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  1. Daya already played FF4 and FF6 which use the same ATB turn based system Chrono Trigger does so I'm not really sure he'd like it if he really hated how those two played. That said, it does have a little more interaction with no random battles and specific attacks having a better effect depending on you or the enemy's position on the field, but it's still very much a turn based game. And it's pretty close to being my favorite RPG ever, behind FF9, so that's something too.
  2. she hurt her butt and also her model and coloring consistency oh and this thing which is a mockup for dialogue for a game or something i don't know what is this i'm working on my latest pizza
  3. I got it and haven't even opened it yet lol. Only reason I got it now is because I heard the Wii U port is abysmal and I wantedto get a copy with the Wii version before it went out of print.
  4. You only need one Wii Remote. All it's doing is confirming on the menu screen to boot the disc. Plus I'm pretty sure the homebrew channel lets you auto-boot games now (Wii's packed up and I'm too lazy to check but I'm 99.9% positive this is the case now) Barebones Wiis with no controllers and are dirt cheap and ridiculously easy to come across because there's an astronomical amount in circulation and nobody wants them anymore. You're bound to find a ton of them if you go out looking in yard sales and flea markets (That's literally all I come across these days and the reason I stopped caring about yard sales). Guaranteed you can find eight of them pretty quickly with enough effort. Just saying, if what you want to do is play Mario Kart Double Dash with 32 people, the Wii is the way to go. If you're just doing it for the novelty of saying you have eight Gamecubes with eight broadband adapters (And that's all it sounds like you're doing, no offense), it's just not worth the money. Like, I get it, it's a neat idea, but other than being able to say you have what you have, that's it. That shouldn't be on your list of priorities as far as collecting stuff goes. Not being condescending, I'm just speaking as someone who's been collecting video games for over 15 years, so if anyone knows how easy it is to waste money on video game junk it's me. Buying a bulk of product that is grossly overpriced right now for very little practical use is just not a good move.
  5. Alright, but bare in mind the Wii literally is the Gamecube and you're spending almost $100 on each broadband adatper when you could spend like maybe $200-300 total to get eight Wiis. There's absolutely nothing inauthentic about the way the Wii plays Gamecube games.
  6. You could probably buy two or three Wiis for the cost of a single Gamecube broadband adapter (It's been able to replicate the GCN's LAN functions with both the LAN adapter and the built in wifi for quite some time). That process is a lot more expensive than you think it is if you're sticking with Gamecubes, especially if you plan on hooking up more than two systems. Just saying. Broadband adapters aren't cheap anymore.
  7. Honestly if you've got a Wii there's virtually no point to getting a Gamecube. Besides access to the Game Boy Player there's literally no other upside to having the original system, with the easier access to component cables and 480p support, more reliable disc drive (Virtually every Gamecube manufactured in the launch window, mine included, has a shitty disc drive that straight fucking up does not work with Metroid Prime and randomly decides to freeze when it feels like it during the elevator loading sequences. I was never able to beat the game on the GCN because of this.), besides emotional attachment to the system itself and the slight inconvenience of having to put in and take out AA batteries every time you turn the Wii on (Which is kind of an annoyance and it still baffles me that Nintendo never updated the menu to be able to be controlled with the GCN controller), the Wii is just the better option of the two. The amount of times I've hooked up my Gamecube since 2006 can pretty much be counted on one hand for me and it was only out of necessity that I had to (Like when I was in the process of moving several years and only had access to an old as fuck TV that only supported RF, I had to bust out the Gamecube with my old RF adapter, and I sincerely doubt the chances of that happening again to anyone in this day and age are very minimal). I have no reason to ever touch it anymore. It's not like the PS3 where there's a world of reasons you're better off with a PS2 to play those and PS1 games. The Wii quite literally is the Gamecube without the BIOS screen. There's nothing else to it besides the aforementioned Game Boy Player incompatibility. ...not to mention how easy it is to mod the system and just slap as many GCN games as you can fit onto a hard drive. I've seen what you had to do to pirate games on the Gamecube back in the day. It's not exactly as convenient as the Wii, lol.
  8. I think the biggest advantage Sega has over Nintendo is the fact that, even since the 90s, they've always had a much bigger presence in their US division over their Japanese one. NIntendo really only publishes whatever Nintendo of Japan makes, barring a few American-developed outsourced games here and there, but they're not at all in-tune with their American audience like Sega is. Nintendo of America's always just felt like a mouthpiece for Nintendo of Japan. Sega of America at least seems like they try to get in their western fans' good graces. Even if that shitty Sonic twitter account is awful, everyone else seems to like it, and that's not something you'll ever see from Nintendo.
