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  1. Same here, in fact, I've never found any anime funny. Japanese humor just does not translate well into English, in my opinion. There are probably a million subtle jokes and cultural referances that will go right over my head, so I don't see the point in watching it.
  2. I have a question. Who are the active and good youtube poopers right now? I havn't been actively following the poop community in like, years. All I know is that most of the people that I used to watch are like, completely unactive now,
  3. Castlevania Bloodlines on emulator (no save states or anything). I'm trying to beat all of the side scrolling castlevania games. So far I've beaten the first castlevania, super castlevania 4, and castlevania dracula X.
  4. I thought it was pretty funny, and the popcorn guy was just amazing.
  5. yoshi's lady lumps
  6. man, it's been so long since I made ytp's on a regular basis at my old house. fun times. I thought vid was just a general youtube word, not really exclusive to poop.
  7. Everyone in ytpmv likes to copy each other's song choices, be different and find a song that no one has done before. If you do decide to ytpmv an overused song, at least find original samples. There's nothing more boring than seeing a song that's been done a million times with a source that's been used a million times. Go sample hunting, find a show or movie or whatever that you want to source, watch through the whole thing in sony vegas but stop whenever you hear a usable sound, splice it out and put it off to the side, and then just continue watching, always listening for voice samples that sound musical or decent percussion So, in my opinion, the top 3 things would be: 1. Originality if you have to use jack black saying oh man, at least find some way to put a unique twist to it. Or better yet just be completely original and find an original source 2. Musical competence This doesn't mean you need to know anything complicated about musical theory, just have a good ear for pitch, and if something doesn't sound right, don't just leave it as is. So many ytpmv makers get almost everything right but then the bass will be off, and it just ruins the whole thing. 3. Visuals the visuals are least important, but they can add a lot of personality, so long as, again, you do something original. Doesnt really need to use after effects or 3d or whatever, you can still make something eye catching in sony vegas (or premiere, or whatever) And some tips for audio: -Apply bass boost to bass samps (with fl studio or audacity or something). -Make sure there is a tiny fade in and out on each sample, to avoid clicks. -If a sample sounds like it's inbetween two notes, you don't necessarily need melodyne or any pitch correcting software, you can fine tune samples in sony vegas by changing the pitch by cents -if you want to be like star98er or darkkhezu and do perfect no bgm covers of video game tracks, get foobar2000 and the VGM plugin, you can use it to split tracks on nes music, sega genesis, super nintendo, gameboy, and some others I think. You don't need to split tracks but it helps. whoa, I wrote a lot
  8. eez done! I hope I followed the guidelines okay
  9. You can add me to the list.
  10. Does any dodonpachi fan here know the proper name of this song?!/album/Dodonpachi+Daifukkatsu/6995140 I want to add it to my music playlist on youtube, but I think the person who uploaded it to grooveshark named it wrong, since when I search for it on youtube I get a completely different song.
  11. ulillillia for his bizarre but brilliant mind and complete honesty boogie2988 for being totally self aware and open about his problems with his weight and depression, but also being able to laugh at himself and most others have already been mentioned.
  12. Come to think of it, when hearing a song in a different language, I often get emotional. I guess because I'm imagining the lyrics to be something really beautiful, and I can concentrate more on the emotion in the voice rather then the meaning in the words.
  13. I've been watching game grumps on and off for a while now and I decided to unsubscribe. They’re just starting to annoy me, plain and simple. I don't like how they never finish any thought, for instance, egoraptor will be saying something kind of interesting that I want to hear, and then suddenly he gets distracted and says something nonsensical instead, that probably isn’t even that funny. Like, if one tiny thing happens in the game, even if it’s only vaguely interesting, it will completely distract them and make the previous conversation or joke come to a halt, and then THAT new thing that they talk about will come to a screeching halt as well, as soon as they see something else that makes them laugh uncontrollably for no apparent reason. It's just exhausting to listen to.