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  1. More Attractive Woman Spam/Discussion

    Mia Khalifa is perf <3   Thoughts on this wonderful smiley person?
  2. What are your favorite youtube poop quotes?

    I'm surrounded by people who DON'T love me, who DON'T care for me, and who want me to die.
  3. Uncle Gobb and the Dread Shed: Rosen's Return

    Haha, it's so poopable! If this came out two years ago I would've used it by the next day. Just the fact that one of the characters is called "Cracker" is really workable, you can get "cracker", "crack" and "crap" out of that, just to name three.
  4. What Are The Worst Things in Modern Music?

    Ah, my bad, I didn't pick up on that. 
  5. Your Favorite Posts On Websites Other Than Youchew

     I think this is EXTREMELY TRUE. Still not a very good song. But very true.
  6. Songs you're embarrassed to like

    Wait, what's to be embarrassed of here?
  7. What Are The Worst Things in Modern Music?

    Not even that, though. I think Hotline Bling is a good song, that's popular and it came out like a few months ago. Another example: Trap Queen. That shit went to #1 nearly. Both songs fun as hell.
  8. What Are The Worst Things in Modern Music?

    Adele, Sam Smith, basically the boring retro throwback shit in general. Give me Future over that, any day, please.  People that say THIS are actually the worst part of modern music to me. Nothing personal. 
  9. Rate the Song Above You 2

    This particular rendition of the esteemed classic kinda reminds me of Ocarina Of Time, in a strange way. I'm not sure what to rate it. I don't hate it. I don't really need to hear it again. So I guess 6/10.
  10. Images You Find Visually Interesting

    If this is too big, I'll spoiler it. Hit me up, mods!
  11. Your least favorite YouTube channels

  12. Your least favorite YouTube channels

    I'm way too old to be getting mad at Youtube channels anymore, but historically speaking, ADoseOfBuckley is the one channel that gets me legit angry. And I can't even begin to explain why. It's weird.
  13. Yeah I'm 45 and I make 'em too.
  14. What are your favorite youtube poop quotes?

    I'm 19 years old and Imma make some steaks
  15. I'm 19 years old and Imma make some steaks