  9. GHZ is pretty much the epitome of video games to me -- like how people think of the SMB 1 overworld theme is how I think GHZ is as a video game song -- so I don't really mind them reusing it from time to time especially when it comes to games like these. I wasn't back on Youchew when Mania was announced but I was pretty adamant (read: sappy) about it on Tumblr about how much it means to me personally so I'm just going to paste it here since it's more or less what I would have posted then... Again, I cannot overstate how much Sonic Mania means to me. I realize this is difficult to understand if you weren’t a Sega fan growing up, but as far as video games go, this truly means the world to me. This isn’t Sega pulling a Mega Man 9 (An admittedly very good game, despite the fact that I wasn’t fond of how much it borrowed from 2 and ignored everything after, but that’s another post for another time). This isn’t just the weird cash-in on the retro craze (That was Sonic 4 and it showed). This feels Sega pretty much apologizing for the last 20 years of the franchise. Even Generations, while aesthetically beautiful in every regard, especially music, had really questionable gameplay and engine design decisions which pretty much ruined it for me. Sonic’s my favorite franchise. I grew up with it. You know that kid nobody knew who had a Saturn in the 90s? I was that kid. I was that kid who waited and waited for a Sonic game on the system and had to just kind of deal with the 3D Blast port because that’s all that existed before Sonic R came out (And by that point I had already sold my Saturn). Sonic Adventure came and went and when it did my parents wouldn’t let me even get the Dreamcast at launch because they were worried it’d suffer the same fate as the Saturn and die a few years after launch. Not surprisingly, they were right. But SA1 has its place and when you get right down to it’s just kind of okay. And even that’s pushing it. There have only ever been four truly excellent Sonic games, but to me, Sonic 1, 2, CD, and 3&K are the best platformers ever made, period. Only Yoshi’s Island comes close. But the original Sonic games are untouchable perfection. Can Sonic Mania live up to that? Maybe. Maybe not. Right now it doesn’t matter. What matters is that so far it has something that Sonic 4 didn’t and that’s respect for the franchise and respect for people like me who truly love it. This is a game that truly deserves the title Sonic 4 based on what I’ve seen. I’m a cynic and I hate video games with every fiber of my being. And I’m looking forward to it more than any piece of media in the last several years. I want the Sonic game I’ve been waiting for since 1995. Please don’t take that away from me.
  10. Did you create those tags when you made the post or did you edit them into the post after the fact? For whatever reason if you edit a tag into a post after you've made it, it won't matter as far as tumblr's search goes. The tag has to be put into it during its initial posting. If you did, you'll have to delete the post and remake it with those tags.
  11. Where: At the Dollar Pride on Frankford Ave. (Philly) When: When that young boy shows up (preferably some time after 4 p.m.) Refreshments: Refreshments can be purchased at the Crown Fried Chicken Restaurant only a few steps away. For those not familiar to Crown Fried Chicken, they are a family run fried chicken chain restaurant that believes in serving superior fried chicken. For those who aren't a big fan of Crowns there is a Church's Chicken also on Frankford Ave. Directions: Sorry too lazy, use Google Earth.
  12. Dainamaito Heddi
  13. Like I said in my previous post, 7 is in/famous for being arguably the largest RPG ever made. I've never played it beyond the first five hours or so, but I've heard many times that it's not uncommon to spend 100 hours just going through the main storyline, nevermind the sidequests. I don't know if everything from the PSX is being carried over to the DS, but I can't imagine they would cut any content.
  14. In retrospect it really is a "you had to be there at the time" kind of games. I mean, we all kind of spoiled the fun here, but there's nothing quite like being a 10 year old kid and knowing this really shitty platformer you've at this point thought to be a waste of a weekend is about to give you a fucking 180 with the Tatooine level. I mean thank god the PSX version had a level select code or I probably would have never been able to bear with the game enough to get to it as a kid. Oddly enough the PC version, which is the version I've owned since 1999 but wasn't able to actually play until we got a computer with 3D capable graphics card in 2000, had a bunch of weird oddity codes but no level select cheat, and I could never make it past the gungan swamp level legitimately back in the day. It was so disheartening knowing I basically had to go back to the PSX version every single time.