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  1. I believe I have all of the lamp oils, ropes, and bombs I need for the Enough Rubies award.
  2. I'm so glad I decided to try playing an MMO on a private server.
  3. I made an updated version of my Cannonball Storm level. I felt the ending was rushed, and I completly redid it with a new section with faster-firing cannons and a P-switch. I also did some slight tweaks to other parts. Level code: 7236-0000-005E-EA99 If you didn't play the first version, expect LOTS of cannonballs firing at you throughout the level.
  4. I got Super Mario Maker yesterday, and is my latest course, CannonballStorm: 2F3F-0000-0054-52C1 As the the name sugests, there a LOT of canonballs firing at you, but since its a water level, they shouldn't be that hard to dodge.
  5. Watching the Hammerman video is making me realize just how AWFUL the site's new player is. It's constantly having to buffer, and I spend more time watching the timer to see if I need to pause it to let it buffer a bit more than watching the video.
  6. I'm so glad I could witness the birth of half a dozen Quagmire babies in the Family Man game.
  7. Imagine it was much cheaper for RWS to do that instead of a whole game. Plus, I think they were also working on that Postal 1 remake, as well.
  8. Those both sound ok, but I think we ALL know what we really want from Valve: Deathmatch Classic 2!
  9. Autobots might win this time just on terms of popularity, just like every other side that was highlighted first on the team selection. I wonder how much of a difference to the popularity results it would make if you had to tap which team you wanted to play with next Splatfest as opposed to having the a highlighter you move that is automatically on the left option until you move it.
  10. I've been playing the second game for last week or two again with the Siren. I was hoping to get back it again this summer and start over. Last time I played, it was with the Gunzerker, and he was alright. I found that dual wielding weapons wasn't all that awesome, but I keep completely different types of guns in each of my slots, so it might not have as effective as it could have been. I still find locking enemies in the air to just wail away at them much more fun and useful, however.
  11. The ONE time the team I picked won Splatfest(Team Marshmallow), and I didn't get a single chance to play. Damn.
  12. I was going to that hardware survey Steam was asking me about last night, but I stopped as soon as showed me a list of programs I had installed on my computer. That seems WAY too suspicious to me. Why the hell would you need to know about the software I have installed when the survey just said it was about hardware?
  13. The only ones I care about finding the Splatoon amiibos, but I can't find them anywhere I have looked around here. There might be another store in Winnipeg that may have them, but EBgames doesn't list them on their website anywhere. Then again, they still have a game that was announced to have been cancelled months ago still on there, so I might have chance at one next time I go to the city.
  14. The images without the filter look really nice. It reminds me a lot of Doom 3's artstyle, but it still tries to make some of the old enemies look like the originals while still giving them their own appearance. I guess this also means it will be easier to modify the game to get rid of the yellow tint for people who don't like it.