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  1. MrAsir17 vs. mowub

    R4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN4v7-0Y0s8    
  2. MrAsir17 vs. mowub

  3. [General Poop Discussion] Generous Park Distraction

    That was perfect, Dew. ADGTH was the first animated film i can remember watching at home, even though I lost the VHS case.
  4. Request poops that you can't find

  5. I have a question.... who is Raymin The Burrasda? I'm currently in a 16-round match with him, and he's acted very strange during it. He makes titles that could be seen as insults, he called me lazy for wanting to limit the rounds due to not being able to be online 24/7, and he mirrored one of my rounds just so he could enable ads on it. Anyone else heard of him?
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. RIP Christine Cavanaugh, you were truly irreplaceable. =(

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. thapoint09

      Wait, when did she die?

    3. Crazy Luigi

      Oh! That definitely sucks to hear! She will be missed.

    4. SteelyGilgamesh


  8. Your least favorite poopisms

    i do make a few sex jokes, but I try to do other mixing jokes like a contradicitng oneself mid-sentence or recalling a line from an older video in case anyone really pays attention. On topic, I've noticed I have a tendency to do flame effects and use scenes with fire lately, more than i'd like to admit.
  9. Hey there, profile visitor! How are you doing?

  10. [General Poop Discussion] Generous Park Distraction

    Used to, but my attention span has dwindled, so what I make now is usually 45 seconds or less.
  11. You gotta Skype?

    1. mowub

      A long time ago, but it stopped working. Mac, you see. And sorry this message is late.

  12. Pokemon Image Spam v2

  13. Youtube Problems

    Not sure if anyone's brought this up, but for some reason some videos are refusing to load and getting error messages, and the 360p resolution option is grayed out on those videos. For now the only solution is to watch them on Chrome, so any idea when Firefox or mobile browsers will fix this?