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  1. Meh... time to move on...

    Well, the time has come for me to leave for real, because lately, I've became less and less interested in the forums. The reasons are the following: I'm focusing on the Summer and Fall semester coming up this year (as well as my finals coming up this week), so college is kinda getting me in the way. Not to mention, I'm taking more classes in the Fall, and one is on music business. I'm actually focusing my career on being a musician, since I'm starting my hard rock band, Lying Down Asleep, off the ground. I'm about to start my job at a local supermarket on May 6, and working on night shifts, except for holidays and vacations. So yeah, I'm leaving. But I don't wanna leave you guys behind. I do wanna thank everyone of you for having me here. I've been on the forums for almost six years, and I think my time has been up. I'm still on YouTube (TVBRobotnikReturns), Skype (tvbrobotnik13), Twitter (tvbrobotnik2), (tvbrobotnik), and Soundcloud (TVBTheThird), if you still wanna contact me and stuff. Anyway, this is TVBRobotnik sayin', have a wonderful, beautiful day. Thanks.
  2. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    But subs don't matter. If it's inherently flawed, or even terrible to watch, it's worth commentary material.
  3. Yeah, I'm losing interest with this forum.

    1. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      Shame to hear that.

  4. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    I actually plan on doing a commentary on KaBlamBandicoot. Seriously, this guy is seriously cancer, and he actually continues to beat the dead horse on the Mr. Enter hate train, not that I'm defending the latter, but at least I would rather watch Enter than KB64, seeing as how... 1. KB's immaturity towards criticism is exactly the same as Mr. Enter, despite the fact that he's afraid to admit that he's not. 2. He complains and moans like a bitch, as well as insulting him, rather than actually giving him constructive criticism. Also, my new PPG theme song was meant as a joke parodying the Cheat Commandos theme song, just to remind you.
  5. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

  6. Hey Lads. Guess who's back?

    eyy wassup
  7. Shitty Experiences at the Movies

    I saw Deadpool in the worst timing possible. I was sick with the flu on Valentine's Day, but my mom wanted to see a movie, so I chose that movie for her. Not to mention, while we were watching, as I was laughing at most of the exciting parts midway through, and not to mention, while I was coughing, since I was having a flu, the guy behind me rudely told me to shut the fuck up or he'll have to get the usher. But I couldn't help it, I wanted to enjoy the movie, and number two; I had a flu, hence I was coughing constantly. Then, he got in a fight with my mom, and then me, so I couldn't enjoy that much of the movie. My mom almost took the blame on me, which she didn't, thank god. But the guy was still an asshat because he should've known that I was sick with the flu. Eventually, she and I got to sit to different seatings, enjoyed the rest of the movie, and felt much better.
  8. Loss Image Spam

  9. MICROSOFT'S NEW XBOX CONSOLE IDEA. This one looks like a Laserdisc player.

    1. Muchacha194


      The Nintendo NX releases next year, and I haven't even gotten a Wii U yet!

    2. K. V. Bones

      K. V. Bones


  10. Rate the Song Above You 2

    It's actually pretty nice. 7.5/10!
  11. The time for Hellos

  12. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    Eh, Teen Titans Go wasn't that bad.
  13. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    Let me explain why. Sure, there are jokes that aren't as inspiring as the McCracken version. Hell, I'll admit, the animation isn't impressive. But at least I don't see anything wrong with the animation, and the fight scenes are at least fun to watch, even if they aren't as good as the original. And as far as the memes, I don't see why the show has to be illegal because of the memes. I mean, South Park had an episode called, "Canada on Strike," where it used a shitload of internet meme references. Hell, Seth MacFarlane with shows like Cleveland Show, American Dad, and Family Guy used constant internet meme references before with Rickrolling and Keyboard Cat. And both Regular Show and We Bare Bears had entire episodes dedicated to memes; the former where Mordecai and Rigby tried to compete with Muscle Man to become internet celebrities; and the latter in which Grizzly gets famous on the internet, as he, Panda, and Ice Bear go to MemeCon. And also, the transgender episode was actually not that bad.