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  1. I'm not sure if this was discussed yet, but... FROM THE PEOPLE WHO SAW SHREK. At least for an animated knockoff, the animation is pretty good. It's not Pixar or anything, but the animation could actually be made for theatres. That being said, I feel as if Spain's animation company were trying to retell the original Don Quote tale and redo it in Shrek form, but with a horse rather than an ogre, just to capitalize on the success of the DreamWorks' movies.
  2. i hope senpai sees tyrannosaurasreich so that together they ride dinosaurs.

  3. Hayley, not Harley
  4. You know, we could stream this movie based on The Cinema Snob review...
  5. Hey TugCoat, welcome back. We could use a little joy ourselves.
  6. Can't wait till I HAVE A BOWL, SQUIDWARD

  7. 9/10! It's actually pretty mellow, and atmospheric.
  8. Aw thanks. Is it Hannukah Christmas already?
  10. How goes it, every peoples? TVB here, and I'm back again after a long hiatus. I've been busy with focusing on finding a job, been studying in college for the most part, been focusing on doing commentaries and making a new mashup album, which has been out since July, and have been making more mashups; not to mention, I wanted to get my band together, which was Lying Down Asleep, an alternative metal band (I'm the lead singer), but my search has been unsuccessful at this point, since I couldn't find a guitarist, drummer, and bassist. So I'm back, and I really need to change my name. TVBRobotnik is outdated.
  11. Well, the time has come for me to leave for real, because lately, I've became less and less interested in the forums. The reasons are the following: I'm focusing on the Summer and Fall semester coming up this year (as well as my finals coming up this week), so college is kinda getting me in the way. Not to mention, I'm taking more classes in the Fall, and one is on music business. I'm actually focusing my career on being a musician, since I'm starting my hard rock band, Lying Down Asleep, off the ground. I'm about to start my job at a local supermarket on May 6, and working on night shifts, except for holidays and vacations. So yeah, I'm leaving. But I don't wanna leave you guys behind. I do wanna thank everyone of you for having me here. I've been on the forums for almost six years, and I think my time has been up. I'm still on YouTube (TVBRobotnikReturns), Skype (tvbrobotnik13), Twitter (tvbrobotnik2), (tvbrobotnik), and Soundcloud (TVBTheThird), if you still wanna contact me and stuff. Anyway, this is TVBRobotnik sayin', have a wonderful, beautiful day. Thanks.
  12. But subs don't matter. If it's inherently flawed, or even terrible to watch, it's worth commentary material.
  13. Yeah, I'm losing interest with this forum.

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      Crazy Luigi

      Shame to hear that.