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  1. I think that's kinda the problem, his movies are just talking and violence and nothing in between, and no smooth transitions.
  2. When I'm in the view all activity page, I see users make shouts at other users like this "User>Other User" followed by a message, I was wondering if we have a shout feature or if the view all activity shows PM's.
  3. Wouldn't make more sense to make it a general RPG thread? like WRPG, ARPG, CRPG.
  4. I don't like how some people view the Prime series being in first person as something bad, and wanting to call it First Person Adventure or something instead, the FPS element goes well with the Metroid style.
  5. RPG's, strategy games, simulation games.
  6. I don't think the Wii U would stop being made soon, they still have Zelda BotW for launch and probably would make sense to keep making it if the NX isn't backwards compatible.
  7. I tried to watch the Kill Bill movies and they looked like if they were edited in Windows Movie Maker.
  8. You know, isn't even a bad game from what I've seen.
  9. This reminded me of this:
  10. I'm pretty sure most Touhou fans haven't actually played the games.