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  1. I got Pro Wrestling, WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge, Madden (OG, 94), Mercs, NFL Football '94, NBA Live '96 and Excitebike 64. But none of the systems to play them on.
  2. My Yu-Gi-Oh: 7 Trials to Glory cartridge stopped saving years ago and I never bothered to get it replaced. Sucks that I know how to complete that game now.
  3. Goddamn, does God Hand need a remaster.
  4. I'd recommend getting God Hand through PSN if one doesn't want to go exploring for a copy. Seriously, God Hand is amazing.
  5. Miyamoto doesn't know where to go next with F-Zero and there aren't any major dev teams that want to (or even could) take on the franchise either. F-Zero is pretty much dead at this point.
  6. All games have to be re-rated by the ESRB upon rerelease for some reason, or at least that was the case last I checked back in 2014. That's why World Heroes 2 and Perfect took so long to get on the Wii VC.
  7. The last scene is more or less is a confirmation that Prime 4 is coming. They did say that this was meant to flesh out the story (of the federation) before it comes.
  8. Nice. And the thread titles are fixed on the Wii U browser too.
  9. ... but chibi!
  10. So now we got flame wars and dislike mobs because it isn't terrible?
  11. This show looks like it was written on crack. Who booked this shit?
  12. Larry Wilmore was just awful. I can't for the life of me understand why they picked him for a show instead of literally anyone else on TDS. Samantha Bee would've been significantly better, hell, you can already see that by the show that she got on TBS. And if they were just looking for the black perspective, why not pick Jessica Williams? Anybody but Wilmore.
  13. Reminder: Nintendo gets a shit-ton of patents that they'll never use. This is a regular business practice that most manufactured goods companys do and it not should be taken as an indicator of an upcoming product.
  14. It looks like it'll be as good as Umbrella Corps.