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  1. Not sure how I should feel about this EEnE reboot...
  2. There's always room for Rumia
  3. Fucking this
  4. I am now a convert to the Melvins.
  5. Just finished G-Reco, god what a mess it is but at least it gave us this:
  6. Prismrivers
  7. Not really a fan of Rin but I liked this enough to share it
  8. Would you?
  9. I like it, but what annoys me more than the somewhat off-kilter track listing of this US version is the fact that my favorite go-to site for good quality cover art is down.
  10. Grant me the powers of thunder And give me a sword forged in the raging Hell's fire Lend me the eight legged black stallion of Odin and I'll have my vengeance, oh, I'll kill with desire Vengeance flows like boiling poison through my twisted veins Tonight I'll blood shed with wrath and set the night on flames Invincible in battle, wargods hear my deathwish cry I'll laugh in the face of death, I into glory ride Snarling breath upon your backs, I'm vengeance incarnate Now it's time, the moment's come, stand up now, face my hate See the fire in my eyes, the final light you'll see I send you to the darkness with my sword of thunder and steel [Repeat second verse] I let the bodies lie in shame I let mighty earth drink their blood I turn my face to eternal sky And praise my elders' God Equimanthorn hear my Hail You're the mighty four winds night and day Steel in every warrior's heart and sword The brave and wise in flesh and soul Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn
  11. Way too lewd! source
  12. Yamato Damashi does Usain Bolt