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  1. spyroman added a post in a topic Post your absolute favorite Youtube Poop of all time   

    it was tough choosing between this and his GRUMPY GILLS pixar poop, but I went with this one cause I just plain liked it more
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  2. spyroman added a post in a topic Mario Kart 8 Thread   

    having bought the game right at it's release, i have a new excuse to stay in my room to play with the MKTV replays like im doing mario kart poops! 
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  3. spyroman added a post in a topic The Silly Songs With Larry Collab   

    hey, maybe I could join ^-^ I grew up with those silly songs
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  4. spyroman added a post in a topic John Pinette Collab Sign-ups   

    @trepmaws let's see how far this collab goes. I think this one will go somewhere tho. and yeah ^^; I forgot to put it in the open sign ups section. I just got back to using my youchew account
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  5. spyroman added a post in a topic John Pinette Collab Sign-ups   

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRPcYcaggNE (his stand-up special, I'm Starving)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSTg3Cj07d0 (his stand-up special, I Say Nay-Nay)

    (a part from Still Hungry)  
    here are some sources you can use, but you can search him on youtube or maybe keepvid as well. 
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  6. spyroman added a topic in Collabs: Canceled and Failed   

    John Pinette Collab Sign-ups
    John Pinette was a comedian who has used many wonderful quotes like "If the TV's gonna break, I'm not buying it", or "nay-nay", or my personal favorite, "get out of the line!". In April 5th of this year, he died in his hotel room from a combination of heart and liver disease. To anybody (or maybe the vast majority) that haven't seen his stand-up, check him out. He was a genius in the comedy world. 
    I decided that instead of being sad that we lost him, I want to shed new light to his work with YouTube Poop. So let's talk of the John Pinette Collab:
    1.) you can use anything he was in, even if he had only a minor appearance.
    2.) entries can be from 45 seconds to 4 minutes long (if more than 20 people enter, i might cut the length to 2 minutes max)
    3.) There currently is no deadline, since i've only had 2 succsessful collabs (one of them only having 3 other people). You have plenty of time to make an entry if you wish to enter.
    4.) Send your finished entry to me with a mediafire link once you are done (and yes, I'm ok with you posting your entry to youtube as well)
    5.) most importantly, just have fun. 
    Myself: JammeKamme:  Extra Poop: theadventuretimefan:  TehShadzify:  Kulu Otaku:  EkrimsYTPPalace:  buggy715(maybe): 
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  7. spyroman added a comment on a blog entry TehShadizfy Interview   

    this is a very late response, but good work, shadz (^-^) Back when we were working on the entries, you made me pretty nervous cause your entry was some pristine stuff. I was questioning if I had time to make an entry at all cause school decided to hit me with a ton of tests, homework, and projects, (heck, I finish just about the whole thing in one day, which was the deadline XD), but you gave me a run for my money, and I just want to congrat you on that to this day shadz. if we happen to be in another YTP contest, who knows how big that battle will be?
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  8. spyroman added a post in a topic Pinky & The Brain Collab   

    add me as a definitely XD
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  9. spyroman added a post in a topic CDI Collab? Serious? two things that will never be in one sentence   

    count me in the collab.
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  10. spyroman added a post in a topic Stuff that annoys you but isn't really a big deal.   

    when im looking for sources on youtube, i hate it when i find a source and the pitch is shifted up a semitone. i hate it because it makes the characters sound more nasily, and when there are songs, they don't sound right
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  11. spyroman added a post in a topic APOOPCALYPSE: A YTP Themed Poop FPS Game   

    i think i can do the king's voice.
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  12. spyroman added a post in a topic APOOPCALYPSE: A YTP Themed Poop FPS Game   

    I `could try out for voice actor. plus, maybe i could create a few icons and images on SAI paint tool.
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  13. spyroman added a post in a topic BROADWAY IS NO PLACE FOR A POOP   

    sign me up!!
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  14. spyroman added a post in a topic THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL COLLAB   

    sorry but could you change "grandma got run over by a reindeer" to "Pluto's christmas tree"? for some reason vegas isn't allowing the movie file through.
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  15. spyroman added a post in a topic THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL COLLAB   

    why didn't anybody tell me about this sooner? i'll probably use mixed sources, like charlie brown and the grinch, but i'll mostly use grandma got run over by a reindeer and/or my commentary for it. count me in
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