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  1. I'm assuming this is on a real cartridge? For whatever reason this case of one file erasing while leaving everything else intact is really common with Super Nintendo games and only Super Nintendo games. Not due to a bad battery in the cartridge or anything, this was happening even when the games were fairly new (And if it was the battery all the files would go, anyway) but it's something I've had to deal with forever and I know several other people have had the same problem too. I think it's got something to do with the way the SNES does power cycles, I'm not really sure but it's really annoying because it's generally the file you were playing last. Like just a few years ago I lost my 100% Link to the Past file I've had since like 2005 and the other two not-so-complete files were still there, tauntingly. Really annoying.
  2. The PS3 has 40ms of lag built into the system when playing any PS1 or PS2 game, yeah. Honestly I think this may even be the case with PS3 games (I noticed slight lag with overdrive inputs on the FF10 remaster, but not MGS 2/3 which doesn't have time-sensitive segments to really tell anyway). I know the FGC only plays SF4 on 360 because there's input delay on the PS3 versions, but I'm not well-tuned into SF's frame data to really notice and I'm too lazy to do my own test for it, but you know, anyway, 40ms of lag in a 30fps game is about 1-2 frames of lag, which isn't completely negligible, but nigh unnoticeable, especially in God Hand which doesn't require frame accurate counters anyway. Plus the PS2 only runs the game at 480i and there's no way to enable 480p on it, but the PS3 version can natively put it into progressive scan, and I don't know what happened, but my eyes have trouble adjusting to 480i games nowadays, and this is unfortunately most of the PS2 library. So for me, playing it on the PS3 is kind of a double edged sword in that regard. That being said, I remember messing around with God Hand on PCSX2 when I built my new computer and it ran pretty much perfectly for the couple of levels I played it, and that's with a GTX970 and an i7 4690k; make of that what you will. Thinking about it, the only issue I recall running into on PCSX2 was Zone of the Enders. Can't remember if it was 1 or 2 or both but one of them either way ran like a hot mess. Like single digit framerate which is odd considering how playable everything else was. And the funny thing is that the PS4 version of Resident Evil 4 runs really well at 60fps, meaning that God Hand, should it ever get the same treatment, would likely perform just as well, since it's basically a mod of RE4. Chances of that ever happening are slim to none, but still kind of interesting.
  3. Funny. I don't think in my 9 years on the forum I ever made an introduction topic to begin with. Anyways, hello, my name is Matt. About 12 years ago I messed around in Windows Movie Maker with cartoons based on old video games and submitted those videos to Youtube and somehow that snowballed into some big fad. I dunno what they call it nowadays, but some guy named Conrad made a website based around that fad and a whole community emerged from it. That's kind of neat that thing I did on accident, I guess. Then I joined, stayed around for quite a while, and then left in a rut. So. So, so, so. It's almost been a year since I left. Funny thinking about it, typing this now it feels like almost no time has past and this is just posting on here as normal. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm sure a lot of people are aware of why I left when I did but I'd rather not get back into that because that's all water under the bridge. Truth be told there was a lot more going on than that one situation. That thing that happened in October was more of the last straw in a string of things that made me want to leave. Not really anything particular with the site or community, just a lot of things going on in my head and living situation and all that stuff. Long story short, I wasn't in a very good spot, and being here just didn't help. I thought isolating myself would've made me feel better. In some ways it did, but it mostly didn't. Until about a few weeks ago, late 2015 and most of 2016 was pretty much the worst year I've ever had as far as my mental state goes. Depression came and went more continuously than ever before and on levels worse than it ever had been. Long story short, throughout the year I've been at ends with my job, quit school again after struggling with both pay (financial aid got fucked up last year and I had to pay for the whole semester out of pocket, pretty much taking my entire paycheck the moment I got it) and depression getting in the way of assignments, spent a lot of days/nights not eating, contemplating suicide more frequently and seriously than ever before, I spent a few nights sleeping in my car in parking lots, said car died and I needed to get a new one, got a new car, that car got wrecked in a bad accident a month later, my insurance completely fucked me over and I lost a lot of money. It's been...swell. Just kind of felt like everything went bad at once. And it kind of did. So, again, making a very long story very short, I decided enough was enough and In the spring I decided to look for a better job; had a bunch of interviews for assorted office jobs, some of them even got as far as three interviews, and nothing. Kind of felt like I was going to be stuck in retail forever, which I guess I deserved since I totally fucked up school (Note to anyone under 20 reading this: don't do what I did) and that was kind of it. I was just going around in circles. I was miserable at Gamestop, both because I had been there for almost a decade and gotten very little out of it, and because I realized if I had gone anywhere else retail-wise I'd have to start back at square one making minimum wage which I really didn't want to do. So, in a weird batch of circumstances, everyone at my old but myself and one other person had left. My boss, my assistant manager and the other part-time manager had all moved on to better things. And I was the only one left, they were bringing in a new staff and if I wasn't going