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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_a1NV2h0hI GET THAT THING AWAY LAD!
  2. Doesn't he know how to turn them off, which cracks me up. I'm guessing he did this to annoy you as joke.
  3. I'm a Brit.... notable with that awesome video last year but this arguemnt is ridiclous. Unless it's refering to the videos being epic shit then I'm out.
  4. Thanks Miss10. The material I used was Monkey Dust. There's a Chewwiki Page that I made which contains a link of all of the episodes posted on Youtube. To other people (Wowcomics, and others) I realised that my comments were a bit cocky and stuff and I would like to apologise to you lot.. Sorry if I sound like a twat at times it's just that YTP is so popular now a days I remember June 2007 when Meememe Man was the first YTP i know of that got 1000 views in 24 hours. Now a days it's a whopping 10 to 50 thousand depending who you are. My golden pooping month was September 2007 and I never came close to that success nowadays. Even though I'm using a Alt/Poop account to avoid losing my main account. Just to let you know if this happen again, if I sound like a twat I'm just getting cocky thats all.
  5. that's why, you seem like you have no idea what we know about youtube poop Em lets see: I was a Boomer and I had an Interview with Conrad Slater, I watch Pimp's Ahoy Top 10 YTPs and I learn about their styles too, I saw "I'd Say he's hot on our tail", I know that YTP were meant to be annoying, not funny. You think because I only posted sub 130 posts and I've signed up for 6 month = No knowledge of YOUTUBE POOP . You need to think again, lastly because these are my videos I can call it whatever I want in the end no one gives a toss. Conrad>Rabbitsnore
  6. No shit sherlock! (I knew that already, I did a Pkmn episode trap last week ago). We are continuing to MAKE Family Gay traps until the fuckers learn to buy the DVD that is out next year :D :D :D I was mainly refering that people rely on Youtube and other sites (but not Bittorrent) to watch the new episodes. When people are buying the DVD they'll know it's not a fake. Gee every1 wants to bash me recently.
  7. No shit sherlock! (I knew that already, I did a Pkmn episode trap last week ago). We are continuing to MAKE Family Gay traps until the fuckers learn to buy the DVD that is out next year :D :D :D
  8. "THERE'S NO TIME TO PLAY FUN AND GAMES" "How's that perfect like me?!" "I'm not done with you yet - SONIC WIND!" "I'm going to use YOUR TECHNIQUE------ CHAOS CONTROL"
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUq-KTv_o_g It shows Stewie because it's a Family Guy trap video on the latest episode "Road to Germany" and is going to get loads of views by next week (that's right I might know a way to get loads of views and still call it a poop).
  10. Wii Chess.... if you don't count the other 2 countries as Wii retail releases Europe had a retail release since Jan 2008.. Japan is getting it as a Wii Ware release America ????? atm
  11. There will be a retail only release in Europe with an extra chapter and sandbox I heard from Wiki, but I hope they won't charge it for £20+ that's a complete rip off other wise. 1500 Nintendo points is roughly over £10.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIHeoskz0NE It's a bit basic and epic at times. Since it's Saturday and the US shows the newest episodes and the DVD dorks record it and share it and shit.. I thought lets do a trap to piss the PKMN fans off AGAIN.
  13. Very good. Ironically I was going to use this episode as my First Transformers Poop. I don't think I can do as well as that becuase yours was full of win.
  14. Speaking about the title the channel is a Youtube poop account so I may remove "Youtube Poop" in the title. Well pointed out.
  15. But what about the video itself?