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  1. it was tough choosing between this and his GRUMPY GILLS pixar poop, but I went with this one cause I just plain liked it more
  2. having bought the game right at it's release, i have a new excuse to stay in my room to play with the MKTV replays like im doing mario kart poops!
  3. hey, maybe I could join ^-^ I grew up with those silly songs
  4. @trepmaws let's see how far this collab goes. I think this one will go somewhere tho. and yeah ^^; I forgot to put it in the open sign ups section. I just got back to using my youchew account
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRPcYcaggNE (his stand-up special, I'm Starving) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSTg3Cj07d0 (his stand-up special, I Say Nay-Nay) (a part from Still Hungry) here are some sources you can use, but you can search him on youtube or maybe keepvid as well.
  6. John Pinette was a comedian who has used many wonderful quotes like "If the TV's gonna break, I'm not buying it", or "nay-nay", or my personal favorite, "get out of the line!". In April 5th of this year, he died in his hotel room from a combination of heart and liver disease. To anybody (or maybe the vast majority) that haven't seen his stand-up, check him out. He was a genius in the comedy world. I decided that instead of being sad that we lost him, I want to shed new light to his work with YouTube Poop. So let's talk of the John Pinette Collab: RULES: 1.) you can use anything he was in, even if he had only a minor appearance. 2.) entries can be from 45 seconds to 4 minutes long (if more than 20 people enter, i might cut the length to 2 minutes max) 3.) There currently is no deadline, since i've only had 2 succsessful collabs (one of them only having 3 other people). You have plenty of time to make an entry if you wish to enter. 4.) Send your finished entry to me with a mediafire link once you are done (and yes, I'm ok with you posting your entry to youtube as well) 5.) most importantly, just have fun. PARTICIPANTS: Myself: JammeKamme: Extra Poop: theadventuretimefan: TehShadzify: Kulu Otaku: EkrimsYTPPalace: buggy715(maybe):
  7. this is a very late response, but good work, shadz (^-^) Back when we were working on the entries, you made me pretty nervous cause your entry was some pristine stuff. I was questioning if I had time to make an entry at all cause school decided to hit me with a ton of tests, homework, and projects, (heck, I finish just about the whole thing in one day, which was the deadline XD), but you gave me a run for my money, and I just want to congrat you on that to this day shadz. if we happen to be in another YTP contest, who knows how big that battle will be?