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  1. [General Poop Discussion] Dude I Shit

    YTPer Oliver Hancock is currently homeless. Details and link to a GoFundMe page where you can donate money:
  2. YTPer Oliver Hancock is currently homeless. Details and links to a GoFundMe page where you can donate money:


  3. Viruses: Troubles and Solutions

    So I have a malware situation, sorta. First I noticed my browser redirecting me to "" or something, which I identified as malware and deleted. The article I used as a guide recommended Spyhunter 4, incase the malware installed some spyware in the process. So I downloaded this and ran a scan, and it told me that I have 43 dangerous files, including: Funmoods (toolbar) Tuvaro (toolbar) Babylon (search engine) and some other stuff I don't remember. So I looked up some guides to try and remove these programs. The guides I found made me go inside the Registry Editor to find some code that the programs may have left behind, but despite my best efforts and a ton of Ctrl + F, I couldn't find anything. I also ran some scans with Avast and Malwarebytes and neither of them found anything suspicious. Which makes ME suspicious. Basically it seems like either a) the spyware programs are deeply hidden into my computer or b ) my copy of Spyhunter is a fake. I'm inclined to believe the latter to be honest. Do you guys have any clue as to what might be going on? I'd appreciate any help you can give, I'm very confused here.

    Take it from me, you only really need that album and In Sides. This is coming from someone who bought seven (!!!) of their albums.

    Crydamoure are pretty cool, but "Wrath Of Thor" is fuckin RIDICULOUS and easily the best track on Waves
  6. Rate the Song Above You 2

    What is it with house songs that start with a samba rhythm? The only song I can think of that pulls it off is Azealia's "212". Man I LOVE house but this is way too EDM to be honest ;_; There may as well be a huge neon sign that says "BEAT DROPS HERE". Created with finesse and skill but so freakin cliche I can barely stand it. Not my cup of tea by a mile. 3/10 Speaking of Azealia...
  7. Favorite Song of 2015

    This makes me tear up and I have no clue why WTF
  8. "Bad" music that you love

    I guess Lil B is more "polarizing" than "bad", but a lot of people hate his guts. I dunno though, I think God's Father is one of the best mixtapes in history. He can make some amazing songs when he feels like it, songs no-one else can make. No-one else could have made something as bizarre and lopsided as "Obama Basedgod". And of course "No Black Person Is Ugly" is incredibly touching. (e: oh wait I already talked about Lil B ITT whoops!!!!) Also, Nicki Minaj is a good-ass rapper, and nobody can tell me otherwise.
  9. General Music Chat

    Since I've barely been posting on Youchew at all recently - and the few posts I've made have been in this subforum - I'm just gonna say, if you wanna keep in contact with me, I'm very active on RateYourMusic. Here's my account. If you're active there, add me!
  10. It's like Hermione Granger made a trap song, really freakin addictive for some reason luh-luh-lemonade Fuck yes, lost classic
  11. Rate the Song Above You 2

    This is a million miles away from being my cup of tea. I'd reach for the Katy Perry song anyday over this. Sorry TVBRobotnik :[ 2/10
  12. General Soft Drink Thread - PEPSI MAN!!!

    Any of you guys try Arizona Green Tea? As GORGEOUS as that bottle is, the drink itself is pretty eh. I tried some up in Cambridge with a friend today, after he told me it's Yung Lean's drink of choice. I give the packaging 10/10 but the drink itself is like a 3.
  13. Sampling Thread

    A little while back I picked up about 30 vinyl record albums for free (WHAT A BARGAIN!!!) and took them back to my house. Only recently I've been hooking my turntable up to my computer and ripping the sounds for sampling purposes. There's some gold in there! You'd be surprised at the beautiful possibilities inside an old Mantovani sample. It's really fun to rework some old schmaltzy orchestra into, say, a cloud rap beat.
  14. This band is incredible. The singer's voice is such a weird sound, he sounds like some kind of human-fish hybrid that lives in a subterranean river somewhere. But yet whenever I hear a Fishmans song it never fails to shake my soul up, make me emotional. It's rare that a band can do that time after time after time. And this is probably their best song. I just love Fishmans so, so much =w=
  15. Rate the Song Above You 2

    Really peppy, pretty fun. It's cool. I was actually going to say the lyrics felt overwritten, like they didn't feel natural or something, but then that third verse came in and it became clear that the singer actually wanted them to be more elaborate, which was interesting. I really didn't expect that. I'm not even sure what I'm trying to say anymore lol. GOOD SONG. 7/10