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  1. Image Spam Thread

  2. The Party Time Collab (DONE)

    My entry is practically finished, but I want to hold it a little bit longer so I can update it if I get more ideas.
  3. Obscure source collab

    Is this still on? It's two days past the deadline...
  4. Billy Mays Memorial Collab. 2 SPOTS OPENED UP

    I want Orange Glow!
  5. Obscure source collab

    I'm up. I'll use 'The Little Flying Bears', a cartoon that is so obscure, the original English version isn't around!
  6. Tom and Jerry Collab VIDEO IS UP

    It's been fun!
  7. Tom and Jerry Collab VIDEO IS UP

    Thanks. Now I'm sure I did it right.
  8. I'll join. I'm good at mocking Chris Chan!
  9. The Party Time Collab (DONE)

    Make it watchable! That alone would probably count as a submission.
  10. The Party Time Collab (DONE)

    Let me in! I can help.
  11. Tom and Jerry Collab VIDEO IS UP

    I'm still aboard...It just took me awhile to get into gear. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mwcyjrymjck 100% pure Tom and Jerry video sources!
  12. Tom and Jerry Collab VIDEO IS UP

    Sign me on! I'd love to work over some of that old Hannah-Babera stuff.
  13. Image Spam Thread

  14. The 2008 Obituaries Collaboration (FINISHED)

    I'll do Bill Melendez...He needs to be honored!
  15. Image Spam Thread