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  1. Approaching 100,000/1000
  2. I found the sentence-mixing very easy to understand, especially considering she's working with a very limited amount of source material... The sheer amount of effort is incredible, I'm surprised I wasn't subscribed already.
  3. You mean she You mean it You mean it? You mean. YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU Soulja Boy tell 'em
  4. mashed
  5. Adventure Time is awesome. I considered making a poop of it for a while, but decided it was already crazy enough.
  6. Which anus am I to be preparing?
  7. Do you think they're going to force us to switch soon? I like new ideas, but the new design looks bland and, well, white....
  8. I liked the part with I.M. Meen and the peanut butter.
  9. Very nice, good creativity.
  10. I'm done, hopefully it's compressed to your liking. http://www.mediafire.com/?x8qpq9aa25ckiw1
  11. A Beautiful Night

  12. I'll do something! I haven't been pooping for a while, but I'll definitely make an entry.
  13. I like it when it's impossible to read, I take it as a challenge... I also like the fisheye effect/distortion of faces and reversing (SuS, JoJ) jokes when they're placed well.
  14. Awesome, looks like it had a lot of work put into it. Subbed.