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  1. I can already tell this match is going places. Definitely my personal favorite from this tourney so far. Can't wait to see how this goes. I hope Brian continues to show off his rad skateboarding skills

    You're not the first to tell me that and since I love vinny from vinesauce, the compliment is greatly recieved.

      I'm sure some of you might remember my name but hello it's a me
  4. Super Mario Land Collab 4

    ohhh, I see. You know that would be pretty interesting to see honestly. I think most people tend to stay away from those because they're a little bit harder to do by ear, but I do agree that'd be pretty  cool to see done sometime in the future
  5. Super Mario Land Collab 4

    It's not really something you have to do, it's more a courtesy thing. Like whenever I hosted the 1-2 Frames Collab II and III, I asked Corruptionsound the original collaborator if its alright if I did the next one. It's just to be nice and maybe the person after that didn't want another one to be made. That's kinda how one person I know was when someone was making a collab sequel of his collab that he didn't want to see one really. It's just to be courteous is all, there's no rule stating you have to.
  6. Super Mario Land Collab 4

  7. 3tp vs. CreepahWeegie vs. GameBop vs. JowlHog4

    I might as well mention here what I've been mentioning to Gamebop on Skype. (if he's been checking the Tennis cafe Chat) This last 2 weeks have been really stressful for me due to a few AP tests and other irl things that have been coming up. This upcoming week is no less. This Tuesday I have a job interview callback and if it's successful, then I might be landing a job, which will definitely be something that will be taking a lot of time out of my schedule. Then with a big AP test this week on Thursday, along with college scholarships, also that I've come somewhat ill, I really don't know what to do right now when it comes to this. I can still try to make something, but the thing is that I don't know when.
  8. Post your Desktop.

  9. 3tp vs. CreepahWeegie vs. GameBop vs. JowlHog4

    oh heh thanks~ I'm not really focusing on how much I can to erode/destroy a round, but just more what I can I do just to have fun with it I guess, and it's coming out as these rounds that you see now.
  10. 3tp vs. CreepahWeegie vs. GameBop vs. JowlHog4

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElCFNp9QlmY&feature=youtu.be   Shit Round Thank You Eye Will Accept My Award Now That Eye Clearly Also Showed In My Youtube Poop Video Tennis Round :^ )
  11. 3tp vs. CreepahWeegie vs. GameBop vs. JowlHog4

    okay shit hi this is why I should check Youchew more often, I didn't even  know you had finished this. Okay, I need to make something fast, i'm alive.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44MYaovwcBU&feature=youtu.be   Round number
  13. I don't know if Gamebop saw my message last night, but I thought I might as well post in here as well. While I originally had a physics project that kept me from really working on my round till today, it has been moved to Monday. However, I've been under other school and family obligations to even continue until today either way. I really only get the chance to work on this today and tomorrow, so if I can get an extension till at least Friday (just in case I encounter uploading issues which I probably will) if that can be done, it will be most appreciated.