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  1. mmmm...DDDROOOOP

    1. Markie

      once again, rest in peace Adam Yauch, aka MCA

    2. ufuckfacesonofabitch

      Kick it over here baby pop.

  2. RIP George RR Martin. You will be missed.

    1. Liebermintz

      no info on his death

    2. Likety

      He died of a massive heart attack when he realized that the actress who plays Dany agreed to take his bribe and give him a blowjob.

    3. Liebermintz

      that sounds believable

  3. Poops From the Soul: Volume 1 -- Soul Poop

    1. KinglyRed

      Because YouChew is where the SOUL is

  4. Happy 11th birthday, 5th grader.

  5. There's Something Strange About the Josons.

    1. Simon Belmont Painting

      Why do so many last names end in -Son?

  6. Haven't forgotten about this. Still looking for a good vid to edit...
  7. Well I know I'm goena be I'm goena bee tha man who gets drunk nexta YOIUUUUUuh

  8. Well I know I'm goena be I'm goena bee tha man who gets drunk nexta YOIUUUUUuh

  9. A day which will live, in infanny.

    1. Mushrooms™


    2. PlThrone

      the harbor got ass kicked

  10. It'll be fun to see how long it stays up there before it's flagged.
  11. We could put it on a dummy account.
  12. I'm in. Now I can FINALLY use that chroma keyable video for something without being banned. Why not upload a censored version to youtube, though?
  13. Sources you'd like to see used more often

    Old WW1 footage, live childbirth, NFL stuff, home videos, audio of old presidential speeches (McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft, etc.), and PORN.
  14. The Gangsta Collab

  15. Sources you'd like to see used more often

    Pac yo... he pretty dope when he wanna be