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  1. Steven Universe Thread

    I've watched a couple of episodes and this really bothers me because those inconsistencies are almost on par with PPG 2016.
  2. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    That would be CliffyB.
  3. Images that are out of context

  4. Shitty movies you've seen recently

    So, you liked it?
  5. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Miyamoto is old, the next thing we know, he would announce Bingo for the NX.
  6. Vinesauce

    I'm also reminded that the Doom game tag that refers to the original game now refers to Doom 4.
  7. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    Is that a female organ bagel?
  8. Pepsi for Pizza.

    1. TheOneManBoxOffice


      Coca Cola for Cookies.

    2. MarioMKII


      Sprite for Spaghetti.

    3. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi

      Root Beer for real bratwurst.

  9. Good movies you've seen recently

    One good thing that would come out of the new Ghostbusters movie is the return of Hi-C Ectocooler.
  10. Nintendo NX Thread

    I actually hope they do make Wii U remasters because Splatoon and SMM both rely heavily on internet connection.
  11. Well the first 2 Iron Man movies where about Iron Man in order to fight someone who made their own Iron Man suit, Iron Man 3 deviated from that, but it was the weakest one.
  12. Overwatch Cute.
  13. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    I think I might get OW when I get the money, which won't be soon. But I can wait. Even though I'll probably only play like 3 characters. Which would be Mei and some other two.
  14. The thing is that if the MCU made a Deadpool movie, it wouldn't be rated R since they stated they don't want to make R-rated movies, and that was the whole point of the Deadpool movie. And the Deadpool movie made Hollywood see that R-rated movies are profitable and the next Wolverine movie is probably going to be rated R, and there is going to be and R-rated extended cut of BvS.