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  1. Skwidora added a post in a topic What scrubs your dinner   

    It all boils down to much empathy you have for other people, really. When an opportunity opens up to cause harm and not get caught, there are a large amout of people who will reveal their true selves and jump at it. The same people doing the rioting are the same people that don't flush the toilet in a public bathroom.
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  2. Skwidora added a post in a topic Your Unpopular Tastes in Movies/TV   

    Same here, in fact, I've never found any anime funny. Japanese humor just does not translate well into English, in my opinion. There are probably a million subtle jokes and cultural referances that will go right over my head, so I don't see the point in watching it.
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  3. Skwidora added a post in a topic Depression thread   

    That's really rough Mashu, and I can really relate to living with parents that just don't seem to want you around. My advice would be to not focus on your parents, or anyone in your life thats causing you greif. It sounds slightly selfish, but really, if you want yourself to be happy you need to put your own wellbeing first. That's what I did for the last two years that I lived with my mom. I just stopped reacting to any crazy or horrible shit she did, and just accepted that she's too fargone for me to do anything about it, and I focused solely on moving out and getting a job. Now that I'm out on my own I'm a million times happier. Sure, I have to work and look after myself now, but now I'm free from being dragged down by poisonous people. It's like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Trust me, life gets so much better once you enter adulthood and you get to pick and choose who you want to let into your life.
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  4. Skwidora added a post in a topic What scrubs your dinner   

    There's a video on youtube of my brother jumping on top of a car during the Vancouver riots, haha. When I talked to him about it he says it was literally like everyone had just lost their minds and stopped giving a fuck, including him. There's deffinetly a sort of hivemind effect that happens during riots.
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  5. Skwidora added a post in a topic What scrubs your dinner   

    Yeah, I really don't get the logic of tearing your own community apart in order to protest something.
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  6. Skwidora added a post in a topic It's A Party Every Week, Baby [Cory in the Lounge]   

    Long time no see, guys. For some reason I just got the itch to start posting here again. My life has changed a lot in the past 2 years or so (Moved out of my moms house, and got a full time job) so thats why I was absent for so long, I was just really busy and trying to adjust to lifes changes. But now I'm at a point once again where I'm just plain bored and need some people to talk to I guess. So I'm going to try to post here more often since this really is one of the best communities I've been apart of on the internet.
    Sorry to hear that. It's so hard to think of things to say about situations like this, but I'll just say that I feel your pain, and I wish your family the best.
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  7. Skwidora added a post in a topic [General Poop Discussion] General Pack Your Bags Discussion   

    I have a question. Who are the active and good youtube poopers right now? I havn't been actively following the poop community in like, years. All I know is that most of the people that I used to watch are like, completely unactive now,
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  8. Skwidora added a post in a topic Opinions You've Changed   

    Well it's good that you changed your mind about that. Pretty much every dude at my work is misogynistic and think of woman as less than them, or that they should know their place or whatever ("get back in the kitchen, woman" etc.) it's a huge, glaring issue and it's kind of crazy how there are people that don't understand the need for woman to be angry about anything. However, the feminists that think they are superior to men are a disgrace to other feminists that just want everyone to be treated equally.
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  9. Skwidora added a post in a topic What game have you just recently played?   

    Castlevania Bloodlines on emulator (no save states or anything). I'm trying to beat all of the side scrolling castlevania games. So far I've beaten the first castlevania, super castlevania 4, and castlevania dracula X.
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  10. Skwidora added a post in a topic Dinner Dinner Dinner, Happy Chew Year [General True Warrior Discussion]   

    Whoa, I havn't been on youchew in forever. I still remember a lot of you guys though.
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  11. Skwidora added a post in a topic What Do You Think Of The Above Poop?   

    I thought it was pretty funny, and the popcorn guy was just amazing.

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  12. Skwidora added a post in a topic WEIRD ANIMATION FRAMES 2: Electric (pun)galoo   

    yoshi's lady lumps
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  13. Skwidora added a post in a topic [General Poop Discussion] General Pack Your Bags Discussion   

    man, it's been so long since I made ytp's on a regular basis at my old house. fun times.
    I thought vid was just a general youtube word, not really exclusive to poop.
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  14. Skwidora added a post in a topic YTPMV tips for greatness   

    Everyone in ytpmv likes to copy each other's song choices, be different and find a song that no one has done before. If you do decide to ytpmv an overused song, at least find original samples. There's nothing more boring than seeing a song that's been done a million times with a source that's been used a million times. Go sample hunting, find a show or movie or whatever that you want to source, watch through the whole thing in sony vegas but stop whenever you hear a usable sound, splice it out and put it off to the side, and then just continue watching, always listening for voice samples that sound musical or decent percussion
    So, in my opinion, the top 3 things would be:
    1. Originality if you have to use jack black saying oh man, at least find some way to put a unique twist to it. Or better yet just be completely original and find an original source
    2. Musical competence This doesn't mean you need to know anything complicated about musical theory, just have a good ear for pitch, and if something doesn't sound right, don't just leave it as is. So many ytpmv makers get almost everything right but then the bass will be off, and it just ruins the whole thing.
    3. Visuals the visuals are least important, but they can add a lot of personality, so long as, again, you do something original. Doesnt really need to use after effects or 3d or whatever, you can still make something eye catching in sony vegas (or premiere, or whatever)
    And some tips for audio:
    -Apply bass boost to bass samps (with fl studio or audacity or something).
    -Make sure there is a tiny fade in and out on each sample, to avoid clicks.
    -If a sample sounds like it's inbetween two notes, you don't necessarily need melodyne or any pitch correcting software, you can fine tune samples in sony vegas by changing the pitch by cents
    -if you want to be like star98er or darkkhezu and do perfect no bgm covers of video game tracks, get foobar2000 and the VGM plugin, you can use it to split tracks on nes music, sega genesis, super nintendo, gameboy, and some others I think. You don't need to split tracks but it helps.
    whoa, I wrote a lot
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  15. Skwidora added a post in a topic Simply Simple   

    eez done! I hope I followed the guidelines okay

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