. i love you and have missed you with the strength of a thousand suns. and if you wanna talk marching band, i've been doing it the past 4 years and am entering my 3rd to last season at drum corps, so like yea man. nice to see ya again.
  8. The Poop Tennis Café - It's Magic!

    i could use sum gud fukin
  9. The Poop Tennis Café - It's Magic!

    fuck (i miss and love most of you. apologies for not keeping in touch with a lot of you...i've become super busy, and don't have much time for anything anymore. but hey. i still like you guys. promise!!! i'm just super bad at keeping in touch!!!)
  10. The Poop Tennis Café - It's Magic!

    yo fuck ytp fuck anime fuck this nigga obama fuck everything lmao
  11. The Poop Tennis Café - It's Magic!

    ive had to do two. it's not horrible. but it's a rough day for sure.
  12. The Poop Tennis Café - It's Magic!

    well. 3 jobs simultaneously. so somedays i'll be working one place. other days at another place. never all at the same time though. thats ridiculous.