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  2. Team Fortress 2

    I finally got this game to run well on my computer I played it for about 5 hours today and its MUCH more fun than the x-box version.
  3. we all fellate

  4. we all fellate

  5. Meet the knux

    Thank yall for the warm welcome. I can tell already I'll like it here.
  6. Meet the knux

    Hello everybody, my name is KNUX. I suppose I'm not really here for the youtube poops but rather for the community. I've seen a lot of funny people from this site thanks to my friend, you all know him as kingplatypus. I do try to animate stuff, I mostly work with sprites but i'm trying to do drawn stuff as well. I do enjoy to draw, I like to think that I am not that bad either, some people may think otherwise though. And thats FINE. Well thats all I have to say about myself and I hope you will all welcome me here. (and unlike sonic I don't chuckle)