to get out of there by my own means, I was going to get "fired" by getting my hours cut and cut until it was down to nothing. But that's another story for another time, because I have a lot to say about that, too. Anyway, after a bunch of interviews fell through, no calls back, etc. I kind of lost hope until a friend of my old boss told me that the place he works at is losing their IT guy and I've done a bunch of favors as far as modding and fixing systems and whatnot goes so he told me he could put a good word in for me there. And, well, I'm still kind of in shock, but after the interview, I found out pretty much immediately that I got hired. I put in my two weeks at Gamestop, worked the like three or whatever shifts I had left, and wasn't scheduled for the next week, so I've been enjoying myself quite a bit. I worked at Gamestop since 2008 and never once took a vacation or more than two days a week off on my own. So having a full week or so to myself is...really nice to say the very least. My job pretty much starts next week and I'm still enjoying my free birthday week, something I haven't had since I was just out of high school. And I've been doing a lot of thinking. I've realized that, in all this, I'm happy. I am happy. I haven't been able to say that in such a long time I honestly forgot what it felt like. For the first time in almost a decade things actually feel like they're looking up and I'm no longer miserable about life in general as I have been in the last couple of years, this last year especially. I feel like I've got a whole life ahead of me now. I'm starting a comfortable job in a field I love working full time and, hopefully within a few months, will be living on my own again. I've been packing a lot of things up in preparation for it and it's such an exciting feeling. I almost feel like I don't deserve it but the joy of actually being satisfied with life is overpowering that feeling for once. And that's why I'm here again. I left here, as well as other communities I was in like 4chan, because I was miserable, and being there didn't help me feel any better. While leaving may not have helped me emotionally like I thought it would, I didn't want to return until I felt like I could. Hard to explain, but I was so unhappy that I felt like I didn't deserve to be anywhere or involved with any communities but minding my own business until I could actually be content with myself. I guess maybe because I used my online life as a form of escapism and I assumed that stopping it would improve my real life situation. In a weird, it didn't, but circumstances beyond the internet helped with that anyway. So, I don't know really what to say. I'm not really 'back' so to speak, but I'm just here to say hello to those few who would like to exchange words with me again. Not that it really concerned anyone but me, but I'm okay now. Hello again.
  4. stop leaving god dammit

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      stop leaving god dammit also yes I miss your On The Corner sig too.  It's one of those sigs that's been around for so long it doesn't feel...
  5. stop leaving god dammit also yes I miss your On The Corner sig too. It's one of those sigs that's been around for so long it doesn't feel right with anything else.
  6. EarthBound is one of my favorite games ever please play it to the end. Same goes for Chrono Trigger but besides taking many instruments from it it doesn't have much in common with Undertale. Mother 3 improved on EB in almost every way but the sense of adventure. I find it far too linear and hand-holding compared to its predecessors. Still a very very good game but I can't put it above EarthBound, personally. If you liked Undertale's style of humor you'll undoubtedly like EarthBound. There are other nods to it such as the ending where you can go back to the beginning and talk to the NPCs along the way. The only other game I can think of that does that is Lunar. I wish more did.
  7. The ruins segment is more like a proof of concept than anything, interesting as that is. You get a basic idea of how the game will function but it's really missing what makes the game memorable. You can tell why the game took three more years to come out after the demo. I would tell you if you liked what you played you'll enjoy the full game.
  8. Unfortunately you have a title similar to mine and that's unfortunate, I tell ya.

  9. I don't know why that weird shakey zoom-in on Trypticon is so funny in that first clip but it is. It just reminds me of a shitty YTP zoom in I guess.
  10. I think you have to hate yourself to a ridiculous degree to like Alphys. I like Alphys
  11. Yes, it was about four or so months ago, either in the beginning of the Summer or right before it. They don't come with the artbook the first print run copies did, but for $30 it's not a bad deal at all. I don't forsee this becomming difficult to find again. Generally with reprints like these they stick around for several years.
  12. Legacy Collection has been reprinted since you last asked (if you recall it was incredibly expensive at that time). Nowadays you're better off with the Legacy Collection.
  13. I used my Saturn controller but I use that for, like, everything 2D anyway. I don't recommend the 360 controller as I found the analog stick causing issues during battle scenes. Like sometimes the movement would have a mind of its own or it just wouldn't go at all. Calibration was fine and everything, but yeah, the game's not meant to be played with an analog stick.
  14. Reading Toby's twitter apparently a lot of people had problems with the piano puzzle but I loved it because I'm a sucker for any of those kind of musical puzzles in games. The only thing that threw me off is that the note tells you to play eight notes but the melody you hear -- and the melody that you need to play -- is only seven notes long so it took me a few tries to get it right.
  15. You can just buy junk from Temmie and sell it back at a higher price. Temmie is a liar and a fraud who already had money to go to college. That being said, the item you get from her is game-breaking and it's only worth doing it just for the small scene that occurs when you give her the money.