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  1. The new Horton Hears A Who movie.

    It might not be bad. It has to be better than... *shudder* Meet the Spartans...
  2. Annoying person making false accusations.

    Nah, I'm just pissed at this Childish Muthaf-er. I just needed a bit of backup, that's all.
  3. Annoying person making false accusations.

    You know what, I'm making a Special Poop Dedicated to him. Man, It's full of WWII Propaganda.
  4. Annoying person making false accusations.

    <blockquote><cite>Posted By: mcmungo</cite>HAVE US RAID HIM, DUH</blockquote> http://youtube.com/user/Fireeyes91 His profile is here. Seems like he's annoyed other people. http://youtube.com/watch?v=G7XrKRVGjZ0 This is the poop, sorry if it's crap, but It was one of my first.
  5. If I sent this to an art gallery, would it sell?

    Sure, It could sell a couple of bucks. Just look at this portrait of a photoshopped Obama, that sold for over 100K on Ebay.
  6. This guy called Fireeyes91 just won't shut up about this poop I made, pooping the Anti-Nazi Disney video involving Donald Duck. He started by calling me a Nazi, just because I pooped the video. And recently, he's started to become extremely childish, by ignoring what I say, and just keep Calling me a Nazi Dumbass. But I want to ask you guys is, does Pooping Anti-Nazi videos, make me a Nazi. My answer is no. So, what do I do? I want this person to stuff it.
  7. Who's your favorite movie killer?

    Michael Myers. He kills, and gets his ass kicked badly, and he kills some more. He gets his head chopped off. He still kills. He gets put in a woodsheddder. HE STILL BLOODY KILLS!! Either him, or PREDATOR!!!
  8. Poop making is getting boring already...

    Yeah, I'm in the same position as you. I've got lots of Failed Poops, and I'm thinking of actually combining them, into seperete poops, which are much better.
  9. Do you like or dislike me and why?

    "I don't hate Pimpsahoy, I Pity the Fool!" Anyway, no, I don't hate you. As long as you don't post links to websites involving people being pelted with Shit, or Getting their dick nailed. Just don't do that again.
  10. Do you like Windows Vista or no?

    I'm neutral on it. Some things are good on it, while others are crap. However, it plays illegal emulation 100%!
  11. Youtube Down?

    O boy. I hope you guys don't have what I have, where my most frequently visited websites won't work.
  12. Youtube Down?

    Welcome to my world. Mine's been like that since friday.
  13. Im The Homestar Runner

    Oh man.... I hope this isn't gonna be another "Sonic" Incident. Please, no Strong Bad's.
  14. Im The Homestar Runner

    Hello Homestar Runner. Weclome to the Youchewpoop Forums!
  15. Does Swearing make YTPs funnier?

    Well, Sentence Mixing is good. Censor Bleeps is ok, as long as you don't overuse it, and that people have a brief idea in what they are saying.