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  1. I sent Vinny 2 emails and a tweet about the Skunk Bundle about a day or two ago for that very reason. The damn diarrhea ghost is a sight to behold.
  2. Started about 2-3 years ago and it still happens low-key today. People like to bring up Sega being fan-friendly even though it really only applies to Sonic and less than a handful of other franchises. Everything else is in Sega's garbage bin. Sega is cool and all, but they ain't perfect. None of these companies are, and I could go on for days listing off why every game company is bad and good to a degree. Hell, I can even say that Konami hasn't gone as far into the hole as everybody said they did.
  3. The mass YouTube takedowns, rejected fan games, some DMCA'd fan art. Varying degrees of asshole towards fans. And I won't forget how protective they are of Streets of Rage. Sonic is a-ok for all fan stuff though.
  4. Shining Force and Streets of Rage fans would like a word on that.
  5. Maybe people forgot that Sega's third party jump wasn't as great as they remember. Kinda like Sonic Adventure 2.
  6. A ton of businesses take this approach in the entertainment industry. That's why Roman Reigns is still a "star" despite taking steroids and why they keep making Transformers movies.
  7. I've gone and done it. I bought Super Mario Bros. 3 for the 5th time. EDIT: OK. The game that gave me the free MyNin coins is terrible. Just trrble. Jesus Christ, Zombie Epic has a forced South Park reference. And Haunted Hotel too. Oh no. Holy shit. There is literally a diarrhea ghost that is stuck in the wall with a key up his ass. This is supposed to be a horror game.
  8. I came to the realization that Brad was significantly better not too long after Doug's rather cringeworthy Sailor Moon "review". Doug was just starting losing his touch at the time.
  9. I didn't know that OFF was that old. Now I have no idea why there was a fandom war in the first place. Should I even mention Lisa at this point?
  10. I think I'm finding my style now.
  11. Ahhh. Undertale vs. OFF: The Unseen Fandom War. That shit was going on during the GameFAQs poll and nobody even noticed.
  12. I would take that quote with some salt. Ain't trusting anything until I hear it from Kimishima. Edit: I'm getting word that a few indie devs have officially signed NDAs with Nintendo. With this, the retailers meeting in Germany and the devkits upgrading to version 1.0. It looks like some reveal is coming real soon.