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  1. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    Yeah, the music I heard in that Cinemassacre video didn't sound anything like Vince DiCola at all.  I'm glad to know that he's on the soundtrack but it's a shame he didn't do the whole thing like he should.  Also, everything from the trailers points to strictly season 1-2 characters so I'm hoping maybe if there's a Devastation 2 we'll get into Movie and season 3-4 territory with Rodimus and Ultra Magnus as givens and whoever else on the side.  Arcee'd be neat to see...see.  That's just wishful thinking, though.
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  2. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    I don't put them on there period, but that's just me.  I have a hard time even putting games that I physically own but are just Steam codes like Orange Box, Skyrim, Left 4 Dead, on there, but since I technically do own the only physical copies in existence, I put them on.  Anything that I just buy on Steam or whatever else that I don't have a physical copy of I don't put on there.  I don't really see the point in cataloging your digital titles when your consoles and Steam library does it for you, anyway.
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  3. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    Apparently every time you launch a ball you hear "You going to extract him?" and "He's coming along too?"
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  4. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    The idea is to get more men
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  5. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic Artist's Lounge   


    i've been doodlin again i guess
    now with 2/5 original characters
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  6. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic Your Favorite Video Game Boxart   

    shit i dunno
    also there doesn't appear to be a single good quality upload of the Lunar 1 cover art.  Oh well.
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  7. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic Undertale   

    I've heard the game also makes a registry entry as well, but I don't know how true that is.  I wouldn't be surprised, though.
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  8. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic Undertale   

    What I love about it is that it's the perfect mix of the Japanese style "RPG" (Which is as far as one can be from an actual role playing game) and, well, a role playing game.  I dove into this in my last post with the huge spoiler but I'll say one thing about the game without delving too deep into the plot or mechanics but this is one of the finest examples of an honest to god role playing experience in computer game form.  Your choices matter.  Your choices are not handed to you.  It's you who ultimately decides what to do and this actually does effect the narrative.  From really small things to things that can dramatically effect the plot, the game's creator went above and beyond in making this game feel like you're in control.
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  9. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic Undertale   

    Except literally I got the pacifist ending the first playthrough without any prior knowledge or looking anything up.  The game's tagline is "Nobody has to die" so I mean it's pretty clear that fighting in general has to be avoided.  The genocide run from what I hear is a lot more convoluted than the pacifist run, which just requires that you don't kill anybody and is the ending I got without any prior information except for one small instance that I would have figured out had I not stopped and asked about it.  There's absolutely no way to accidentally kill somebody in this game unless you go out of your way to fight them, Toriel pretty much tells you this at the very beginning, and I didn't even use the "fight" command until...well, the point that you're required to use it, without going into spoilers.  And that was after about a half hour of trying everything else possible.  I honestly don't get how so many people are accidentally killing Toriel at the very beginning.  I don't know about anyone else, but I was under the assumption that even using the fight command would hurt or kill her, and considering the Spare dialogue keeps changing I thought it was kind of obvious that that was the solution.
    And for the record, as far as I've read, you can still reset the game and get the pacifist ending, the only difference is Flowey's comment at the beginning and something Toriel says about the situation being familiar.  The game secretly keeps track of everything you do, but it doesn't effect anything major until you really decide to go out of your way to do it.
    I also think that's why this game doesn't have any achievements.  There's an achievement file in the game's data, but it's an empty file.  I think having achievements would undermine the entire concept of the game in that it's your own choices that affect the outcome and not some trophy for doing something you should discover yourself.  It is a role playing game in every sense of the word.  Moreso than any other game I can honestly think of.  I honestly think it even beats Deus Ex as far as making the player feel in control of the story.
    And I mean, honestly, if what I'm assuming in that you killed Toriel happened, then I think it's best to roll with it.  I think resetting to get the ending you desire, again, kind of undermines the whole game (And this is exactly what Flowey comments on).  You chose to fight Toriel and paid the price.  Why not just enjoy the experience and see the end result of your own actions?  It's a short, and more importantly, enjoyable enough game that another playthrough isn't all that big of a deal.
    And yes, for the record, I didn't even think I'd really like the game all that much, either.  I just saw a lot of fuss about the game from friends on Tumblr, decided to get it on a whim and I'm so incredibly happy I went into it more or less blind.  It has, within the short span of a week or so, become a favorite, and an inspiration in general.
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  10. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic Undertale   

    I threw up words on Tumblr regarding my own personal interpretation regarding the plot and several specific characters and I'm going to throw up here too
    I love this game so much
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  11. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Thread   

    Huey is the one and only time the "cuck" meme is actually funny.
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  12. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic Cinemassacre   

    Right, I meant to write Mike, obviously, but yeah, for Devastation they had to have gotten an advance copy from Activision.  The game doesn't release until Tuesday.  I thought it was really odd that Mike and Ryan just talked (more like rambled) about Guitar Hero for one video but this puts a lot of light onto that.  The funny thing is, and this kind of annoys me, the Mike and Ryan video is the only decent footage of Devastation gameplay so far, and it bugs me that they yap over it when I'm trying to hear how the voice acting sounds, and what they talk about isn't exactly impactful.
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  13. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic Cinemassacre   

    I have to wonder how much Activision is paying James and Ryan (And I'm assuming James) to "talk" about Guitar Hero and Transformers.  I mean, I'm looking forward to Devastation a lot, but it's kind of obvious what's going on.
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  14. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic Undertale   

    I have a lot to say about this game that I'll probably never get around to saying, but this game unepexctedly and immediately beat out MGS 5 as being my game of the year and one of my favorites ever.  I've only beaten it once, with the true ending, but I'm not sure if I want to go neutral or even genocide the next time.  The sheer attention to detail as far as how the game reacts to who gets killed sort of entices me, even though I love all the characters.  What a wonderful game.
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  15. SuperYoshi added a post in a topic amiibo Thread   

    where is sable
    fuck this game
    fuck nintendo
    fuck everything
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