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  1. The Wii Shop Channel servers are still up right now, so there isn't a need to worry about the Wii U on the Nintendo Network. Also. The Nintendo Network is connected to My Nintendo. There is no chance in hell that they'll drop that.
  2. Done.
  3. It is by at least $10 for all models.
  4. Oh look, another AtGames Sega plug-n-play.
  5. Matching Crying Jordans for both Splatfest results.
  6. Word is that only major devs have NX kits, so Sonic Mania wouldn't be able to be ported either way. It might get a port after release.
  7. Nah, man. I picked Marie because of that freak tongue. I spent the rest of Splatfest watching some Team Marie players on Twitch just killing it, especially in the last 2 hours.
  8. Sister Callie has been DELETED!

  9. video Morimoto!! Where you at? We won, nigga!! We won for the one true queen.
  10. Just gonna leave this here before Splatfest ends.
  11. I haven't played one before. This is my only one and I'm gonna lose because most every team I get sucks, and it's not even close most of the time. Might as well call us Team Curry.
  12. For Team Chokers Marie to win, I need unleash my inner-Tom Brady. I need an unfitting seasonal hat. Edit: Fuck it. I quit. Team Marie, Inspired by Steph Curry and Tom on Miiverse doing his best Mike Carey impression.
  13. They picked Moray Towers for sniping and nothing more. Edit: Worst Splatfest ever.