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      There has been some discussion about possibly reviving the Design Staff.  While I can't definitively say this will happen, but to see how many people are interested in becoming a part of a new Design Staff.  Please go to the following topic and send me a PM answering the questions I have outlined in the topic.    


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  1. Billy Mays Memorial Collab. 2 SPOTS OPENED UP

    I want Orange Glow!
  2. I'll join. I'm good at mocking Chris Chan!
  3. Re: Say Quotes from your own youtube poop s

  4. Re: Say Quotes from your own youtube poop s

    "Man is closing in, and we owe Garbage Truck for Kraft Dinnering." "I'm afraid of Dinner!" "We can't move his dingdong off the tracks, but we can fuck it off, with Garbage."
  5. Announcing Youtube KO's - Digging a mass grave

  6. Announcing Youtube KO's - Digging a mass grave

    Man down. I tried to post another Family Guy video while my Calvin and Hobbes tribute was claimed illegal. I'm sure I won't be missed too much, though.
  7. A little Side Project

    YouTube poop, I suppose. No specifications on material or anything. Was I being a bit general? Is anyone still interested?
  8. I have made grounds with Fiver316, and we are going to have a YouTube poop collaberation. If anyone else wants to join, just send word. Videos are not required right away.