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    You're not the first to tell me that and since I love vinny from vinesauce, the compliment is greatly recieved.

      I'm sure some of you might remember my name but hello it's a me
  3. Super Mario Land Collab 4

    ohhh, I see. You know that would be pretty interesting to see honestly. I think most people tend to stay away from those because they're a little bit harder to do by ear, but I do agree that'd be pretty  cool to see done sometime in the future
  4. Super Mario Land Collab 4

    It's not really something you have to do, it's more a courtesy thing. Like whenever I hosted the 1-2 Frames Collab II and III, I asked Corruptionsound the original collaborator if its alright if I did the next one. It's just to be nice and maybe the person after that didn't want another one to be made. That's kinda how one person I know was when someone was making a collab sequel of his collab that he didn't want to see one really. It's just to be courteous is all, there's no rule stating you have to.
  5. Super Mario Land Collab 4

  6. Post your Desktop.

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  8. Happy forum anniversary, Creepah!

  9. Steam Sales/Specials and Discussion

    Oh, you're right. Plus, I'm going to a video game shop tomorrow, so I might just see it there for a cheaper price as well. I might just buy the other 2 games then and just not get Darkness for the time being.
  10. Steam Sales/Specials and Discussion

    Is there anyone that could get me Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon ($8.99) or Chivalry? ($6.24). That would be nice if you could c: or maybe help me decide on which one to get. I have 24 dollars left, and I'm planning on getting The Darkness II (which is $14.99), but I don't have enough for both. Does anyone know which one I should get?     (i'd like to get all 3, but that's only if someone is generous enough to give it for me:))
  11. Steam Sales/Specials and Discussion

    Alright, I was just reading through some of the forum pages for Deadpool, and it seems to have a lot of problems, I'll just wait maybe when it's at a lower price, etc. Do you guys think any sales will get better these last 2 days? This is actually the first steam sale where I've had money to buy games. Also, is there  any games that are on sale now that are good? I've been looking for some good games to play
  12. Steam Sales/Specials and Discussion

    Whoa, Deadpool is finally on sale. For only 27 dollars. I've been waiting for it to go on sale, and now when it finally is, it's 27 dollars and I only have 31 dollars left in my account. I really wanna get it, but I don't know what else might come on sale these next 2 days o_o I dunno know to do (scared)