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  1. ive had to do two. it's not horrible. but it's a rough day for sure.
  2. well. 3 jobs simultaneously. so somedays i'll be working one place. other days at another place. never all at the same time though. thats ridiculous.
  3. i have to pay for this semester. on top of that, i have to pay off my debt from summer band, which is like $1,100
  4. lol considering how busy i get, i'll never get over 50 matches. on a better note, i just got my third job so now i'll be even more busy, yay.
  5. Mega64

    thank you mega64 for making the world a better place
  6. all this potato talk has me starvin
  7. ur making the bigest misteak of ur lief, bio
  8. Mega64

      that ending. that was truly a beautiful moment. a great way to honor the fallen. godspeed.   EDIT: i went ahead and uploaded the ending segment to this podcast because it is glorious. so enjoy.      
  9. has science gone too far? is youtube poop real or fake?