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  1. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    CN doesn't care, the girls are nothing but cheap $2 hookers to them. Now I fully understand what they say about shows made only to sell merch.
  2. Star Fox General (Pepper) Discussion

    Secrets for the hardest core of completionists. It's like they put in something to drive people mad.
  3. Nintendo NX Thread

    But it would still fit in pockets(90's pants). You're probably referring to smartphones which are still way above tablets in household presence.
  4. Nintendo NX Thread

    Interviews are suggesting that they've learned from the Wii U's launch. So that shouldn't be a worry.
  5. Nintendo NX Thread

    I think people who use the "no games" argument these days are still in a console war phase. It was funny and fitting back when the PS3 dropped. But it doesn't work well today.
  6. Nintendo NX Thread

    Kimishima explains the march NX launch. And in somewhat related news, Nintendo is selling majority stake of the Seattle Mariners as Howard Lincon resigns as CEO.
  7. Nintendo NX Thread

    If anything. I think they'll do a similar thing to the Xenoblade coverage from last year's Treehouse streams. Where they covered it for over an hour each day with other games getting time around it. And who knows. Maybe we'll get some animated Zelda skits... or y'knowa new Zelda show. Edit: Also. Did anyone notice that everyone is saying that E3 is dead now?
  8. Fire Emblem

    It would keep the main series from going any deeper into dating sim territory if itwere toend up like that. #FE Love Time Plus would probably be the title.
  9. Nintendo NX Thread

    Nintendo never said that Zelda was gonna be the only game covered around E3, just the only playable one. I'm not sure where people got the Zelda Direct idea from. And NX fans are saying that the NX is coming too early. With a lot of the same people that were wishing for a christmas 2016 launch not too long ago. I hate Twitter and reddit.
  10. Nintendo NX Thread

    Not revealing the NX at E3 sound like a mistake, doesn't it need the associated fanfare?Are they trying imitate the release of Kendrick's recentalbum?
  11. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Wouldn't have expected any less from a THQ game.
  12. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Retro City Rampage is a good pick-up-and-play GTA game, perfect for 3DS. Not to mention it's kickass 8-bit soundtrack. Freedom Planet is basically Sonic done right. And Darksiders II has pretty goodreception for a near-death THQ published game.
  13. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Holy shit, guys. Nintendo has another Humble Bundle going on!!
  14. Fire Emblem